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My Tail of Devotion for Bentley

June 22nd 2008 7:51 pm
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My Mum always makes me a part of every thing she does.....
I show her how to stay in touch with the simple joys in life.

Bentley is my best friend....loves me unconditionally,
there are never enough thank yous to give him.....

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Receding Flood Waters....

June 22nd 2008 9:28 am
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Well the sun is out and the sky is that deep blue color, clear and beautiful.
Hard to believe there are houses, businesses, campus buildings, seriously affected by the water still....
Mum told me to stay away from the mud and litter as there are lots of germs....
The center for Arts and Entertainment on UI campus, Hancher really took some heavy water damage.
1000 Plus pets, are being housed at the Kirkwood community college in Cedar Rapids Ia, as a lot of homes were lost in Cedar Rapids.
In one place down town Cedar Rapids, they will have to tear down 600 houses, because the flood water was so bad....
Petco in Cedar Rapids has been very generous to offer food and other care items for these pets at Kirkwood Comm. College CR, Ia.
thankyou Petco!



June 22nd 2008 6:27 am
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Hmmmm, I discovered where my treats are the frig bahcuz
me Bentley can't open the door.
I could get in the cookie jar on the counter, the garbage, dog food can, the puter room......but not the frig.....
I'm gonna look to see if I can find a course on line that'll teach me how to do it. Hmmmmm wonder if Dogster has directions on how to get the frig?


Flood Watch

June 14th 2008 7:01 am
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Please join me in sending good thoughts and prayers to all the people and their pets in the flood ridden areas of Iowa.
Downtown Cedar Rapids is totally under water. That's a town 23 miles north of were I live.
There is water here as well , the crest is supposed to hit Iowa River on Tues. or Wed. There is so much water around, mum won't let me swim in it....I'm not sure why.
We have seen so many people come together and help with sand bagging, and evacuating. Kudos to all of them!!!
The animals at the Ia City shelter got moved to the fair grounds because the shelter is flooded.
I saw a full rainbow over the house on Wednesday evening.
Can't beat that for beauty and aw.



May 25th 2008 11:54 am
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I am grateful for my daily simple blessings of good health,safety,love and care.
I shiver when I think of the poor people, their homes, families and loss in China, from the earthquake, and the cyclone in Myanmar with the disaster and aftermath affecting hundreds of thousands with illness, disease and starvation.
Even the Pandas' structural buildings at the Wolong Panda Sanctuary were affected (see article on the San Diego Zoo web site) Luckily no Pandas were hurt......
I offer and send my prayers to all hurting, lost and hungry that nature will support their recovery and well being.
I pray and hope that the governments involved will seek help offered and realize how dependent we are upon each other.
And I pray and hope people in our country will help them in any way they can.



Happy Mother's Day

May 11th 2008 2:02 pm
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Happy Mom's Day to all the Dogster Moms out there!
Mothers go out of their way to ensure we are healthy, happy, and behaved.
They help us learn about the world in rare form because they don't ever want us to be negative, mean, cruel, unkind.
We pups learn our lessons well from our furmoms and our human moms watch out after us in this life we share with them.
How lucky we are and how blessed to have a Mom from both worlds in our lives.
Thanks to all Moms Everywhere no Matter What type of kids you have!



May 8th 2008 8:27 pm
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I just marvel at all the good pups and kitties I've met on Dogster&Catster.
Thank you every one for sharing your time, friendship and knowledge.
Paws&Hugs, Happy Spring everyone!
A sleepy Bentley



April 5th 2008 11:43 am
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I have been tagged by my furiends Chelsea&Cadence:
so here it goes.....

4 jobs I have had:
guarding mums chair when she is gone,
cleaning out the garbage can in the broom closet,
chasing rabbits and squirrels out of the back yard,
supervising the raking of the yard.

4 places I have lived:
on a farm with my furparents and sibs& aunties&uncles,
in town at my house,
at the vets,
with my neighbors.

4 places I have been:
doggie park,
the woods,
the river,
the pet store.

4 places I'd rather be:
the ocean,
the woods,
a meat market,
a cheese factory

Now I tag, Millie , Greta of the Rainbow, Hannah, and Tinkerbelle, Gizmo, Howard, and
WINston& the Chicago Crew, & Rocky& Hoover& Oliver, Daisy,Lassie, Thatch and Emma, The Roo Crew, Davey Dog& Webster, Bobby, Harry&Mike.& Mr. Socks, and Rascal.



March 29th 2008 7:54 am
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Awwww, the fresh scent of spring and new life in the air.
Spring is the same in any language.
May your spring be your best one yet!
My thank yous on bended paw to honour
my bud WINston for his Spring magic.


Naughty me....

March 6th 2008 4:46 pm
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Boy today I hit the jack pot of food. I waited until mom got a block away from the house and then Wah-Moe.....I knocked the metal garbage can down in the broom closet ( she didn't think I could get in to the broom closet, let alone paw thru the garbage.....) and checked out the garbage can with the safety flip up lid on it.
There was so much stuff I didn't know where to begin. HEheheh, garbage day is tomorrow... so I made out like a bandit.
For some reason I had to take it over to my LL Bean Bed, the front door, the living room and the kitchen of course. I kept getting distracted by the phone...that's why... yah...yah....BOL
I even took some of it on the couch.
I would have had a card party if there was extra food.
Let's see : I had Dole Tropical fruit cup, old maids from pop corn, cheese, old tartar sauce, cocktail sauce ( where was the shrimp? Uh??) Baked potato skins,
milk in an old carton, chocolate soy milk in old carton(which I wish there was more of)
sour cream, carrots, and some mighty-mango juice.
I don't understand why humans throw the food away like they do...know wonder there is world hunger.
I hope I don't get sick because I don't think she knows what a free combo of stuff I had...I'll just nap this evening and let things move thru......

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