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August 1st 2013 11:47 am
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Oh my baby Peek a Boo , yes ,your will be always my baby and your kisses are my most precious gift !
Now that somehow the end is getting near , your kisses are my only joy (Ursula and Nicola are not kissers at all )
You and Crystal, my beloved Crystal, are my kissers and I regret to this day not letting her kiss me longer
Now I let you kiss me until we both "drop dead " because I am afraid that I will regret not letting you kiss me longer - I want the most of it !!!because that's when I feel you more close to me than ever : YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE and the day I don't get those kisses my life will lose its meaning and I know that I am close to the end


I am losing you each and every day

April 21st 2013 9:12 am
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My sweet Peek a Boo - it has been so hard on me to accept the fact that you are going away , slowly but surely - you have no more the hungry you had before , you are very sleepy and I have to carry you downstairs for our bedroom ... I am devasted to see you wearing away without a serious disease , it is just time , too much for you already , not for me that if I could exchange my age to give it you I would do it gladly
I really don´t know what is going to happen to me after you are gone - I know that have Ursula (12 ) and Nicla (9) that I have to take care but without you our household will be one more time empty
Please don´t go , just not right now when I need you the most
your mommy


you are my sweet 15 !

February 23rd 2013 7:07 am
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and words cannot describe my love for you
you are very special because you are the love of my life and my special joy
Happy Birthday Peek a Boo !Many health years to come: that´s my pray to God


Yes , we are all greatful for

November 22nd 2012 10:46 am
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Dogster with all the fleas and glitches that made possible to get to know such wonderful pups and their families , without Dogster this would never be possible so a toast to Dogster and let´s keep it alive and get going
thank you all
sincerely love and gratitude
Peek a Boo , Crystal , Ursula , Nicola and Neuza


How we ended up here in Brazil - a lifetime short story

July 19th 2012 8:59 am
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Me , Ursula and my late sister Crystal came from the States in 2003 , it has been 9 years since we moved here
Do we miss the US? YES WE DO!
When mommy got me and Crystal we were living in West Palm Beach (Fl)in a condo that by their rules and regulations didn´t allow pets in the premises and since mommy is a brazilian born she thought that that little request wasn´t making any different . Well it did : although mommy owned the unit they kept bugging her about this issue and she decided to buy a bigger and more fancy house for us in Boynton Beach (Fl) and it was a paradise for us , bigger , fancy , mommy´s dream house !
Unfortunately our next door neighbor - although pets were allowed didnt´for some reason like us, but who cares ?
But the real reason we moved to Brazil is that mommy bought a house and instead of paying cash for it she got a mortgage and things turned out ugly for us when the stock market went down the drain in 2001 - it was very difficut for mommy to keep up her expenses and since she had equity on her home she decided to sell it and buy something here in Brazil , in the mountains , not in Rio de Janeiro , downtown (she hates big cities especially outside of the US)
To make things short we ended up losing Crystal due to a bad accident (she felt from the stairs and had a blunt trauma to her head) and died in 2006 - it was the first blow to her head , mommy was really heart broken
Mommy says that I am the best thing that ever happened in her life and I feel very important , I am the only man she has ever put up for so long
14 years !- a lifetime of love , trust and bond , I am her boyfriend and yesterday she was due to take some stitches out of her operated cyst but she chose to take me to the vet instead because she was deadly scared after my blood work , and tomorrow when she goes to her doctor she will tell that she couldn't make the appointment because her boyfriend (Me) had doctor´s appointment due to be drinking to much water and she having to taking him out to pee outside more than 3 times a night . Will she think mommy is crazy ?!!
I bet she will ahahaha


I am not the same dog I used to be

June 28th 2012 9:48 am
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old age is taking a toll on me . I sleep more and sometimes even ignore when mommy calls me to go out
Fortunately I still eat well
Mommy is very sad that I am losing my grip when it comes to activities.

