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These Are They Days of Our Lives......

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It's Too Hot Here

August 14th 2008 9:04 pm
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Today and yesterday are so frickin' hot! Temps in the high nineties and supposed to get to over a hundred tomorrow! Mom doesn't take us out very long, cuz it sure is hot and we have long hair. She did take us in the car to the store and we almost died in the car, even if she was only gone a short time. She had the windows down and we had to go to the bottom of the car. I don't think she'll do that again, or I hope not anyway. She's out of treats and we miss them, but we could lose a few pounds she said. She should talk.....


Dog Days Of July

July 13th 2008 6:37 pm
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Here in Portland area summer has just started. It doesn't start till after the fourth of July. Longtime residents here know this.

We look so cute in our little pink and white and red and white bows. They are trimmed with pearl doodads. If mommy could figure out how to add another photo we could show you. We have just been groomed, also. Me, Jett, has an eye infection for which mom took me to the vet. She puts drops in my eyes every three hours or so. I feel better now and it doesn't hurt. It was a bit uncomfortable before she got the medicine - I had gook coming out of my eyes and it wasn't pretty. The whites of my eyes were red, too, but they are clearing up. It is so hot here, we are just laying on the laminate floors because that is cool.

Man, it's too hot to do anything but lay around! Next walk - about 8 pm, I believe.....maybe it'll cool somewhat by then.....




To The Vet - I Have Uveitis!!

July 12th 2008 8:05 pm
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Hi, this is Jett! Man, my eyes were bright red this week (the white part, that is), and they were tearing up a lot so mom took me to Dr. Norman, and I have an infection! Dr. N. gave mom these eye drops to give me, I don't like them but they help - I feel better and my eyes don't hurt anymore!

It is getting hot here - we are cool inside here, though. Mom still takes us out for walks even though it's hot, but we feel so good when we get back in here! I wish we could go to a new dog park! Maybe mom will look for one next week! Wow, mom has a busy week! Two MRI's scheduled (for HER), a visit with her Financial Planner here, and there must be something else, I'll go look on the calendar! Puck, he's the same - I still hog his food, but mom comes to break it up, because Puck gets pissed and barks at me!

Well, will bark more later. Gotta go!



What's Up With The Loud Noises?

July 4th 2008 3:17 pm
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Man, it is so noisy. First there was terrible racket outside mom's bedroom window the other night, and we were scared and I think she was too! Then the bedroom filled up with light for just an instant, and kept on doing that for a long time. Mom said a funny word that we didn't recognize. But the sky outside was filled with light just for a moment!

Now today, there's loud noises, but different from the other night. Mom doesn't seem to be upset. We really need grooming, mom needs to make an appt. Our hair is in our eyes and when she brushes us it hurts!

We're bored. That's why we're pooping and peeing in here. But never where she can see us doing it. She needs to buy us some new toys, and take us out to the big place where we can run around with the other strange dogs....



May 25th 2008 4:20 pm
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Well, here we are and we know it's been months! Stuff is still pretty much the same. It's Sunday and we're bored. I think Mom is too, she's sitting in front of that window thing and moving her fingers a lot. I (Puck) come up every now and then and lay my front paws on her thigh, and she looks down at me and picks me up and cuddles me. Yeah! I just looooovvve that! My brother Jett hardly ever does that, and that's good - the more cuddles and attention for me!

Last night babies (that's us) did a bad, bad thing! Mommie took us to the store (we had to stay in the car) and brought back some sweet treats that we loved! She shared little pieces of it with us, many times, as she lay reading on the bed, and then she made a fatal mistake! I kept coming up to her as she was laying on her side, and looking over to the treats (in cellophane wrapper) sitting on her bedside table, and then back at her (HINT HINT!). Well, even though we both had about ten pieces, we got evil when she left the room. Honestly, did she think we didn't know how to jump up on the bed (we hang out there) and lean over to the bedside table, grab the package, take it to the floor, and attack it??? Yumm, those were yummy chocolate macaroons! We had about seven of them between the two of us! She was just sitting on the couch in the living room, the sucker! I think she was surprised when she came back to the bedroom an hour later and saw the empty clear plastic box on the floor! She said, "BAD, BAD!!" a few times. Me, I just looked at her like, "What???" I'm no fool....


Some Things Never Change

January 20th 2008 5:49 pm
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Well, we got the new floors Dec. 1! I must say it was weird getting used to peeing and pooping on laminate after that nice carpet, but we've got the hang of it. I can tell mom is upset; we never do it in front of her, but she finds our handiwork and yells this short thing that I think means something not very good - we can tell she's mad. However, we still get our 4X daily walks, and we're still getting Canine Carryouts and her food along with the Science kibble. Boy, is it cold outside! We have long hair so that really helps, but brrrrrrr!!! She's got this really warm blankie on the bed and it's got a cord attached to it so we are warm and toasty all night with her!! Our hair is hanging in our eyes, and she's got to take us to the new groomer soon - we've already met her - she gave us biscuits!! Our hair is growing out on our face and we'll get that damn bow, soon!! At least we'll be able to see better.

