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The Weekly Bo Blog

January 17th 2008 5:52 pm
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Hey everyone!!! I was bored cause my wonderful wife is not online sooo- I've decieded to write a weekly blog. So, shall i begin?

Today was a pretty normal day for this paticular foursome of siblings! I am trying to add Hershey, my oldest sister to dogster, but we don't have any photos on the computer. Mom many just end up taking a pic of Hershey's photo and loading that onto the computer. But, we really are trying harder to save wolves and help find Blue. You can also help at these groups right here on dogster: !!!!!!!!HELP BRING BLUE HOME!!!!!!!!, and also !!!!!!!SUPPORT THE WOLVES!!!!. We are also trying to buy a house at wonderful Paw Spot. thx!


Prettiest doggie I've ever seen

December 20th 2007 12:08 pm
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Well, I saw this girl walk'in around
(Where was she now)
Right smack in my heart,
(So you could say you're in love)
No I'm not in love,
(I'd say you're in love)
No way! I'm not,
(Yes you are)
No I'm not
(Yes you are)
No I'm not,
I'll never be in love!
Well, I spyied this girl walk'in around,
(Where did she settle down)
Right in my heart,
Next to the rainbow bridge,
Boy did that sun shine in the right place!
(Where did it shine)
On her fur and eyes, it made my insides go ablaze!
(Yep, you're in love)
(Of ya hit the right spot...)
The way she looked at me,
I'll say I'm in love..........
(You're gonna make him fall in


quite a stir....

December 19th 2007 10:06 am
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ohhh boy. Up here in heaven there's quite a huge stir... every year Christmas is a HUGE day, and everyone spends there whole entier month preparing! Not to mention that big ol' Christmas tree at Angel's square.... it takes about 20 Great Danes PLUS 10 Irish wolfhounds to reach the top and put the angel on! Whoops.. there it goes again! (the thing keeps on falling down) Oooh.. this time, right smack on the Bones "R" us! Goo thing it was closed then, or there would have been ANOTHER huge stir. Man, that was my favorite store! Well, gotta go help lift the tree. Bye! Have a PEACFUL Christmas... I won't...



November 30th 2007 2:31 pm
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hey Bo! it's Pearl! I miss you. Everything's fine down here..i am training for agility. but...there's still a big hole. some people think that animals don't grive over family members...what lunitics! i would give anything if you would get mad @ me one more time and sling me across the porch. Don't hide it, brother, you where more tempramental than other Goldens! :) ;) Hey..I'M STILL THE QUEEN OF THE HOUSEHOLD! 've got everyone right under my paw. Even Connor! (and dixie) as for the cats, connor, dixie, and i are taking "care" of them for you...mwahaha! Mommy says that i have gotten possessive. i just don't want connor or dixie touching my stuff. i love you!


hi from heaven!

November 21st 2007 3:30 pm
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hello down there! happy thanksgiving!


cancer strikes again....

November 18th 2007 12:45 pm
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mommy has just found out that someone in her family has breast cancer!



November 17th 2007 6:27 pm
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What i am thankful for: family
2. God
4.cancer cures
6.pup pals

Who will be tagged!
1.the Red Barren
2. Myles the dog
5.Karra Bule Russian
once you are tagged, you have to write 7 things down in your diary of what you are thankful for & who you will tag , along with the rules.once you tage that dog (or cat) expain the rules to them by pawmail!



November 7th 2007 3:50 pm
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ok, i guess i should tell you my ending........ My family notied this lump on my neck, so i went to the vet. The doctor at first said it was just an infection, and he gave me some medicene. Well, it didn't work. I was then finally diagnosed with cancer. it was lukemia, or blood cancer. It was horrible. I could barley walk up the stairs, let alone eat my dry food.I would throw it up every time. I had to be spoon-fed a wet dog food. Even then sometimes i threw up. I rember the day, i got sick, and laid down, and didn't move a muscle until the next day. Slowly, it seemed to mommy as if half of my head was gently sloped. By then, i had so many bumps it wasn't even funny. Iwas evenually put down. So now i am at the rainbow bridge, waiting on my family with my older sister Hershey.



September 26th 2007 1:16 pm
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hey if you guys are wondering about the picture, it's of me, my sister, Pearl, and my mommy's neice. it was when i was still alive.



September 26th 2007 3:45 am
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hey i am Bo Bones, how my mommy dearly misses, i died of blood cancer at age 4. i am in a happier place now. c u l8tr!

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