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We have a unwanted guest

August 31st 2010 2:56 pm
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yah! guest bol! Bolinha (a friend's dog)is staying with us for 23 days !
and we are not happy at all! Long faces ... growls... and 23 long days ahead of us!!
Sharing our bed it is going to be a major problem since we have our special spots and we refuse to share them
Tonight is our first one and mommy is worried .... is he going to miss his mommy? but what she is worried the most is her new carpet and save it from territory demarcation . Poor mommy! or should I say poor us?


My Bucket List, have you done yours?

April 15th 2010 12:31 pm
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My bucket list is more of a food list since I love to eat
It begins with lots of salmon , fish all I can eat and don’t forget brocolis, carrots and fruits : oh man ! I love fruits !
Run free and smell all fresh grass I can step in !
Get lizards as a reward !
Play with birds and chase cats !
Ride with mommy in the car but get out to sniff everything and stretch my legs !
and above all be with my mommy cuddling in bed and getting endless belly rubs !

end of my list so far, I still have time to add more favorite things


My heart is broken into a million pieces

February 28th 2010 3:46 am
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I just lost my girlfriend Rosie . She is at the Rainbow Bridge and my heart is broken into a million pieces
here are the news from her mommy:

It's with great Sadness, I thought I would let you know on here that we had to send Rosie over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She hasn't been walking great the last couple of days. This morning she bloated and lost all control of her bladder. She didn't even know when she was going. She has been very grumpy for the past three days, biting at everyone. The vet agreed with us it was her time. So Bob and I took her this afternoon and stayed with her. I held her until she was gone. We brought her home and buried her at the top of the hill where she would have a wonderful view. We are planning on planting a rambling rose bush up there in her honor. She didn't suffer and went quickly. I didn't want you to look on her page and find out. I haven't posted it yet but will soon. They let you know when it's time. She did us. Love, Cyndi

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts and give her family the support they need
Rest in peace sweet Rosie. I love you !!
Peek a Boo

Rosie's page:


A Birthday with a bitter taste

February 24th 2010 4:30 am
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My sweet Peek a Boo is having some health problems . He has having health problems for quite a while but now as he gets older things tend to get worse
He always had an enlarged liver and my concern now is the leukocites that are lower . He is going to be tested for tick desease although he never had such desease to my knowledge .
All other issues in his blood work is good(but ALT a little high) even the tryclicerids that used to be high is controlled with medicin and is now in normal level
I am deadly worried about my baby and I thank each one of you that took the time to remember his birthday although with a bitter taste for me.
Peek a Boo is a very well taken care baby .He goes to the Vet every 6 months to be checked . My love for him is unconditional !
I cannot imagine my life without him . Yes , I have to get used to the idea of losing him cuz he is an older boy , that is why every birthday from now on will have that bitter taste , an unbearable bitter taste that I have to sip like a very expensive and exclusive wine until the last drop of it


A bittersweet day for mommy

February 23rd 2010 3:04 am
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It is my 12th birthday ! For mommy is a bittersweet day since it is a countdown to losing me . She wishes she could stop the time for me but I feel good regardless of my blood work bad results .
I hope she will fix that special salmon cake , oh boy ! it is so good ! I can't wait for it !
No tears mommy , just enjoy me until I last , to the very last drop of me like a special and expensive wine and remember I love you !


Rosie , come and celebrate Valentines '

January 21st 2010 6:25 am
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with me!
Life is a breeze and Valentines'day is just around the corner.
Love at our age is even better cause we know better what love really means
A toast for seniors :Life starts at 40! Let's enjoy it until it lasts !


Prayers and candles needed for my beloved ROSIE

January 8th 2010 8:52 am
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My Rosie had a stroke right after Christmas and she is not feeling well .
May be it was her last Christmas with her family and I am here to beg for her life . Please send out your prayers and thoughts to my ROSIE , each candle will be a a sweet request to our Lord to spare her life
thank you
here is the link for the candles : i=tpc

and here is the link to her page . All prayers will be a supportive help for ROSIE and her family and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart


Update on me

November 27th 2009 2:36 pm
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First I want to thank all my wonderful friends for their love and concern
Today was a scary one ! a real Black Friday on it's real meaning.
Mommy opened the door for us to go outside and all of a sudden I saw that big guy looking at me . As I came close to him to say hi he kind of spat on me for no reason. I started froaming from the mouth and mommy rushed me to the hospital where I spent the day for blood work and anti toxic meds .
Mommy brought me back home and I am glad that I am feeling my old self again athought I am kind of worn out from this hetic and scary morning.
As for frogs , I am not willing to play with them anymore , no sir no more frogs for me
Mr Frog stay away from me. @#@#$@ got my message, Frog?


Black out!!

November 11th 2009 3:54 am
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All of a sudden everything went black .
Mommy hushed for the flashlight and we all barked in protest
Several Statesin Brazil blacked out . Itaiupu colapsed due heavy thunderstorm that affected the transmission line
We can say that summer is here to stay !!
I am glad mommy wasn't in the computer ; she was watching tv
We had power outage from 10 pm until 2 am : mommy missed her soap opera : Well it could be worse . Madonna had candlelight dinner!
Now we are back in business until next time , who knows when !!!
Mommy did you pay your utility bill on time ??!!! eheheheheh


Are we ready for treat or tricks???!!!!

October 2nd 2009 7:41 am
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Yes , we are !
Our pages are ready to rock and roll for" Holloween"!!!
When visiting our pages don't be scared , we are friendly ghost trying to have fun !!!

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