At night when she takes me out I am kind of lost , trying to figure out what I am suposed to do
14 years old and from now on mommy doesn't feel happy to celebrate my birthdays anymore - as it is like a countdown to losing me

I just wonder how her life will be after I am gone : poor mommy, I already feel sorry for her
In the meantime enjoy my every breath mommy and every minute of it so you won´t regret when it is time to say goodbye


Wow! Today I am 14

February 23rd 2012 11:46 am
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and I am still hanging in there . I thank all my friends that joined in celebration of a special day for me !
Mommy is back from the hospital , UFA! that ´s a relief ! she was not feeling well since Saturday and she went to see a doctor today because there was a big holiday for us -Carnaval and she couldn´t find nobody to help her
Tomorrow she ´ll undergo some major exams and hopefully she will fell better . Welcome back mommy ! we missed you all day and now it is time to cuddle in bed with my mommy
special hugs to all my dear friends ! you are the best !


Wow Santa ! you didn´t have to be so generous ...

December 25th 2011 2:43 am
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I know I have been a good boy , so mommy says it but Santa made a big surprise for me and my family !
He got us a 50 zeallies pack for us ! Yupppiii!!!!isn´t that awesome ?!
one day we didn´t have any and the next voila !50 zeallies pack !
We are so glad ! Santa has a name though -No, it is not Noel , Nicholas , his name is BONZER ! our game pal Bonzer at Pupps N Purrs ! Thank you Bonzer for being so kind and thoughtful ! You are one of a kind Santa !
Peek a Boo and family


Punishment for the Yorkie killer

December 20th 2011 7:56 am
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It happened here in Brazil but it is affecting people all over the world
this monster killed this little Yorkie in front of her 3 years old daughter with so much beating , she suffocated him in a bucket - and to make things worse the person that posted the video on the internet should have called authorities but chose not to do it
although it is in Portuguese , please sign the petition in order to put this monster behind bars
thank you for your support

here is the link:

Click in ASSINAR O ABAIXO ASSINADO .... post your name and email address and comments if you want
thank you again =Yorkshir



December 8th 2011 6:37 am
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Karen Leland spent three years trying to find a small beagle to keep her aging Labrador retriever company.

While she didn't want to buy a dog sight unseen, she couldn't resist a photo of a tiny dog with huge brown eyes that popped up on Less than a week after it arrived at Palm Beach International Airport, the sickly puppy died in her arms.

The Tequesta woman is one of 11 people nationwide who succumbed to the slick Internet marketing of a Broward County firm that set up 800 web sites to peddle puppies to the public, says a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit, filed by Palm Beach Gardens attorney Ted Leopold in cooperation with the Humane Society of the United States, accuses Purebred Breeders and owner Jason Halberg of intentionally deceiving the public by claiming its dogs come from reputable breeders.


Instead, the suit claims, many come from puppy mills, lucrative mass breeding operations where dogs are kept in cramped, filthy cages and crank out pups that are prone to a host of maladies.

"It's fraud and misrepresentation," Leopold said of Purebred, which serves as a dog broker, connecting breeders with potential buyers. "We're going to do everything we can to shut them down."

While only 11 unhappy customers are named in the lawsuit, he and Humane Society officials, which investigated Purebred, suspect there are many more. Selling about 20,000 puppies a year, it is one of the largest dog sellers on the Internet, said Jordan Crump, a Humane Society spokeswoman.

That they could find only 11 dissatisfied customers speaks volumes about the validity of the lawsuit, said New York City publicist Lonnie Soury, who represents Purebred. "We have thousands of customers," he said.

He also questioned why the lawsuit was featured Wednesday on NBC's Today show. He accused the society of trying to gin up publicity to increase donations.

"I don't think anyone out there provides the services that we do," he said.

Each puppy comes with insurance to cover veterinary bills for 30 days. If a customer decides he doesn't want a dog, Purebred will take it back or offer a refund, he said.

After paying about $1,400 for the beagle she named Zoey, Leland said she was offered $500 for another dog. Disgusted by their tactics, she said she had her credit card company cancel the purchase. She was still out the roughly $1,000 in vet bills she rang up even after the doctor predicted Zoey would die.

Soury said Purebred records show Leland was offered a full refund, less $280 for shipping. She may not have been reimbursed for vet bills because she didn't take the dog in within 48 hours. Then, after seeking treatment, she took it home at night rather than let it stay at the animal hospital.

Leland bristled at the criticism. Zoey arrived the night before Thanksgiving when no vets were open. She took Zoey home at night, hoping human touch might save it. She said she doesn't want money.

"It's about stopping this horrible business," she said. "It's about stopping evil."


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