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Chief Executive - Scooter Squarepants.

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Goodbye Sunshine. It was nice of you to stop by for so- long. See ya in the summer.

February 29th 2008 6:08 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

After the wonderful sunshine we've had over the last week, it is back to Seattle weather. Rain. Saturday more rain. Sunday maybe rain. Actually rain from here until July 5th BOL. I, Scooter, really don't like the rain. My toes get wet, my hair gets wet, my feet get muddy. I also do not like it when mom shoves me out the door in the morning while I am still yawning. We've been through this before. My waking up process is much different than Misty's. I prefer to ease into it over a few hours rather than just jumping right in without looking.

Mom says work is getting busy because it is that time of the year again. So she hasn't been able to sneak out early so we get extra mom time. Instead she is coming home later than a normal work day. This is sad. Not only do we want mom to have extra time to spoil us, but we miss her. Sometimes just chasing the cats around gets a little dull. I like the human to pester and torment as well.

I'll be back a little later - right now mom is cooking. And really, is there any better smell than food?

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Sniffing & Walking - it's a Scooter's Life.

February 29th 2008 12:11 am
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Mom did the bonus surprise blinky walk for us tonight. We 'naked walked' = no leash.

I sniffed anything I could find, peed on all things vertical.

I "checked in" when I had to and made sure when cars came by I was "careful". Plus mom made sure Misty was doing the same thing.

We got 2 whole streets down and back in 'naked time'. Then the LEASHES are on.

Serious walking with LEASHES on.

So now we are tired - Misty and I.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Update from Scooter

February 28th 2008 11:41 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Mom has been a little under the "weather". Not sure what that really means, cuz unless you are ummm, maybe under a tidlewave how can you really be "under" the "weather"?

Mom says it's cuz she felt yucky. I know cuz when she feels yucky, me and Misty feel yucky too.

But we're on the road to recovery. Mom says since it has fooled us every single day for the last week for staying so nice at night. Fool me once, and miss a chance for a walk, and so forth. So for most nights / days' except when the "yuck" hit the house we've been cruising the hood.

I gotta run. Misty is hogging the bed and I know she is ready to talk some more.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Queen of all she surveys??? Only if her eyes are closed!!

February 26th 2008 10:09 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

OK - let's just lay this on the line. My sister is ALLLLLLLL B-A-R-K!!! There is no so called "bite".

Setting: Dog walk in local neighborhood.

Background: Fence neighbors - the street over. Nasty mean - bark and lunge at fence dogs. Lunge at fence - occassionally is tries to scale and conquer fence. We bark at each other all the time. It's a love bark thing.

As it unfolds: Blinky light walk for the safe cul-de-sac stroll w/ Lucy kitty. Mom says we are in training for summer walks and so we need to practice "check in", "careful", and so many others we know. But night, excitement, dog hearing BOL, etc...

Most important command beside "Careful" (something we should stay still for) is "Leash" - which means back to mom and sit still for attachment.

So we are strutting around the street over and mom says "Leash" and for some reason - Misty actually obeys her. Not that she doesn't - just that it was the first time tonight w/ leashes off...

Next thing I know - Misty is squealing like a Papillion stuck in a heater vent (don't ask, I just know one does not fit down there) - and before anyone asks - the vent cover was off and I did drop my Greenie down there - but SHE stuck her head down there. Ok and since we've been here for so long on the topic - yes I did try and talk mom into turning up the heat BOL.

I digressed - so next thing I know - Misty is all squealing.... Big ol' dog from across the fence is out roaming the 'hood.

I am run bark at the big dog - cuz he is scaring my sister - but then I notice she is just having a meltdown. Mom is carrying her in her arms. I run back over to the big dog from across the fence (Mom says he was a Rottweiler) and bark at him - why do you scare my sister so much?

His humans were out there with him and they saw me bark once and then try and make friends. Do you know what that big dog did??? He ran - away from me!!! All I wanted to be was friends. Hey big dog - come back.

Then mom gave me the "Leash" command and I had to head back. And do you know what the Rottweiler's humans said? "Is your dog scaring my dog?' And I felt so proud of that I strutted even more. And mom - well mom said - we gave you warning (we were wearing our blinky light collars) and they all laughed. Then mom said - watch out for my cat. So they all had a laugh about that.

Then Lucy ran right by the big Rottweiler while they were holding it (we might want to check her eyesight - or catlives monitor) and that big ol' dog - didn't do anything but hide behind his own mom. After that, mom put the brave dog called "Misty" down. More Lip than follow thru Action.

Mom says we are out of there before temptation itself boils over. As we are walking down the hill - we hear from up the hill as we skedattle....

"Is she walking a cat too?"...

And Lucy kitty was with us the entire way.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Another Message to Mom from Scooter.

