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Kita's Search for a Forever Home

Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation Information

June 8th 2008 10:09 am
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To answer a few questions....

Kita is an AARF dog, the official website is AARF is an all breed rescue located in Richmond, VA. Most of our dogs are in foster homes as we do not own a kennel.

Kita's adoption fee is $150.00 (all dogs and puppies adopted from AARF are a $150.00 adoption fee)

The adoption process is pretty standard for rescue groups. You meet the dog and fill out an application. The application includes a vet check and personal references. During the week there is a phone interview with one of our volunteers. It takes us about one week to process an application (please understand we all have day jobs, just like you, and we do this on our "free" time, we do try to process them as fast as possible). If approved, we deliever the dog to your house, do a home check, and then you sign an adoption contract and pay the fee then.

You must live in the state of VA to adopt Kita


To clarrify...

Kita is GREAT with kids, but she should be in a home of kids 5 years old and up. Her size and klutzy nature is a bit too much for babies and toodlers.

As always you can pmail or email me at :)


I am NOT a dog park dog

May 10th 2008 8:44 pm
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I have received several emails from people interested in Kita. That's great! But I want to take a moment to stress a few key points

1) Kita is NOT a dog park dog, she will NEVER be a dog park dog, no matter how much you "socialize" her with other dogs. She does NOT like them, and CANNOT be around other dogs. This is a genetic trait that is in SOME (not all) of the Akita lines.

2)Kita can NOT live with other dogs, even if it is another akita that is opposite gender (male). Many akitas can live happily with another dog, and it is more likely to happen with the same size opposite gender dog- this is NOT the case for Kita.

3) Kita requires a very responsible owner who will NOT put her in AT RISK situations.

I am willing to discuss Kita's needs and the home she requires. I want both Kita and her adopter to be happy and well matched.

Also if you are really interested in meeting Kita please be sure to email me at so I can be sure Kita will be at the dog stand you wish to attend- as crazy as it sounds, sometimes us foster parents have life's outside of rescue (gasp!) I know, its crazy.

If you really want a dog park dog, a dog that will be friendly with another dog in the house, a dog that you can have with your "brother's" dog or your "friend's" dog when you dog sit- Kita is NOT the dog for you.

If you are a one dog person, who wants the bestest best dog in the whole wide world- THAT would be Kita. She is so amazing every other dog pales in comparison (I can brag because I'm her foster mamma)

However, if Kita is not the dog for you, AARF has MANY wonderful dogs that love to play with other dogs !!! So please do visit our dog adoption stands every Saturday from 11am-3pm in front of the Petsmart at Libbie and Broad st.


Cat Testing- PASSED

March 16th 2008 6:39 am
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We always noticed that Kita's reactions to cats were different than her reaction to dogs. We finally decided to "Cat Test" Kita and I wish we had done so sooner. We used the greyhound method-

Kita passed her cat test! She likes to smell them, but mostly she ignores them and is waaaay more interested in dogy toys than the kitties. If the cats run she will chase them but doesn't do anything once they stop running. She also takes getting smacked in the face by them without getting upset. She's curious but overall not too interested in the cats. Tested her with 4 different cats in two different houses. She did excellent.

We will continue to work with her with cats so she has some "cat manners" (ie no chase kitty if kitty runs) but she is hereby deemed CAT FRIENDLY!


Richmond Parents Monthly

March 10th 2008 6:08 am
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Kita and her foster dad are pictured in this month's Richmond Parents Monthly magazine! They are the table of contents picture- half a page in full color. Not bad, eh? Its a picture of Kita sitting in her foster daddy's lap at the dog stand. They do that every dog adoption stand and at home too. She's so easy to flip upside down. People with cell phone cameras often take pictures of Kita and her foster daddy... but what's so unusal about an 85 pound dog in a lap?!

Several people stopped to talk to her foster daddy about Kita last Saturday because they saw her picture in the magazine. :) The only bad thing about it was they accidently listed her with RAL instead of AARF, but RAL knows to redirect anyone interested in Kita to AARF.

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