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I want it all!

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Starting over

August 30th 2007 1:27 pm
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You would think at 10 years old I wouldn't have to be starting over, but I am. I found myself in a very crowded little shelter in Indiana. People thought I was cute but being so matted, stinky, and aged they would pass me by for younger dogs. The person who will be my new humom saw me on Petfinder and didn't want my life to end just for being an older gent and asked family to go and see me. They did and reported what a sweet older fellow I was and they were told to put in for my adoption. They were approved!! My grandma took me home and is watching me for now until my new humom takes over the job.

First thing was a trip to the vet! I guess I had several hitchhikers called fleas so they had to give me a pill called Capstar to kill them off. I didn't really like them anyway. Then I got a cortizone shot for allergies since I was red and itchy. I'm already feeling loads better. I am heartworm negative but I do have a heart murmur. The vet wasn't concerned since it was mild and said it should be monitored. I also have a small growth near my eye to be watched. My teeth are great for my age and the vet said I was a prize patient.

Today I went to a lady called a groomer. She took a look at me and said I had to be completely shaved. That's OK because some of my fur was so matted it hurt and pulled on me. It also gave me hot spots :( I was happy to see grandma came back for me. She said thank you to the groomer lady and sadi how nice I look now and how much better I smell. Everyone will be so much more willing to pet me and hold me now. AnywayI feel so much better now that I can't believe it! I can't wait to get to my new home!

BTW - My name is now Yuki. It means Lucky in Japanese


Back to the Dogtor

September 1st 2007 1:52 pm
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My grandma called my new humom today and said she thought I should go back to the dogtor so my new humom said to take me in. All the stress with the time at the shelter and the vet and groomers have caused me to come down with kennel cough. Now I'm on medication to help ease the symptoms of the kennel cough and got ear cleaner for my terrible ears. The vet cleaned them the day I came home from the shelter and the groomer cleaned them Thursday and I still have itchy gunky ears. Boy, I'll be so glad when all this is over with!

You may be wondering why I'm still with my grandma and not my mom. Well, it seems my taxi service was delayed a week and now I won't meet the humom who's shelling out for all my bills until next weekend. Grandma said she doesn't mind at all, in fact, she is quite fond of me. I follow her EVERYWHERE.

That's my pupdate!! Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


I'm home!!

September 7th 2007 4:50 pm
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Wow, I'll have lots to say but for now I'm adjusting and meeting the new family! I'm so excited! There are two Shih Tzus to play with. That Teddy seems like fun! There is also a Springer and a Rottie, but I'm not too interested in those guys. Teddy is my favorite so far!

So I'm home and there are a few new pics posted! Hopefully we'll get better ones later. Gotta go mingle.



Settling in

September 11th 2007 1:33 pm
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It's my 5th day in my new home and things are going pretty well. The lady who I thought was my new mom left today, but now I realize she was just fostering me for my real family. I do miss her though. I guess she's my Grandma, whatever that means and I'm told I'll see her again.

I'm adjusting to my new food, friends, and routines. One really nice thing is that we got for daily walks. I like that. The humom says I'm pudgy and could lose a few pounds. I don't think it will take long with all these walks every day!

They also said something about needing some training for being too possessive of toys and treats. I'll try, but I'm an old man set in my ways! BOL

I've been very good for the eye flushes, ear cleanings, and medicated baths. I am feeling so much better that I don't even mind having these done to me! Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick update. It's my first official day with just the family.


My first playgroup

September 22nd 2007 1:03 pm
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I went to my first playgroup today with Teddy. I don't know yet if I like it and I had to tell a few dogs to get outta my face. They weren't mean to me, just bothersome. I'm old ya know! Teddy didn't do much better though. None of his regular friends were there, but he did like a little girl Min Pin.

Anyway, after playgroups I went to the humane society store with Teddy and the humom and got a new sweatshirt to wear on the cooler days. I look quite buff if I do say so! Mia got a new dress. She looks so beautiful. I think they really like me here. Maybe I'll be less grumpy once I know I'm in forever home. The humom promises me that this is indeed my retirement home.



Weather changes!