February 26th 2008 9:04 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~


There is Scooter time and there is Mom time. Let's not confuse the two.

Scooter time is from when I hit the sack at night...until I "Want " to get up. Hear that? "Want".

Mom time is from when you get back from "wherever"; and sit down. Sometimes even before that in the summer. That is for me.

Your cuteness truely.


PS and on that note - I snuck around am now trying to sit in front of the keyboard - so that means more Scooter time is needed.


Dawwwwg Tired!!

February 24th 2008 12:14 am
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Tired. Do you realize that when I go for a walk, I am also doing hip lifts which work the belly muscles as I am peeing?

Any of you girls ever think about adding that excercise to your routine?

Just saying. I can do better vertical splits than YOU can.

Sniff at ya later - like in bed ~Scooter~


Dogster Diary of the Day #2 - Take that Misty!

February 23rd 2008 7:14 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Ok - my sister calls me a thickskull - but HELLO - my mom seems to be an even thicker skull. And in Misty's words - it doesn't mean stubborn - it means not enough room in the head for smarts.

Can you believe I was picked as diary of the day again? My first occassion was back in November last year. Memories - oh the memories...

Can you believe mom didn't even know about it until 2 diary postings later? And my sisters warbelings. And the background upgrade. And the time out because the website upgrade - well was a challenge. Computers + Mom = Thickskull.

She's all checking her emails and getting all these barks out to Scooter for diary of the day and wondering what the sniff is up? Misty got picked a couple days ago - so why are all the emails coming in for Scooter? After clearing out a couple pages of SPAM - there it is in all it's glory. A congrats from Dogster to - who?? Well me of course - Scooter. Uh - Humm - ME - Scooter!

The funny thing is was mom isn't sure if it's because of the I love you so much entry or the house smells funny and it's not the dog entry. And today we found out it was all human butt smell BOL!

Misty - I'll see your award and raise you one BOL.
Mom - stop yanking my butt up and inspecting it - dogs have better manners.
All the other pups out there - thanks for taking the time to read my life. It really is a Scooters Life ;)

Sniff at ya later - and I mean me - not mom BOL ~Scooter~


Spring is in the air - I can feel it everywhere. So why can't I walk in the- "garden"?

February 23rd 2008 5:23 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Holy Canines Batdog. The weather up in Seattle has been pawsome! Sun has been shining and the weather is creeping up, up, up. Sprawling in the yard in the sunshine and rubbing around on the warm earth is all part of the summer ritual.

Lots of stuff being done in the outside so the yard looks beautiful all spring and summer long. Some green things being yanked out - some green things being left behind.

Finding out the hard way the stuff left in - did you know you are not supposed to walk on it? All Scooter - out of the garden. Scooter - don't stand on that. Scooter - OUT of the garden. Mom - it's all just DIRT - in case you haven't noticed.

I want to know when the rule started that said I can't lift my leg on pre-mentioned, left in the ground green stuff? I've spent all winter long doing just that and not a word was voiced. So what gives?

But the sunshine - oh the glorious sunshine. Warms my belly and makes me smile. A flip flop over and the back is warm. Settle the nose into the cool grass and life is good for Scooter. Drift off to dreams of catching the EVIL NEMISIS SQUIRRELS.....

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


A foul smell in the house - and it's not ME! Part III

February 23rd 2008 4:53 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Well we had the guy who works on the waterpipes over to the house again this weekend. Last weekend he was over to put some garbage eater in and a new water filter. Nice to have him over and all - but he brings Sasha over and I'm in luuvvv w/ her.

She's a big dog so she's tops on my list already. Kind of a little stubborn as she doesn't seem to be falling for my cuteness spells. I do all the best Scooter things like hinney in the air, bark and walk away, pounce and paw, and many more. For some reason she just stands there panting and playing hard to get.

Seems the funny smell was something under the house. 2 leaks in 2 different pipes. Didn't really pay much attention to what was going on since I had my eyes on Sasha. I like it better when she lays down because the I can sniff her face without having to lean on the bench and wait for her to go by.

Well she's gone for now and the house smells lots better already. I'm gonna have to figure out some way to talk mom into inviting Sasha back over. Since I was told the pipes are all under the house or behind the walls I'm kind of out of luck. That and no thumbs. (Thanks to Lucy kitty for that info - she's under the house all the time and would know that sort of stuff)

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Happiness is being next to your furless one.

February 21st 2008 7:31 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Really - is there any other better place than to be next to your very own human?

I love my mom and she knows it. Every brown eyed gaze and paw lift to remind her that attention should be showered on me. She knows it. Every ear scratch and butt rub I get; means she loves me back.

So really - is there any better place than to be next to your very own human?

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

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