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Life is Always Good

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Wisdom from one of the best!

October 21st 2008 1:08 am
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How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?
Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.
****Abraham Lincoln



November 4th 2008 10:36 pm
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Oh Happy Day!!!!!
AaaaaaaaaaaaRRrrrrrrrrrrOooooooooooooooooooFFfffff ffffffffffffa! Paws&Hugs, Bentley


Tagged by Tinkerbelle!

November 5th 2008 11:25 pm
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Okay here it goes: I have been tagged by my girl Tink!
So, I have to tell you 7 facts about myself.... and tag 7 furiends. The furiends in turn have to tell 7 things about themselves and then tag 7 more critters!
My furiends I've tagged are:
Webster #441532
Dusty ThePuppyCat#449773
POP #564118
Roger Bleu#648985
Lucy #469390
Georgie Girl#693382
Dixie BlackPearl#865951

1. I like to chase rabbits.
2. I have had rabbit stew a few times; mom doesn't like this at all!
3. I scoot around in the snow like a tug boat.
4.I love to eat vegetables.
5. I have card parties when no one is at home.
6. I know how to get on the computer and send pmails.
7. I click on free food for animals web site (see my page) daily.



January 3rd 2009 4:58 pm
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I have been tagged by my furiend Rascal....So I will tell everyone 7 things about myself and then tag 7 more pets.... The idea is to let other pets know more about me, and then tag others to learn about them.
1. I like to read books and magazines and I often get carried away by ripping the book or magazine up.
2. I like to chase rabbits and I'll dine on 'em if I get the chance. So far, mum made a bunch of holes in the fence, so I haven't had a rabbit since last winter.
3.I have a squirrel toy that I carry around with me in the house all over the place.
4. I get on the computer and order toys when no one is @ home. Then I blame the fish in the aquarium.
5. I love to pick thru the trash and snack if I can get my paws on it.
6. I like to eat any type of vegetable.
7. I take the newspapers in the house to fill in the crossword puzzles and do soduku.

I have tagged,
1.Dusty the puppycat
2. Tinkerbelle my gal
3. Roger Bleu
4. Dixie BlackPearl
5. Daisy Mae
6. Rocky



January 13th 2009 5:52 pm
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Phew! It is so cold my paws practically stick to the ground. I can still chase squirrels but I have to do it real fast. My friend Dusty and Bootsie got married on Sat.

They had a real nice wedding and lots of good food and friends. I got to help them get married by being a groomsdog.

Since the wedding, I have been curled up in my old lazy dog chair keeping warm. Tinkerbelle sent me some hot cocoa to stay warm. I write, eat, dream, sleep and read. Life is so good! We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground. Getting geared up for another storm!


Heart's Day

February 14th 2009 11:34 am
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jeepers, the little card with the dog's heart with wings is sure pretty;
Today is a day set aside a long time ago to let others know how you feel about them...."to love and be loved is the greatest joy".....g. sands
Happy Valentine's Day!


tagged by Rascal

February 17th 2009 6:42 am
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Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your diary. Read and then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette or pawmail to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary!!!!

1. What color is your collar? green

2. What kind of food do you eat? dry dog food

3. What are your favorite treats? Hmm, I like them all!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?? valentine

5. Do you get Table Scraps? hardly ever

6. What is your favorite toy? My squeaky toy that is a squirrel!

7. When is your Birthday? July 12, 2004

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?

I get 2 meals a day plus snacks

9. Do you have a favorite color? blue

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? WUF WUF

I'm sending this to DaisyMae, Thatch& EmmaJean &Dixie BlackPearl



February 19th 2009 3:18 am
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To M CAT, you are the man, thank you for the GREAT chicken party!



March 22nd 2009 7:27 am
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Spring is such a time to behold....
We have had some lightening that puts nitrogen back into the ground. I can actually detect the sweet smell of dirt....
Most yumans don't think that dirt smells sweet, but it does in early spring and late fall.
It tastes sweet all the time though.....hehehe
I have beenwatchin the birdies at the feeder....
The female goldfinches are starting to turn yellow again....veryslowly.
And the cardinals are eating lots of sunflower seeds to make strong
baby birds inside strong shells.
The squirrels are making nests and Mum put out peanuts(I wish I could of had some)for them to munch on so their babies will have lots of rich milk.
Little birds singing sweet songs all day long.
Before I fall asleep (after breakfast) I float off hearing birdie melodies; and before I wake up(for supper) i hear their melodies faint @ first and then louder as I wake up fully.
Yes Spring is a bundle of fresh smells, sights and sounds.......


Tagged by Tink

April 4th 2009 10:20 pm
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If you got tagged, copy these questions, answer them yourself and tag other lucky pups or kitties!

I was tagged by Tink so here I go!

1. What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?

2. Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?
Hmm~I would eat both...

3. How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house? All of them!!!

4. What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?one filled with reeses peanut butter cups....the little ones! aaaaaRrrrooooooooFfffffffaaaaa

Now I'm tagging Dixie BlackPearl, Georgie Girl, Webster, Sandy,Tessa,RB, MC, Kinnick,& Daisy Mae!

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