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On your 13th Birthday

February 23rd 2011 9:33 am
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I want to tell you that you are my best asset and the joy of my life .
I wish I could take some years off of you so you would stay longer with us : as you can see I am on a countdown process kkk
Peek a Boo came into my life and rescued me , he is my inspiration and he gives me strength to live my life one day at a time and enjoy every minute of it
Although his many health issues he is living a great life and I only ask God to keep him just the way he is
Enjoy you life, my pretty boy : Mommy loves you very much !!



December 15th 2010 10:09 am
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Today is Nicola's birthday and mommy tried to change her primary photo for one with a birthday cake and guess what ? she got a big X photo instead so mommy once again tried to go back the the previous photo and guess what? Nicola's page is removed and her photo shows as a guest with a note replacing her photo that says


NOTE! You have yet to add this dog's first picture. You can edit any profile info, but until there is a photo added, this dog will not have a page.


Mommy tried to follow their instructions to activate Nicolas' page to no avail and we are sick and tired
I am sorry Dogster but we can't take your tricks any longer
Good bye!!!

Peek a Boo and family


Our last day as PLUS

October 16th 2010 4:55 am
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Unfortunately we will close our Plus account as of tomorrow.
The reason: since Dogster's new feature took over we are unable to use our codes to make our backgrounds: it is so frustrating!!
Not to say that sometimes for no apparent reason we are kicked out of the program that is not responding .
We sent to Dogster our complains and also our codes from Photobucket and from the Myspace (the blink you) link where we used to transfer the Photobucket code to show them that our backgrounds got hidden by that hateful white center .
They were kind of surprised because they couldn't figure out what we meant . So we sent a page (Vivi's page)using our old codes; the background is there but hidden
I don't know if they will ever be able to help us so until then we are out of Plus although we will still be here with our furfriends and that is what matters to us
Peek a Boo and family


Frustration X happiness

September 11th 2010 5:47 am
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I want to thank you all my furfriends and their families for all the pawmails, gifts and wishes on my recent DOTD nomination
However I am thrilled and I am also sad with the problems we are facing when accessing Dogster
Dogster sent me gifts but the one big gift would be to browse Dogster without hassle .
It's been a nightmare : I get in , I browse some pages because I get lucky than all of a sudden it comes again : we are kicked out of Dogster because the program is not responding . We get all freezed out until Dogster is gone and after that each attempt to get in is even more difficult
Anyway what I meant to say is that I know that I have real friends out there and I feel proud and very happy
I just wish I could personally thank all of you but since this is impossible (for the time being) here we go:


Too ALL of YOU my appreciation and it is been a pleasure and an honor to be friends with you

Peek a Boo


A bittersweet day on a dog's (of the day) life

September 10th 2010 5:33 am
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Today I am nominated DOTD at Dogster . Should I be happy ? I guess so , actually I feel very flattered but since we are experience problems at Dogster we feel frustrated and happy at the same time.
Our problem stems from the moment we try to access Dogster ; after browsing some pages the computer says that the program is not responding and it has to shut down!!! here we go again , another try , sometimes we get lucky like right now , sometimes no luck at all
I want to thank all my friends that are already sending their congrats,love and zealies. You, my friend, are the true reason I am fighting to get into my messages and get less frustrated when I fail
As for the top Dog , the tech Dog : next time nominate me dog of the week so that after several tries I will be able to get in touch with my beloved friends on time


I am today's Diary Pick

September 2nd 2010 2:24 am
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at Dogster! What a nice surprise! Thank you!
As a matter of fact all the credits go to my personnal secretary :she is the one in charge
How lucky I am to have such a great help !
Off to spread the news


We have a unwanted guest

August 31st 2010 2:56 pm
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yah! guest bol! Bolinha (a friend's dog)is staying with us for 23 days !
and we are not happy at all! Long faces ... growls... and 23 long days ahead of us!!
Sharing our bed it is going to be a major problem since we have our special spots and we refuse to share them
Tonight is our first one and mommy is worried .... is he going to miss his mommy? but what she is worried the most is her new carpet and save it from territory demarcation . Poor mommy! or should I say poor us?


My Bucket List, have you done yours?

April 15th 2010 12:31 pm
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My bucket list is more of a food list since I love to eat
It begins with lots of salmon , fish all I can eat and don’t forget brocolis, carrots and fruits : oh man ! I love fruits !
Run free and smell all fresh grass I can step in !
Get lizards as a reward !
Play with birds and chase cats !
Ride with mommy in the car but get out to sniff everything and stretch my legs !
and above all be with my mommy cuddling in bed and getting endless belly rubs !

end of my list so far, I still have time to add more favorite things


My heart is broken into a million pieces

February 28th 2010 3:46 am
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I just lost my girlfriend Rosie . She is at the Rainbow Bridge and my heart is broken into a million pieces
here are the news from her mommy:

It's with great Sadness, I thought I would let you know on here that we had to send Rosie over the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She hasn't been walking great the last couple of days. This morning she bloated and lost all control of her bladder. She didn't even know when she was going. She has been very grumpy for the past three days, biting at everyone. The vet agreed with us it was her time. So Bob and I took her this afternoon and stayed with her. I held her until she was gone. We brought her home and buried her at the top of the hill where she would have a wonderful view. We are planning on planting a rambling rose bush up there in her honor. She didn't suffer and went quickly. I didn't want you to look on her page and find out. I haven't posted it yet but will soon. They let you know when it's time. She did us. Love, Cyndi

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts and give her family the support they need
Rest in peace sweet Rosie. I love you !!
Peek a Boo

Rosie's page:


A Birthday with a bitter taste

February 24th 2010 4:30 am
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My sweet Peek a Boo is having some health problems . He has having health problems for quite a while but now as he gets older things tend to get worse
He always had an enlarged liver and my concern now is the leukocites that are lower . He is going to be tested for tick desease although he never had such desease to my knowledge .
All other issues in his blood work is good(but ALT a little high) even the tryclicerids that used to be high is controlled with medicin and is now in normal level
I am deadly worried about my baby and I thank each one of you that took the time to remember his birthday although with a bitter taste for me.
Peek a Boo is a very well taken care baby .He goes to the Vet every 6 months to be checked . My love for him is unconditional !
I cannot imagine my life without him . Yes , I have to get used to the idea of losing him cuz he is an older boy , that is why every birthday from now on will have that bitter taste , an unbearable bitter taste that I have to sip like a very expensive and exclusive wine until the last drop of it

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