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March 13th 2008 8:03 am
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Oooooo! What a pleasant surprise!......After coming back from my walk mum log'd on to my page to sort my pics out and noticed all the congratulation messages ect....Thankyou everypup at STAFA i am very Honour'd,and proud to show off my lovely pic The Boyzzzzz! made me and thankyou! all for your congratulation messages,it cheerd me up as mum been annoyed with me as iv been a bit naughty lately,iv been being a bit over'ly grumpy to some doggies when im on my walks and mum gets embarrass'd when i get like that,i sometimes feel threatend by other dogs if they all of a sudden appear from nowhere,mum says it makes me come across as unfriendly and im not im very friendly and playful,but mum never knows when im going to be like it so she has to be on her gaurd with me,I dont mean to get like it just that when i was 12 weeks old i was attacked by two dogs and since then i get grumpy if im approached in a certain way exspecialy if more than one dog comes running up to me.So i been in mums bad books all this week i was naughty more so than other times,but mum and i are working on it,Mum watches the Dog whisperer Prog on TV all the time and has picked up some useful Tips.BOL! if anypup reading this has any tips be most grateful if you pass them my way.:) im in mums good books now and got lots of hugs and kisses(she never stays annoyed with me for too long tho)only when i stand up like a meercat trying to look hard! Ha ha! Thanks all you wonderful pals at STAFA for making my day.Hugs Teddy :)




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