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Chief Executive - Scooter Squarepants.

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She smells like sunshine

September 30th 2007 10:25 pm
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Mom came back finally from her "trip". Not sure what that means - but she is finally back and I'm looking forward to some Scooter time. Not sure why me and Misty can't go for the "trip" since "car rides" seem to be no big deal. Well I have to admit I live for "car rides" - but I digress. Was super rainy for the Pacific Northwest and nobody wanted to go outside. So that means inside chores and since nobody had been in the house - all we had to do was pay attention to ME (well and my sister Misty too) and that great thing called "laundry" - where the smelly clothes turn into warm bundles you can overtake with the heat leeching skills (keep in mind - brrr Seattle weather). Still raining.. and still raining.. and still raining.. Time for a snooze by the new warm bundle of human clothes...

Meanwhile - let's check on my sister's take of the day...



October 12th 2007 12:03 pm
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I pulled my leg muscle last night on our walk. So now I can't jump up on the bed or the chair to sit in Mom's lap. I can still chase the cats and go to the dog park, but getting into the car I need help. I'm young so I should be able to kick this very soon. I don't mind the car rides - it's the vet smells I'm not really fond of.

Until later - I think I will go back and rest.


Fall in Seattle

October 12th 2007 12:07 pm
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Sure gets dark early now a days. We like it better when it stays light until 9:00 or 10:00 - much safer for doggie walks in the neighborhood. The ground is wet when we go out in the morning now. I don't so much mind but my brother Scooter really doesn't like to get his feet wet. He tries to fake sleep so he won't have to go out before work, but my human still drags him out. He's not too happy about it - but I'm thrilled to see him awake. Let's play!! Sunshine this weekend so we should be able to hang out in the yard watching Mom do all that raking and yard clean up.


Sleeping In - is very important

October 28th 2007 12:28 am
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Who really likes to get up in the mornings??? Not humans... Not dogs... Not cats... Not chickens...( only roosters arise at the crack of dawn). Certainly not Scooter dog. I like the yawn and stretch approach to life. If I want to see what is going on outside of the comfy bed I send my sister to re-con the situation. Anything that goes on prior to noon is unsociable. SNACKS and a little more "quiet time" all will be right. Hey - did you hear they just released the new USA stamp Yoda??? Go figure - you have to be dead for 20 years before they will mint you on a stamp so screw you Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess!!! The fake puppet is there now. What is next? CP3O? R2D2??? DeathStar? Well anyway - back to sleep...


Day after Halloween

November 1st 2007 6:55 pm
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We got to go on a really long walk last night. All these people with their kids were out last night visiting all their neighbors. Was nice to see so many people willing to share all that candy with the visitors. I was looking or a Milkbone - but our pal Patrick says they never give those out. I wonder why? I saved my human and sister and I suppose, Patrick - but he was a still at the door last night. A ferocious lion was paused in mid strike at the end of the driveway. Sat still as a statue - the weirdest thing. I of course warned the neighborhood that a wild beast was amongst us. Mom kept saying stuff like "Scooter stop that"! "Be Nice"! "SCOOTER"!!! I wasn't fooled - I knew to keep warning of danger. We walked around the beast and when I sniffed I smelled stone. I'd scared it so much it turned to stone. Can you believe that? So I peed on it. End of story.


November is cold!!

November 20th 2007 6:50 pm
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We had something called "hail" last night. Mom swept it up into a pile on the deck so we could play in it. Misty and I ran around it and crunched up the cold water and even chased a hail ball Mom made for us and threw. It's cold in the morning and cold in the evening in Seattle in November. I like spending as much time as I can in bed where it is nice and warm. Sleep is never over rated in my world.

Misty and I are so happy that Mom is back. She left us again for a long time. We tried the cold shoulder when she first got back, but we love her too much and missed her so. Misty and I spent as much time glomming onto her so she would know that she can't leave us like that anymore.