November 8th 2007 9:57 am
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It's getting mighty chilly around here and the other day we even had the "S" word......snow flurries for our southern pups that might not know what that means. I'm happy to report my fur is growing in nicely. I still have some tiny sores from the flea bites I had before getting adopted but I feel really good now and things are going well. I have a sweatshirt but heard I'll be getting another coat for when the weather is even colder. Brrrrrr, it's cold enough now!

There is one thing that bothers me though - I heard Teddy and Mia are trying to trade me away or ship me off as a Christmas gift. I hope they won't really do that. I know I boss them around and I may have destroyed some of Mia's favorite stuffies, but I'm not used to sharing. I'm trying, really I am. I heard the humom say they didn't have the resources to ship me off so I think I'm in luck!

Just wanted to post a short pupdate. Have a pawsome day.




November 18th 2007 8:20 pm
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I've been tagged! Here's 7 things I'm thankful for

1. I'm thankful I was adopted from the shelter at 10+ years old and matted
2. I'm thankful for the great food I get here
3. I'm thankful I'm bigger than Teddy and Mia so I can steal their toys
4. I'm thankful my fur is growing back because it is getting cold out
5. I'm thankful for new friends here on Dogster
6. I'm thankful for comfy beds to sleep on.
7. I'm thankful for pretty good health at my age!

Yuki (off to tag some new friends)


Oh, Christmas Tree

November 26th 2007 1:17 pm
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This is the first Christmas here with the new family and I'm loving it. They have all these great decorations that I want to play with but unfortunately they said No, it was for looking at not playing with. Waddaya mean they aren't for playing!! There are Disney beanie babies with Christmas hats and these things called Boyd's bears. They look so fun and I want them but they were placed out of my reach :( I don't understand why I can't have them, but I am enjoying the holiday despite this little setback. I went shopping over the weekend and I even got a stocking for pressies on Christmas Day and a new loofa dog! This is very pawsome. Even us seniors get in the spirit of the holidays. We also put the tree up! I am going to get my very own ornament. The pawrents said everyone gets an ornament the year they arrive. I'm happy about that. Oh, and guess what.......I like to lay under the tree. The pawrents think that is cute so I'll amuse them and do it from time to time. Happy holidays Dogster dogs.



My year

December 31st 2007 6:56 am
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It's been a year of many changes for me but now that the dust has settled, I am totally loving how things have worked out! Just a few months ago I was sitting in a dog pound covered in fleas, matted, stinky, and my prospects weren't looking very good since I'm a senior. Then one day a nice lady is sent to check me out and a few days later she comes back for me and takes me straight to the vet. They gave me shots and took my blood and gave me a pill that started to kill all those terribly itchy fleas and also a cortizone shot for all that itching. Then the nice lady took me to her home and in the morning she took take me straight to the groomer and had them shave off all my hair. That felt wonderful and finally some of the itching was gone. I was still red and raw from the whole ordeal, but it was the best I had felt in a long time and I smelled so much better! So I start to really like this new lady and figure she was my new mom. I didn't quite understand it when a couple weeks later she took me to a new home that she said was my forever home. I was a little confused but after a short time I realized she wasn't coming back and this new home was where I was staying. They have several dogs here and I admit I don't like to share. The shelter said I used to be an only dog for the first 10 years but I'm trying to get better and the other dogs here are very tolerant of me and I appreciate that. Santa Paws visited me this year and my new pawrents fixed us all a steak dinner with steamed broccoli and cauliflower on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine how yummy that was! Now I have toys, treats, beds, and really yummy meals. I get lots of walks and even go to an occasional playgroup (not really my thing but I have gone twice). I'm really looking forward to 2008. Things are going to roll my way!



Valentine's Tag

January 21st 2008 6:54 am
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I have been Valentine's tagged by the lovely Charity. This means I get to make five Valentine's Day wishes and tag five pups with a rosette or a pmail!

1) I wish I could get a date to the Valentine's Day Dance
2) I wish it wasn't so cold out!
3) I wish every homeless pet was adopted
4) I wish I didn't have to share my toys
5) I wish all my pals who are sick were now healthy

Off to tag 5 new pals


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