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the quigster

Dog of the month

June 1st 2008 12:17 pm
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I just got a paw mail fromChuppy at 4 paws hotel, I cant believe it I am dog of the month.....Wow!!!! Just yesterday mum got me some new toys, that was fab.... today I have had a great time playing with my toys and mums grandson, and now I have dog of the month status too!!!! Yipee!!!!!!


DOTD sun 27th april

April 27th 2008 4:03 am
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We can,t believe it !!! We are in shock!!! Iam DOTD. Mums grandson will be so thrilled. I am trying to sleep looking out of the window, resting on the arm of the chair, I keep falling off!!! BOL!! I had a lovely walk yesterday around the park, but its raining today and I am not too happy about that , as i dont like the rain much, but not to worry it won't spoil my fun ! I am dog of the day , Wow!!!!!


Nov 1st

November 1st 2007 3:41 pm
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Hello !!! Its been a while since mum wrote for me , so heres what i have been up to today. It was mums grandsons birthday today and he had a cake with candles, I want one for my birthday!!! Anyway the cake looked like a football..... I love footballs... I wanted to play with it... hope I get a football cake!!! I love Mums grandson he plays ball with me and always includes me in what is going on, can't wait for my birthday on the 19th so i can have cake..... yummy!

I have just been looking at all my dogster pals, we are a good looking pack !
Will write again soon
The Quigster


sept 21st

September 20th 2007 1:13 pm
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The Quigster here

Had a good day today, lots of playing with mums grandson, he is ace!
Been a bit naughty!!!!! Kept running around, you know that mad pup thing , charging up and down the hall and stairs, mum told me to calm down and i kept on running, then i leapt up at mum and got her in the neck , full body wieght, she sent me to my bed and closed the kitchen door so i was on my own for a bit, boo, i don't like being on my own!
Will see what mischief i can get up to tomorrow, hope i can get the hose pipe again and soak everyone....he he !
the quigster


15th sept

September 15th 2007 10:49 am
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Mum and i are still having lots of fun on dogster, it really is great for mum as her partner walked out on her 8 weeks ago and at times she really is sad, i miss him too!
We are shocked after reading on the forums that dog treats that are contaminated are still getting onto the shelves in the u.s .It makes us even more aware when looking for doggie goodies and making sure they are safe.
Mum is taking me for a lovely long romp and play on the fields tomorrow, i can't wait, wish we could go right now, but mum has been to work today so a walk on the prom is all i will get tonight!
Have been playing lots in the yard with the ball and the hose pipe when mum watered the plants, he he!

will write soon
the quigster x


sept 13th

September 13th 2007 10:35 am
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Mum and i added new photos, i like the one with my tyre and rope around my neck, i call it "the medallion dog"!
We have new pup pals, and mum has told her friend about dogster , heres hoping they join!
Mums daughter and grandson have been to visit this after noon, i love it when they come , because i get to play even more!

love and licks
the quigster


sept 11th

September 11th 2007 7:50 am
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mum and i are having fun on dogstar!
Mum tells me when i have been given a bone and i look all around for the bone, then mum reminds me its just a virtual bone not a real one!
We have been on the forum , it has some interesting letters ,and we were so glad that cinnamon the dobie pup was home again, we also sent mail to a lady at her wits end with her lab who was biting, she is having an easier time with skylor now after listening to everyones advice!

will write again soon , quigster x

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