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I been Tagged

June 25th 2008 11:02 am
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I've been tagged by my good Pal Hansome Jack the champion Gopher Catcher,

Now to answer some questions . . .

Name Four Jobs that you have had:

1. Guarding the home
2.Cuddling with mum
3. Munching tripe sticks
4. keeping an eye on whats cooking in the oven

Name Four Places that you have lived (theres only two)

1.My first home , breeder in wales.
2. My home i have now with my family

Name Four Places that you have been

1. Seaside Town Hastings
2. My auntys Place
3.To Family work place

Name Four Places you Would Rather Be

1. Walking in the woods and countryside with mum
2.Lazing in my garden with a tripe stick
3. Snoozing on mums bed
4. Seaside hastings

Now tag four Pups!

1. Summer Fun Imigos....ID 639382
2. Teddy.....ID776965
3. Amazing Gracie ID 594154
4.Dancing coconut Kisses ID641786




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