While Mom was away we got to go hang out w/ our friends at Booger's & Pebble's house. Don't tell anyone ~ but Louann (the human that runs the Booger house) ~ is almost as fun to hang out with as Mom. She lets us give kisses, takes us to the park, let's us lap sit as much as we want and loves us. I'm pretty sure I've heard her say that Misty is her favorite - but that can't be true cuz I'm the cutest.

Something called "Thanksgiving" is coming up. We've only really had 1 and we were too little to remember it, but we've been told that we'll love the sniffing smells. We're going over to Mom's mom's house (she wouldn't like it if we called her "grandma") which is cool because there are so many squirrels over there. I will tell you every time I see one - oh boy will I. Someday I will catch one of those fuzzy things and then there will be trouble. I just want to play and learn how to climb the trees like they do. After all sometimes they call us "squirrel dogs" because of our tails. Isn't that enough to start a friendship???

I'll check back later and fill you in on Thanksgiving. From the looks of the food that was unpacked tonight I'm looking forward to it!!


Home Early

November 21st 2007 10:38 pm
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Mom came home early. Says it has something to do with "Thanksgiving". She whirled in with lots of bags of food for us to sniff. Wonder what all that stuff is for.

Something called "baking" was being done today. A big roller came out and pressed this stuff Mom had been working on for a while. White powder fell on the floor and we walked in the flour and left paw prints all over the wood floors. That was fun - but it didn't taste so good when I licked it off my paw. Kind of gooey. Then the most wonderful smells came out of the hot box called an oven. When they came out I wanted a bite so bad but was told I had to wait until tomorrow. Even pulling the cutest trick I know (Crazy = run around in circles w/ my tail wagging and me smiling) didn't get me even a morsel. I gave my best starving dog look and finally ~ finally I got a crumb crust. So good!! I can't wait until tomorrow.

Then we went for a walk - I love those things. I live for walks. I get to strut my stuff and everyone I meet smiles and tells me how cute I am. Well I know that - but all the reassurance helps me rub it into my sister. Everyone calls us twins ~ how odd. I have a brown butt and my sister Misty has a white butt. I know we are the same size (well I have about 6 ounces on her and way more coolness) however I look like a man and she looks like a; well not a man. Enough said.

There were so many of those pesky squirrels in the yard today. I had to make sure everyone knew that the danger of the fuzzy rodents was broaching the boundaries of the yard. Sure makes it easy to spot them now what most of the leaves have fallen off the trees. I know now that they are not to be made friends of since they tease me from the fence and the trees. My barking is not offensive ~ but that horrible chattering they do is aweful! I almost got one ~ well if the sliding glass door hadn't been in the way. Mom laughed and gave me and "oh Scooter" and my sister ran right up the rear of me to make matters worse. Then she got mad at me and we argued for a second. By then the squirrel was gone. So that means I won - right..?

Sniffs to you ~ Scooter


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow - In the mountains where it belongs!!

December 2nd 2007 9:58 pm
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Woke up Saturday morning after a good nights dreaming of chasing cars and rabbits - the occasional bone and of course my human. That cold white stuff was on the ground again. I'd almost forgotten about that. Mom assured me all summer long that it was something called a "fluke". That it really doesn't snow in Seattle. She was wrong - AGAIN. It sure is weird stuff. You look at it and you think I'm walking on clouds. Then you think, clouds sure are cold. Then you think, they sure are wet too. Then you sniff and all the smells that used to be there are covered up with new fresh sniffs.

Chased some snowballs that mom threw and lost more than I care to admit. But since I know this is between just you and me, I know I can be honest. I'll tell you - that sister of mine is just bonkers in the snow. You'd think approaching the dignified age of almost 3 years old she could learn to contain herself. Lord have mercy that we wern't out in public - what an embarassment. She just runs around like she's 6 months old or something. Her tail streaming like a flag behind her and those big ol floppy ears flapping in the wind. Ok - that's not fair since if you see running ,I, look the same - except neither of our ears flap - it just sounded good BOL.

Headed back inside where mom went back to "painting" which is code for "that's ok for Scooter - I'm going back to bed". Don't remember much but eating and sleeping for a while after that - life tends to do that to you.

