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What I ate today


November 1st 2007 7:38 pm
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Woof, fellow dogsters!

Back again with my recent menus. My humans are now mixing in some lovely flavors in with my canned food. My favorite is pesto sauce. It gives a nice garlicky, herby taste to the normal old food. The male human also makes me peanut butter sandwiches when we're home alone. Sticky but yummy!!

Then there are the Sunday scones. They usually leave me one, and I swoon with ecstasy when I bite into those pillowy delights.

I've developed a bad habit of stealing food off of any table I can reach. Well, they say it's bad. I snagged a Twizzler from the Halloween treat table, and two little boxes of raisins. They are big no-no, they are bad for me, but so yummy I even ate the boxes!!

Hope you all had a Happy Howloween!!


Ridiculously long time since I told you all what I'm eating,- and "doggie hotel"

October 17th 2007 12:38 pm
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Well, hello and woof to all. Or as my female human has been teaching me to say in Spanish, "guao, guao".

I'm mad at my humans right now. They fooled me into thinking that I was going out to eat pizza again (oh, yeah, I love cheese pizza. I love cheese anything!). Then they dropped me at this "doggie hotel" which is really just a fancy name for a kennel. There they are in Chicago, home of deep-dish pizza, and they've left me here eating Beneful. Wait 'til they pick me up tomorrow night! I'll give them what for!

Actually, I'll be thrilled. They will feel so guilty that they'll stuff me full of my favorite treats. Vanilla ice cream, greenies, goat cheese, those soy-based fake pig ear things, canteloupe, raw onions, veggies sauteed in garlic and olive oil, and bread bread BREAD!! And I'll get some new toys, I know it!!! More queechies!!!

Well, let me get back to chewing rawhide and dreaming about tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on how their guilt pays off! Woof, guao!!



September 2nd 2007 8:07 pm
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New month, new opportunity to broaden my gustatory horizons. Well, I got off to a decent start, Beneful veg food instead of the now less interesting Nature's Recipe. Ah, but then the fun started! My humans took me to a brunch that some Italian humans cook up (they call themselves a rat pack, but they didn't look like rats to me.)

Everyone fed me under the table, all pretending they weren't. It started with some decent bread from Brooklyn, some lovely aged provolone, and then the highlights -- some nice capicola, sliced thin, and some 3 cheese sausage, fresh from the grill. Boy, was I livin' large! Then my spoiler humans insisted on going home, where there was nothing to do but burp and nap for an hour or so.

Dinner...yep, I ate it all. The human now knows I am a grazer, so she put 3 separate items in my new Yoga Dog bowl. The canned vegetarian food is good when they don't try to mix the crunchy bits in it. I had them on the side, with a nice dollop of ricotta cheese to unify the flavors. Yum. Altogether, a STELLAR food day!!



August 31st 2007 6:20 pm
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Wow, a busy day! Well, I don't like to eat the Nature's Recipe food my human bought. And she bought 30 pounds of it. Tough nuggets. Now they're feeding me Beneful's vegetarian dry food. I still like the Cheerios mixed in with them. The humans are now taking away any food I don't eat within 30 minutes of putting it out. Unfortunately, I'm a grazer. I'll have to adjust.

I did get good snacks today because I behaved very well when they took me to visit some neighbors. I got to eat some canteloupe, corn on the cob and one of those green nylabone things that are supposed to give me minty breath, so I'm ready for a date!



August 27th 2007 7:31 pm
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I had another busy day, running, chasing, tugging & other fun stuff. Had my normal breakfast. Then came snacks in my Leo again, because my humans were really busy. In the afternoon, we went down into the garden. I got really lucky. Some critter got into the melon patch and started to eat a nice Chanterais melon. Naturally, I had to polish it off, since it's one of my favorite things, FRUIT!! Unfortunately, my human mom took my yummy melon away from me when I was halfway done. She seemed to be worried I'd get sick. Dinner was really good, because my human mom put some cubes of Cheddar in my mix, and I LOVE CHEESE!! My humans ate corn for dinner & threw the cobs deep ino fhe woods. Of course I had to taste this good stuff, so I hunted down one of the cobs. YUMMY!! Now I am totally full, trying to decide whether to play or just pass out.



August 27th 2007 7:20 pm
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I ate my normal breakfast -- 1 cup Nature's Recipe vegetarian formula + one cup of Cheerios. Boy do I LOVE CHEERIOS!! My humans now started buying the generic kind, & I like it just as well. Then I had some cheesy treats in my Leo toy and worked about an hour trying to get them all out. That "toy" is hard work, but I love to work my brain. Then around 4pm, my human mom was baking bread, and she left a loaf of rye bread rising on the counter, waiting it's turn to be baked. When she went out somewhere in her car, I got up on the counter & ate almost half the loaf. So what if it was raw! I LOVE BREAD!!! Then dinner -- same crunchy food mixed with canned veggie dog food. And then yet another treat. I got to have some canteloupe. Oh, how I LOVE FRUIT!!

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