Gotta go - we need a drink of water!


Puck and Jett


A Different Wednesday

November 14th 2007 11:11 pm
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Today we didn't do much. Mom's voice sounds funny, like Mickey Mouse or something. I don't think she feels good. But she still took us out three times for a walk, and gave us Pupperoni and Al's Grill a couple times. I wish we could go in the big red thing again. I like to stick my head out the window - I just pretend I am flying.....!


Freaky Friday

October 26th 2007 9:58 pm
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Well for Friday, we didn't do much. Mom took us to Safeway and we stayed in the car. We were hoping she'd bring home something yummy for us to eat, and she did - we got some caramel ice cream!! And our Canine Carry Outs, of course. Brrrr, it's getting cold outside! I wouldn't mind it if she put those Nordic sweaters on us now, we haven't had those on since it was like 29 degrees a long time ago. We had fun playing in all the leaves outside, they are so pretty, all the colors! Red, orange, gold, yellow, brown, they are all over the ground now and falling even as we walk. I like them a lot better than that white stuff we had early this year - that was REALLY cold and hard to walk in! We didn't have that in Walnut Creek so it was a big shock when we first walked in it a couple of years ago! Mom only walked us once that day, and she put newspapers all over the floors, but we fooled her and went in the den.

Mom says the floor will be here in about a week or two. We're looking forward to seeing it. Anything new, we have to check out. Nothing much to bark about today. Haven't seen that old lady with the cheese lately, but it's nice not having to put up with her little brat.


Puck & Jett


It's Almost The Weekend!!

October 25th 2007 9:15 pm
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Mom went away today for a long time. I think she was looking for a new floor because of what we do here behind her back. She did give us another walk immediately when she came home. She didn't make dinner tonight so there wasn't any people food to beg for tonight. I hate it when she does that. Or doesn't do that, whatever. Science kibble is booorrrring!! I wish we could go to that big outdoor place this weekend - maybe this time I'll venture away from the picnic benches and tables and go meet some of the other dogs. But I don't know - her neighbor told her her dog got bit at the park twice (the last time by a Golden Retriever!) and she had to take her to the vet, have the wound cleaned, and came home wearing what looked like a lampshade around her head. And it cost $110.00!! Mom's worried about money lately, what with her property taxes and the new floor.

Maybe she'll go to Petco or Petsmart and get us a new toy!! That would be great! We're getting kinda bored around here!!

Gotta go now - I'm going to go hint for a treat!


Puck and Jett


Oh Blah -- What A Dreary Wednesday!

October 24th 2007 4:03 pm
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Wow, this sure isn't like California! It's all grey and drizzly out; mom isn't her usual self, either! So far all we've done is go bye bye in that big red thing and go to the drive-in treat station for humans - she got something in a big cardboard container that she put up to her lips; it had this white foam on top of it. The person at the window, however, gave us each a dry biscuit! It wasn't like one of those moist treat mom gives us, but it was better than nothing!! She's sitting in front of that weird thing at home right now, with the funny window on it and she'ds doing something with her fingers, so we're hanging out on the floor and getting up every now and then to jump up towards her while she's sitting and make her pick us up and cuddle her. I wish we had more excitement here! Like a trip to that big place where we can come in with her, you know, the one with the cement floor and all the toys and strange dogs! We get biscuits there, too!! And there's always another dog we can growl at or sniff, depending on our mood.

We sure miss Point Isabel. The parks she takes us to here are pretty boring compared to that. We don't like to run around there, because it's not interesting like that other place. We mainly sit on the ground near her while she makes those weird sounds with other humans. We hear our name occasionally, though, it's like "Blah blah blah, blah, PUCK, blah JETT, blah blah blah PUCK."

I wish that lady would come over here again; she's got white hair and she always brings cheese, but she brings this horrible little brat that's like a baby and all white and fluffy and so tiny compared to us ( and I think it's not a real relative) and wants to play, but all we do is run to mom's bedroom and hang out and sulk. How dare she pet and make those sounds to HER!! The nerve! Sometimes, if we're feeling mean, we'll piddle in the den. That'll show her (mom, I mean)! WE'RE the big deal here mom, and don't your forget it!

Oooooo! She just got up and got that strange brush thing. I think she wants to run it down our backs and our head, and it bugs us! Time to go to mom's room and crawl under the bed!!


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