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Happy Birthday Yuki

September 1st 2015 6:54 pm
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The little old man that came to be ours will forever hold a place in our heart.

We didn't know what to expect when Yuki came into our lives. He was already a senior but he was still very playful. It took a little while for his skin issues to clear but after that he was relatively healthy until the end. Yuki was over 10 when we adopted him and he was with us for just over 6 years.

The little old man with the big personality. With his age came confidence. He was a little dog with a big personality.

Happy Birthday Yuki! And thank you to all his wonderful Dogster pals for the pressies and well wishes :)


Ashes and Navy

November 11th 2013 2:33 pm
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On Friday my ashes came home. It is always one of those bittersweet times when the family is happy to have you home but saddened that it will never be in the physical sense again. I am now watching over my handsome Navy boy while he serves his country. I will watch over him and keep him safe during his military career. Happy Veteran's Day



Fly free Yuki

October 26th 2013 12:55 pm
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Just before noon, Yuki peacefully went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was held in Bob's arms as he crossed over. The little old man who came and became a member of our family will never be forgotten.

He is reunited with Chester and Bruno and he got to meet Kammie, Tara, and Sandi as well. Tonight he can celebrate with his family, his dogster pals, and his beloved Lola who were lovingly there to help him start his new journey.

Godspeed Yuki


The final journey

October 25th 2013 9:05 am
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Tomorrow Yuki will make his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. He has progressively gotten worse and recently has also started having seizures. With a very heavy heart we decided we can no longer let him suffer. After losing Chester earlier this year to cancer, we probably put this decision off longer than we should have. Yuki has always been a strong boy, to see him now so frail and weak with very limited mobility has been rough. When we adopted Yuki in 2007 he was at least 10 years old at the time. We promised him a retirement home and hope we filled those needs. He attached to us quickly and we have enjoyed 6 years with our little old man. He will be very missed. My heart will break yet again


Thank you for the birthday wishes

September 2nd 2013 10:26 am
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Thank you all for the birthday well wishes and pressies. Sweet 16, a grand old age and lately I feel every bit it. It's been a rough time for me and I am having much difficulty getting around these days. I am still eating fairly well though. My eyes are also still giving me problems but they aren't as painful since being on medication. I was certainly hoping the issue would heal but all we are managing is to keep it under control.

It was 6 years ago that I was adopted here and it took me awhile to get used to so many canine furblings. Mom thinks I was probably an only pup before. I like it here though and they have made my retirement years some great ones. I was at least 10 years old when I was adopted but I could be older. They only had records on me from 1997 and on when I arrived at the shelter. Age is just a number though. Up until last year I was very spry and healthy but this past year I have lost most mobility and virtually all control over my bowels. Listen pups, aging is not fun. BOL

Anyway, I am still here and doing the best I can. I am pretty sure it is all I can do. Thanks for sharing in my sweet 16 birthday/gotcha day



Eye pupdate

July 3rd 2013 6:43 am
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The vet really made me mad messing with my eyes but in the end she doesn't think it is as bad as it looks. She thinks there are eye deposits or build ups on the cornea and gave the mom three eye medications for me. One is a pain med and the other two are to help the eyes heal. I have to go back in a week to see how they are doing. She did a dry eye test as well but my eyes seem to have pretty good tear production. That test is NOT fun, sticking paper in my eye! Later that evening I was good for having my meds administered. That was a huge relief for mom and dad. I just want to feel better so of course I'll allow it :)

Overall, not the worst visit in the world and hopefully I will feel better soon. I did get treats on the way home when we stopped at Sonic.

Speaking of food...going back on my old kibble mixed with canned seems to be helping. I gained back 9 ounces.



Eye problems :(

June 30th 2013 3:50 pm
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My eyes are bothering me and I have to go and see the vet again this week. Mom took a pic but she isn't sure what is going on. Cataract, glaucoma, infection....she feels any one could be what it is. I guess we will find out Tuesday when our vet is back in the office.


Vet pupdate

March 29th 2013 2:50 pm
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Yesterday I went to the vet for a wellness exam and today we got back the blood work results. The good news is the blood work came back great and doesn't show any indication of any problems. The bad news is you can clearly see there is an issue so now we still need to figure it out. The biggest problem right now is weight loss. I lost 2 pounds and am down to only 13 pounds now. Mom says I am very skinny. With the blood work coming back normal it is most likely one or two things. First is that I am not getting the nutrients from my new dog food and will have to go back to my old kibble. Mom switched me 6 months ago to dehydrated food. First was The Honest Kitchen but I wasn't fond of it so she got Grandma Lucy's last time. I like it a little more but the weight still comes off. If the problem is the food, I am in OK shape and going back to kibble will help me to gain weight back. If it isn't the food, the vet worries there is a possibility of cancer since blood work wouldn't show it. We don't want to think about that possibility just yet and hope it is just the food.

Secondly, I have a UTI. I am now on antibiotics so that should take care of that problem. I go back in to see the vet two weeks from now to see how it worked. It will also be a great time to see if I picked up a little weight with the diet change.

Lastly my mobility issues are getting worse and probably a spinal issue. I can still get around but have aches and pains. It is not an issue that can be corrected so it is a problem we have to deal with and one I have been.

So as long as I can pick up some weight, I will be in fair shape and that is our goal.



My Pawsome Navy Boy!

December 6th 2012 7:52 pm
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Woofing from the rooftops! My pawsome boy who I miss so much because he is in the Navy was just awarded the Blue Jacket of the Year in his division!! What a super acknowledgement for all the hard work and dedication he puts into his job.



Holy Smokes, I'm 15!!

September 1st 2012 4:10 pm
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Today we celebrate my 15th birthday! I feel pretty blessed too considering only 5 years ago my fate was uncertain at the animal shelter. I was one of the lucky ones though to be adopted as a senior and here I still am 5 years later loving life.

I got some McDonald's Chicken nuggets today and also vienna sausages. My favorite item was my brand new froggie. I have always loved toys and this froggie is pawesome. He makes the best froggie squeak and I can easily squeak him and tease all the other dogs. I was kind though and shared some of my 10 piece nuggets.

So thank you all my very special pals for helping me celebrate 15 and with any luck hopefully my 16th in 2013.

Love to you all,

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