Woke up knowing something was up. I heard mom and my sister get up, but I pulled the ol' "I'm not quite ready to get up yet trick" (I should be in pictures you know) and fell back asleep. Was a little while before I could feel someone having fun without me. So I raced out to the door and mom let me out. I skeedaddled out there and heck if that white snow stuff wasn't coming down like the clouds met the mountains. Huge stuff floating down sticking to my tail, by ears, my eyelashes - but for a little while it sure is fun. Snowballs again to chase - but since this is the second day in a row, it's not quite as fun. Time to head inside where the warm air blows my ears up from the vent in the floor. After that - another nap is in order.

Sniff ya the next time.



Winter Rocks Because I Get To Sleep In!!!

December 9th 2007 12:01 am
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From the bed of Scooter...
Date: 12/08/08
Time: Always on my Schedule

Notes :

This week has been rough. First off it snowed and that it just not acceptable. First time is the charm and all that ~ you know. Second day int0 it, I can hardly muster up the effort to attempt yellow, well you know. Brrr. Why that silly sister of mine loves the snow and running around like an out of control four legged spaz ~ well I will never get. So I don't bother to get up. For a really long time. Like until 3:00 pm. What can I say? I need my cuteness rest.

Then as I need to sniff trees and wake up to the world I find out it is very yucky outside. Rain is just pouring down out of the sky. It is only 3:00 and it looks like at least 7. Mom suggests the front yard which sounds so much cooler - but can you believe it is raining just as hard out there? Misty and I hang our ears and do what has to be done and run as fast inside as possible. Sometimes the front door doesn't always mean car rides and walks. Who knew?

**4 days later**
Mom picked up last night after we spent the day going to the dog park and hanging with our Aunt Louann & family. Pebbles wasn't there like she usually is. She's such a pain in the butt kitten - but we do love her so much. She's almost bigger than us - but we won't let her know that for a while. When we asked we found out she was at the doctors office getting an operation so there would only be one Pebbles. Just like there is only 1 Scooter and only 1 Misty ever in the world. We had to spend the night too but it is no big deal after you get to come home. You pretty much forget everything when you get the home sniffs and the silly radar dish comes off your head.

I got to tell you, I love my life! Got to sleep in again today. Only until 11 or so - but by then Mom had started her painting project so that meant watch your tail. Last time I ended up with a green tail and Misty ended up with a green nose. Now we are on white so I'm not sure what the big issue is - but I saw my sister get scowled at so I decided bed was the best place for me.

Not sure what my sister did - but all of a sudden we both need "baths". I'm pretty sure it had something to do with "what the?" and "I'll have to repaint that now" and "get over here ~ where is a towel?". I tried my best to blend in with the natural landscape, but did not succeed. Next thing I know - blam - in the bath I go. The Misty sister is going to answer to this!! Unless we get really good snacks out of this....

However I think sleeping is a good thing.

Sniff at you later ~ Scooter


My sister is sick - and I don't mean with cootie bugs

December 14th 2007 4:15 pm
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My sister Misty had some bad news this week. She's been having accidents in the house so she disappeared for all day long this week. I tried my best to make it out the front door when mom was sneaking them out but can you believe the door was slammed in my face? I heard something like "I'm so sorry Scooter" but am not quite clear on that since the door WAS SLAMMED CLOSED IN MY FACE!! When Misty and mom got back I really laid into them about leaving me behind and how lonely it is at home with just the cats to pester. Then I noticed my sister was a little low in the ears and smelled kind of funny - like sting my nose funny. Mom kept saying to be nice that Misty didn't feel good. Misty explained the bad news to me, but I'll let her tell her own story. So go see her site and read all about it.

All I know is that she has to go to the vet (the sting your nose w/ weird smells place) for something she has to stay overnight for. Then I have to be extra nice to her while she recovers. After that we will all be on a special diet - cats included. I sure hope this special food is tasty cuz I really like food.

Sniff at you later - Scooter.

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