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Long time, No Woof.....

April 29th 2010 4:17 pm
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Hello to all my Dogster pals!!!! We are back in the groove of it all! We are also back to Dogster Plus!!!! Hope you all are well and happy! Just had my 3rd Woofday!!!

Chloe Chanel


Today is my 2nd Barkday!!!!

April 22nd 2009 8:17 am
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Can you believe it??? I am already 2! Mommy has made me homemade treats and got prezzies from some of my Dogster pals to open! I am so excited!!! I love my barkday!!!!! Mommy & Daddy always make it so special for me! I am so glad that I can share it with all my dogster pals!

Off to play with Mommy & get lots of treats!!!!!!

Thanks to my pals for all the messages and gifts!!!!!!

Kisses & Paws~
Chloe Chanel (The Barkday Girl!)


Tagged by Lucie Goosie :)

March 24th 2009 4:30 pm
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My pal Lucie tagged could he catch me? BOL. She told 7 things about herself, so I'll tell 7 things about myself. Then she tagged 7 pals and they were supposed to do the same. So I'll tag 7 pups.

1 - I will be 2 Years old on April 22nd!

2 - I have chicken, peas, carrots and mixed in dog food everymeal! I love it!

3 - I sleep between my mommy and daddy everynight!

4 - I love love love to sleep!

5 - I love to tan in da sun!

6 - I am an only child. (and I love it)

7 - I have never went to the beach! :(

Now I'm off to tag cool Wookie, Tico, my man Murphy, Bella, Tuesday, Marley & Stella!!!!


Have not been on much!

March 7th 2009 8:41 am
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Sorry pals that I have not been on much. Mommy is getting back to herself a little more since we have been back from Texas, It's almost been a month. It will be tomorrow.

Mommy has joined the big world of facebook and we are on there alot getting to know all the fur mommy's from dogster. It's been great. I also have dogbook on there too! Some of my friends from here are on there too. It's so neat to finally meet the mommys. Please, if your mommy has one, look us up: 28644030&ref=profile.

We'd love to get to know your mommy as well. I went to a new groomer this week and I loved it! They did a pawsome job on me! They only take 6 dogs a day which mommy likes cause there is more attention for me...bol! Which I really don't mind that at all! I got my first bandana and a bow plus a yummy treat when I left. It was PAWSOME!!!! I am getting a bit better on my walks. Idon't like them much but mommy is trying really hard for me too. I just never have reallt liked to walk. DIVA's don't workout...bol!

I just wanted to update all my wonderful pals with a little that's been going on. Hope to get back in da groove of everything and meet more of my pals on facebook! :)

Chloe Chanel


It Snowed in GA!!!

March 1st 2009 5:29 pm
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Can you even imagine to my surprise this morning when I woke up?? Snow everywhere. All Day Long! I've never seen snow. It was pawsome. We all snuggled all day long in da wam house. I did get to go onto the balcony to sniff it and see what all the fuss was about. Mommy loves snow and so do I now! It was a great day. Thought i'd share wif my friends.


Thank you

February 18th 2009 2:03 pm
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Thank you all for your love and support for me and my mommy during her time of loss. Thanks for all the p-mails, gifts and prayers for us. Mommy is a little better just taking one day at a time. Thanks so much, we love all of our pals!


Very sad news:

February 9th 2009 2:44 pm
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As some of my friends know, mommy's granddaddy has been in the hospital. He went home Friday. Mommy got the call last night he had passed away. We are leaving for Texas at 5:00 in the morning so we may not be on if any. Just wanted to let all my friends know why I won't be on. It's very very hard for mommy right now and I am going with her to make the trip. I have been giving her kisses and staying by herside. Please keep me and my mommy in your prayers. She's trying to keep it together. We are leaving at 5am tomorrow and will be back on Sat. Feb. 14th.

Chloe Chanel


Football with H.Parker :)

January 28th 2009 8:31 am
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My very good Friend H.Parker asked me to play football with them.
This is kind of like tag, but also a little different. The rules
are you have to say 5 things about yourself, and then ask five other pups to play football with you! Here goes:

1. I love to sleep right between mommy and daddy

2. I have 3 beds I don't even sleep in.

3. I have 63 TOYS!!!!!

4. I love my carrier to go bye-bye in.

5. Mommy & Daddy give me anything I want!

Now I'm gonna play football with five more friends.

1. Woody
2. Luke
3. Peanut
4. Xander A.
5. Oreo


Fun Day!

January 20th 2009 2:40 pm
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Today was such a pawsome day!
It was a mommy and me day fur sure. We had breakfast together and watched the inauguration. After that we got ready and headed out to run around the town. We went to the post office, to CVS where they gave me a milk bone, then to Petsmart to get me a new PINK kong. I have had a busy day and have told mommy what to type while I rest up for my bath later. I love baths. It relaxes me...bol. So off to nap! What a perfect ending to a great day.


My new friend Harry

January 10th 2009 5:39 pm
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Well, since moving to the new place, I haven't met many new pals yet! Well, that has now changed. I have a new friend Harry. He's a pom-a-poo! He's only 4 months old which I like cause he's smaller then me. Not that much smaller. I think he will end up being bigger than me. He just loves to play with me. He was a resuce pup and such a sweetheart. A little shy at first but it took him no time. Mommy was so proud of me cause I didn't even bark at him or nothing, just played with him the whole time! We had so much fun till....... he wanted to hump me.....bol I was just teezing him anyway! Mommy didn't like seeing her little girl like that....bol! I'm spayed so it's ok a little!
I had so much fun! I think he may come over tomorrow! Sundays are great days for us to play!

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Chloe Chanel


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