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how it began

they came!

September 9th 2007 5:59 am
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I was the last pup of my littler left, I was wondering why they had picked the others and not me. then one day a car pulled in and a man and woman got out.
they walked over to the kennel and before the door was open they said they would buy me. I didn`t like the car ride home, I think I threw up in my new moms lap! but she didn`t mind, she said all pups get car sick.they told me my name would be Gabby.
when we got to my new home they introduced me to a very old guy named Frodo, he was heartbroken cuz his lifetime buddy had gone to the rainbow bridge.try as I may, I couldn`t give him the will to stay, and he soon went to join his old friend.
but soon our old house was filled with shelties.there were 5 of us.
we had a very happy life together for along time.
and I knew why I was the last one of my litter to leave. I was waiting for them.

then 2 of us went to the bridge, mom & dad were sure I would be the first to go, I was the oldest, I was deaf& going blind. I couldn`t jump up into my favorite chair anymore, so my daddy took the legs off. he loved me so much.

one day while they were both at work, Roscoe & shadow came to get me. they told me about the bridge. they said it was always warm& sunny. that I would be able to see and hear again.I knew mom & dad would be very sad. but that they would understand.

when mom came home from work, she found me, curled in the chair daddy had made,but I was no longer there. I was young, happy and running free again.

But I do miss them so much

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In Memory Of : Gadreial


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