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March 31st 2013 11:43 am
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We like Yukon better than other places so far. Our new place (we've lived here since October) has several doggy doors so it is very dog friendly. Mommy has been putting her applications at several places. She is a mental health professional and she doesn't like the environment in which she works due to corruption and behaviors she thinks is unethical. She has reported it but nothing ever happens to protect the clients she sees. I cannot wait until she has another job so she'll be less stressed once again.

Today is Easter so that means ham and other goodies we might be able to con the 2 legged animals into giving us.


March 27th 2013 9:40 am
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Mommy took the day off. She is beyond stressed. She is still looking for a better job, without the corruption. We are enjoying her being home. She was up many times during the night with an upset stomach thinking about what all happens to the kids she works with knowing how many people know about what is going on to hurt these kids and every time she reports it, something happens to her. A person writes a report against her accusing her of things that are unbelievable. She is going to call an attorney next week since she cannot live with knowing how badly the kids are being treated and knowing it is being covered up. She cannot report anything without things being worse for the kids for reporting it or being worse for her reporting it. She gets homesick and hate Oklahoma.


Living in Oklahoma sucks

March 22nd 2013 8:47 pm
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It is a good thing dogs are resilient. Mommy was so happy living in NM and TX. But when we moved to OK, things changed. It hasn't been a good change. Poncho died within days of moving to OK and he died in Mommy's arms. Then, she FINALLY got this job with the state. She cries so often because she sees so much corruption, abuse of kids, and so much hiding of information of such acts. She is targeted because she is not corrupt. She would like to help the kids she is working with, but if she files the reports about the abuse, a particular person makes it difficult for her by making allegations that are bizarre against her. I hope she finds a different job soon. She is so good at what she does. The people who aren't corrupt say she has made leaps and bounds changes in the difficult kids. The kids are all criminals but Mommy is so good with them. She helps them in ways others cannot do. Well, if she cannot do what is right because she is a people and an animal lover, she is going to have to move on and help others. Maybe then, Mommy will more at peace and be able to help others and spend more time with us. Also, I know Mommy misses Jet-Bo and Poncho who loved to snuggle much more than we do. The rat, we try to ignore, has an injury to her left leg. Mommy may have to take off to take the little thing to the vet to see what is wrong.


Featured Diary

March 22nd 2013 5:00 am
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Well, that is cool to feature my diary. This came at a good time. I finally learned how to use the back doggy door. We have 2 in the garage that I used to go outside, but I've always been afraid of the back doggy door because I have to go through 2 flaps. My Mommy's son, Uncle Adam, put food in the door and outside the door and I got brave enough to use it. I SO love the freedom of being able to chase the birds or neighbor cats that come over and I get to potty whenever I want. Spring is here so I feel like going out more.

Mommy is still having problems at work. Abuse of people is not something my Mommy handles very well. She says she may have to get an attorney if the company doesn't get rid of the crazy man. She said he made her life easier by being dumb enough to put every crazy thing in writing.


So much has happened

March 17th 2013 11:08 am
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So much has happened. Our pack has moved to another town. I LOVED the new place. It has doggy doors so I can go outside and bury my food that I do not want JoJo to eat. Mommy is stressed all the time. She works at a corrupt place and she is having difficulty dealing with it. She hates seeing others abuse and hurt people, especially when she cannot do anything about it. She works with juveniles and she says staff is the problem. She says it is a matter of time before the place is closed down. She has made numerous complaints and she gets into trouble for making the complaints. She has the proof and she is holding on to that to protect herself. She is looking for another job. I hope she gets it so she'll be home more and happier. She has never seen so many corrupt people than she has since moving to Oklahoma.


It's been a long time!

October 14th 2012 8:39 am
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Mommy graduated from graduate school a year later than she planned. The grandchildren moved in with us. It was a difficult transition for me because, as a chihuahua, I am not a big fan of the kids. But, after awhile, they learned how to live with chihuahuas. They've been living with us for 3 1/2 years so it appears they'll be living with us forever. Mommy had to leave her job in the prisons because she moved to Oklahoma to be with Daddy. Mommy now works in a juvenile center with juvenile criminals. It is more stressful than working with the inmates because of the hormones. She sometimes has to go to court with them and sometimes she goes to funerals with them. We are lazier than ever, however. Our new house has doggy doors. I loved that because I can go outside anytime I want. JoJo doesn't quite get the doggy doors yet. The cat LOVES the doggy door and Mommy didn't even have to train her to use the doggy door.


Oh wow!

September 9th 2009 4:14 am
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It's been a long time. Our life has totally changed. The grandkids used to come over here and there for Mommy to spoil. Now, they are living with us and it is looking like it will be permanent. This upsets me as I do not like sharing my mommy. When the children come to sit by Mommy, I try to get in between them. I used to get aggressive and snap at them, but Mommy wouldn't let me sit with them if I did that. So, I stopped. The grandson and I have always gotten along. The granddaughter and I didn't because she tried to push herself on my, which after showing my teeth and growling didn't make her stop, I would have to snap at her. Mommy didn't get on to me because I did warn her and so did Mommy. I guess the granddaughter must be maturing because she is learning how to be around us chihuahuas. The kids have even learned to keep things put away. Poncho is so blind that he will run into things it they are kept out in the middle of the floor.

