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My Life by Teddy

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Teddy's Update

June 17th 2014 1:23 pm
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Teddy wanted all his pals to know what Patch, Jakie and some of his other old furiends already know, that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was ready to meet up with old pals and be able to hear, see, run and jump again. His last week was an eater's delight!! He had popcorn with me and Casey while they watched the ballgame on t.v. He and Casey got to share a cheeseburger one night and grilled chicken the next night. The best was the weekend when we made pizza and he and Casey had their own little one to share!! The whole family sat out on the porch in the evenings to catch the breeze on their faces. He wagged that little tail the whole week! The vet was wonderful and very kind and comforting. He read Teddy's book and we talked about what a long, great life he had and what a wonderful, sweet, caring little guy he was. He will be missed by everyone who knew him, especially his family!!! We know he is now safe, happy and healthy and able to do all the things he so loved! Thanks to Jakie and Patch's moms for their thoughtful comments.


When is it time to let go?

June 4th 2014 4:52 pm
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Mom thought that when I got sick last June that I would go on my own when I was ready. Well here I am a year later and Mom doesn't want me to go, but I think I am ready. I've lost a lot of hair and weight, I'm totally deaf and now I don't see well at all. Mom cries when she sees me bumping into things and she's put pillows all over so I don't get hurt. I just wonder around without knowing where I'm going, so I do look confused a lot. I do still love to eat, but when you have to rely only on smell, you miss a lot of the joy of it. I'll be 16 in 2 months and I've had a great life. Mom is so sad about the idea of taking me to the vet to help me get to the rainbow bridge. She's still hoping that I'll go to sleep on my own and wake up crossing the bridge to meet my old friends. How do I tell Mom it's o.k. to let me go? No matter where I am, I'll always remember and love my family!!!!! Teddy


Too Many Changes!

May 7th 2014 9:54 am
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I've always been a "go with the flow" kind of guy, recently there have been CHANGES! Maybe they thought I wouldn't know with my lack of hearing and very limited vision, but I did! First the painters came, I smelled that and I had to stay in the bedroom. Next the guy came to tile the hall, bathroom and kitchen and again I stayed in the bedroom. When I got to come out, my legs kept sliding out from under me until Mom put some little rugs down. The very next day they put down new carpet in the livingroom and I spent the day in the bedroom. I finally had enough with being in the bedroom and had to voice my unhappiness, so I pooped in the bedroom and walked all over it. I think they got the message and I got a bath and nail trim! The worst part has been while Mom and Dad were ooooing and aaaaing over the results, the smells were GONE!! All the smells I have been working on over the past 15 years were completely GONE!!! I'll have to get busy making new ones..... There have just been too many changes for this old guy. For my friends who been wondering how I'm doing, I can say I still love to eat, I wander around the house a lot, sometimes my legs go out and I end up sitting, getting up is a little harder, but over all I'm pretty happy! Teddy


January 21st 2014 5:30 pm
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Casey and I are so sad to see Dogster ending. We have made some wonderful furiends here over the past 6 years. I had the chance to have web page and write a diary to let everyone know what was on my mind and get comments from my pals! Even when I wasn't writing as much, I enjoyed reading about my pals' lives. I was sad to read about the ones who crossed the Rainbow Bridge, happy to hear about health successes, and excited to read of their trips and adventures.
As for me personally, Mom says I'm a real joy and have a happy positive attitude. I can still get around pretty well on my old wobbly legs. Every time someone goes to the kitchen I follow them because there could be crumbs:) My tail is always wagging. I find it puts me in a happy mood to wag! It has been a brutal winter so far....very cold and snowy, so I rarely go out. Even Casy doesn't like to be out long. I don't need to go anywhere... everything I love in right here in my house!
I hope something will replace Dogster so I can keep my furiends, but if it doesn't I wanted to say bye, I'll miss you and have a happy life!!!!!WOOF from Teddy and Casey


I'm Thankful!

December 2nd 2013 2:45 pm
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I've not been writing much lately and Mom has been neglecting to keep us up to date on Dogster, but I want everyone to know how thankful I am for everything! I'm thankful for all my friends! A big "thanks" goes to Emmy, Patch's Mom, the family of Angel Zane, Monty,and Foxie, the family of Whisper, Angel and Dixie, and the family of Jakie and Daisy for Thanksgiving wishes. I'm very thankful for having the last 6 months to spend with my family and even with the pills and everything else that goes with getting older, I'm looking forward to having much more time to be with them. I'm feeling petty good. I'm so lucky to have a great mom and dad and super brother, Casey! Who ever would have thought I'd be calling Casey "super". I'm looking forward to Santa coming and seeing I've been VERY GOOD, I should really get some great treats! Casey wants to say thanks for the zealies. Teddy


A 3 Day Birthday Celebration!

September 3rd 2013 12:34 pm
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What a weekend!! My 15th birthday was on Friday. I knew it was coming, but surprised when it came. I got gifts and good wishes from my dogster pals. Thanks! Mom and Dad had lots of good treats for me (and I shared with Casey).Then they left for a loooooong time. When they came back there was another party for me. Then they left again??? The next day there were more treats!!! I hoped this would never end, but it did. :( This morning was my day to go to the vet for my blood test. I hope they weren't testing for treat overdose! I'm feeling good, especially when I'm eating! Teddy


Birthday Celebrations

August 23rd 2013 1:12 pm
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The past few years Casey and I have had our birthday celebration on the same day. Both of us have birthdays in August. This year Mom and Dad planned a special day just for each of us. Casey went for a fun outing with Mom, got a new toy and had a special treat (he shared with me). I don't like outings or toys anymore, so I'm expecting lots of FOOD! I'm drooling already and can't wait for my special day! Teddy


Another Diary of the Day Honor!!

July 14th 2013 3:13 pm
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Wow, I'm almost speechless over today's honor! BOL! Mom said she thinks alot of the writing pups are on vacation. (I think she was kidding.) She knows that I have alot to say. I was hoping she would upgrade the computer so I could write more and maybe do some illustrations....... In my old age I have lots of wisdom to impart to the pups out there. (Mom says my musings don't always make sense.) Right now I'm thinking about what I can write next, but Mom is done typing........ Teddy


Mom doesn't go on the computer and I miss all the good- stuff!

July 8th 2013 6:19 pm
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For 4 days Mom was too busy to go on the computer and I'm way behind in the news. During that time my diary was "Diary of the Day" and I missed it! Some friends sent nice comments and I missed them! I also missed fireworks that my pals sent me and I didn't even get to send them one back. Mom promised to do better in keeping up with the things Casey and I are interested in. Now she's going to let us know what's new with our pals. Hope you all had a good 4th! Teddy and Casey


Numbers getting better

July 1st 2013 1:23 pm
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Last week I had blood tests done again. The liver numbers were down some more! Yeah!! I knew they would be because I feel alot better, not younger, but better. The doctor said to continue taking the antibiotics for 3 more weeks and the liver pill probably forever. The funny thing about these pills is the one called "tasty tabs" is not tasty at all!!! I have spit this one out every day. Mom has to be very crafty in hiding this one. You can smell it through cheese, meat and pumpkin. I'm thinking that no one who has ever taken it named it "tasty tabs"! I'm back to my old demanding self, barking to wake up Mom, for food and fresh water. Mom and Dad are so glad I'm better that I get anything I want. BOL! I do need to see the vet in 6 weeks again, but for now I'm doing pretty well!:)

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