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mommy,mommy I heard your voice

February 24th 2008 5:56 am
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over the phone talking to me on my birthday! I tilted my heard to hear you better, I was sooo happy! Marcia, our secretary, said it was you and I was looking for you all around. Come back home mommy , I can't wait to seeing you again and licking your face - SMACK!!!


Tomorrow , a special day

February 22nd 2008 4:36 am
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Peek a Boo's birthday is tomorrow - he will be 10 years - my baby is getting old
Mommy misses my big boy and can't wait to hold him when I come back
I will be phoning him from Florida on his special day and the celebration will be the next Saturday upon my arrival
I get into Dogster everyday to see their pictures and their happy faces
Mommy is looking forward to being with my babies soon and get started on Peek a Boo's celebration party


mommy, mommy where are you?

February 20th 2008 6:50 am
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Where are you mommy? my birthday is coming and I miss you
I miss you hugging me and sleeping with you
You must be enjoying your stay in Florida but don't forget my birthday on February the 23rd - cuz it's a very special date to me - I will be 10 years , a senior citzen eheheh
your baby boy
Peek a Boo


Hi friends form Orange and Tustin county

February 5th 2008 8:09 am
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Help us find our missing fur friend

Bella went missing last night at around 8pm in Orange/ Tustin area in Orange County, CA.
We were at my mother's house in Orange, and I had taken her for a walk to do her business, and then I was going to have dinner with my best friend. She doesn't like it when I leave her and she will try to get out to find me.
My mother and I had closed the sliding door and shut the doggie door too (not with the plastic on).

I was gone for about a half an hour and my mother returned to her house I received a phone call asking me if I had taken Bella with me... and I had answered no... then I knew... she had gotten out to find me.

My mother and I searched and searched all the streets and called her name out for about 2 to 3 hours and she was no where to be found.

She was wearing a pink collar with a gold heart charm with her name and my number on it. She is a Gold and White Shih Tzu and weighs about 10 lbs and all her four paws are white and her tail is white.
Her nose has a small brown spot in the middle and she had a black rubber band in her hair at the time of her missing.

I am trying to contact the Local News Paper to see if I can put an ad out hoping someone will see her and return my precious baby back to me. I am completely distraught and don't know what I will do without her. Thankfully I have the support of my wonderful friends and family.

Please.. if anyone sees or finds her or any information at all, please contact me.

She is not microchipped... she was scheduled to be this month.
She loves people and likes to be around people.. i am sooo scared for my baby, I hope she is ok and I am praying to the LORD up above to help me find my baby girl.

Thank you to everyone that is keeping us in their prayers, it means the world to me and my family.

Bella's Momma
and in my name (Peek a Boo)
Please help us find Bella !!


Help Jazzie win the contest

January 14th 2008 4:22 am
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Just go to":

the money will go towards surgery and besides she deserves - you will see for yourselves : she is a cute well dressed contestant


Mommy got bitten by a dog

December 28th 2007 2:09 pm
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My mommy's friend dog , a great dane named Schumaker bit my mommy
The owner told mommy that he was easy going but you have first to give him a treat in order to establish a friendship - so mommy gave him a piece of cheese but I guess he was not in the mood for cheese and he grabbed mommy's arm and there was blood all over - mommy almost passed out in pain - Well , mommy this will teach you a lesson if you think that all of them are like your little Peek-a-Boo - now you take your antibiotics and stay away from strangers, even if they are small like me


Christmas day

December 25th 2007 4:23 am
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Look what I found under my tree:
Jerry & Linda - hugs
Duke - candy cane
Wendy (my fiancee) cookies
Tag, Trixie & Tuck - reindeer
Nakita - coal - scratching the head: What am I going to do with coal?
Jerry - candy cane
River - hugs
Aussie too - more hugs
Sky - our good friend Sky - a sport car ! uau!
Saddie Rae - coffee to warm me up
Nickolas - another sport car! this one I am going to let Wendy drive (does she has a driver license ???)

Thank you my friends - I am blessed to have such nice friends like you and now I am going to test drive my sport car
bye for now


House Guest

December 23rd 2007 8:56 am
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We have a house guest for Christmas - Bolinha - his mommy is mommy's cardiologist . She is out on vacation time and mommy is taking care of her baby .
Another male in this household hum... hum... I am not used to it I am the sheriff of the house, remember ?- he is in my territory and God how he has been marking his territory since he arrived !Ursula peed in the rug and he came by and licked her pee (ugh!) and peed on top - Well I guess mommy will spend Christmas with a mop in her hands
Poor mommy !
I want to see who will volunteer to stay with us FOR FREE when mommy takes her vacation time to go to Florida in February ehehehh


Hey folks - I am the judge

December 20th 2007 5:34 am
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Here is an Listen up everyfur here is your chance to win a trophy!!! For the best photo there will be three categories.

In each category there is 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
1st is a trophy and a colorful star,
2nd is a butterfly.
3rd is a heart

(and possible more surprises from Santa)

1. Beginners
2. Inter-mediate
3. Holy Smokes you should be teaching us.

Make you pages follow the theme "Twas the Night before Christmas" good luck to all!! PHOTO TAG winterlandsp07

We have our Judges now thank you :

1st Judge: PEEK A BOO

2ndJudge: Wendy Candy

Tie Breaker Judge: Nakita

Now every fur remember our photo contest does not go on fuever it is only before Christmas and we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME so enter now!!!! DEADLINE TO ENTER IS December 19th 2007.REMEMBER WE HAVE OUR SISTER SITE WHO CAN ENTER ALSO AND YOU CAN ENTER THEIR EVENTS TOO!!!!! so whatever they do you can do and whatever we do they can do so give it a try it is so much fun!!!!!! MORE FUR FRIENDS TO MAKE!!!!!!!

Then the Judges will have time to look at every furs entries and have a photo stroll through the results will be Final and announced after Nakita shows the results to Nickolas & Frankie and we can ohh and ahhh at them
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December 8th 2007 12:24 pm
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All I want is kisses because I am a kisser
Please come to my page and leave me a loving kiss

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