My birthday was cool! Mommy and the kids went out to eat pizza and brought me back some crust. It was such a treat!

Mommy is SO busy these days with trying to finish school, getting custody of her grandchildren who have some serious health and emotional problems, and keeping up with her own personal stuff. At least she still makes time just for kissing me, petting me, and snuggling with me. Sometimes, we awaken in the morning cuddling. What a great way to sleep! Hopefully, she will get her thesis done and after the grandson has surgery on Thursday and the granddaughter has auditions for the Nutcracker on Saturday, Mommy will have plenty more time to let me post here on my journal.


Wow, it's been a long time!

May 18th 2009 8:23 am
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Mommy had a hectic semester, but it's over. She only has a short amount of time to breath before she has summer school. The really cool thing is that she only has one class to go and she is almost done!!! She has to finish practicum and then her thesis and she will be finished with her Master's degree. It's been a long hard road, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

Daddy got transferred to Oklahoma! That is such a bummer. Daddy is always wanting to bring me home, but Mommy has the dogs and Daddy keeps the cat. Maybe soon we can all be together.

Mommy loves practicum. She gets to work in the type situation she'll be doing as a living. I am just so glad last semester is over. Mommy took a full load, which included practicum. Then, one of her professors, who was going to teach psychopharmocoloty, decided to teach it in the spring instead of the summer. That put Mommy in a full load, plus an extra class. Now, after her class ends in early July, she will be home much, much more. I like it when she is home as she snuggles with Poncho and I and she plays with us.

She is really worried about Poncho because he has practically gone blind. She gets a little short with me when I forget that he is blind and I jump in his face. I guess little puppies don't think about things like that. Mommy had Daddy bring down Poncho's urn, just in case. He really is getting old. His arthritis is getting so bad. Mommy has to pick him up and put him in bed and when he needs to go potty, he has to let her know so she can pick him up and put him off the bed and down the stairs. Since he cannot see well, she doesn't make him try to guess where the stairs are. He has learned to let her know when he wants back up so she can go get him and bring him back. He makes noises with his body since he isn't a barker like I am. Mommy is trying to teach me not to bark so much. She says that I am the worst to train not to bark so much. I guess some of us are more vocal than others! LOL


Just another day

January 26th 2009 8:48 am
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Mommy is in full-swing of school. She started practicum, which means that she has clients and a little less time for me. But, she is very excited to see Poncho and I when she comes home. Mondays and Thursdays are her long days and she isn't home much at all on those days.

Daddy's mommy died a little over a week ago. Poncho hates traveling, but they went to the funeral. Because there were so many people in the house, we had to stay in the trailer much of the time.

Mommy finally got into her routine, which makes her happier. She made Poncho some dog food yesterday as well our our cheese balls. This is how she sneaks in Poncho's Tri-salts when she gives us our vitamins.

She pets us a lot while she is studying too. We like that a lot. Mommy has been worried about Poncho because he's been acting like he is in pain and does not feel good. She knows that he is getting old and having health problems. I know that will all the deaths in the family, she is not wanting to lose Poncho this year.

Daddy got transferred to Oklahoma. Plus, the contractor really gave them problems. They are going to have to take photos of the damages and things he did not do and then get a lawyer. Mommy and Daddy aren't looking forward to that. Oh well, things are what they are. Sometimes there just is too much stress. I think we need a vacation.

At least Bobby got a ride in NASCAR for this season. Mommy is hoping that she doesn't have to yell and scream so much this year! Bobby has had such a terrible time the past few seasons.


It's been so long

January 15th 2009 8:07 am
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Mommy and Daddy have been moving. Daddy got transferred to Oklahoma City. That is a long way from Mommy and us furry kids. He starts in mid-February. He leaves today to get electricity and gas and such turned on.

Mommy has been stress with some personal family issues, school, moving, and having to get her thesis ready so she can graduate in December. Since she will be working with inmates, her thesis will take longer. She's been so busy she hasn't been posting.

A while back, I torn a ligament in my back leg because I love to jump so much. I also like to chase the cat. Once I healed from that surgery, nothing has slowed me down.

Poncho and I definitely don't like the cold weather. Mommy turns on a portable heater for us when she's home so we can bask in the heater, which we like. I am way more cuddly than the average dog, so mommy makes sure she cuddles with me while she is doing homework or stops to play with me as I like to chew up her hand.

Mommy started practicum so she is seeing clients this semester. This means her schedule won't be consistent. She also has to give lots of personality assessments, so she will be gone for that. I am sure she will make up for lost time when she comes home.

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