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Life is Always Good

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January 16th 2008 10:51 pm
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I am simply amazed at how many nice dogsters and catsters there are out there. We are quite an interesting group, and stars shine out there for each of us! Barkyous to the people who started the web site!


thank yous

January 17th 2008 10:24 am
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My barkfilled thanks to my friend RB, for helping me with my pics!
I love you!



January 17th 2008 9:50 pm
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I finally got a car and it's LAB MOBILE!
Thanks to Carmela, she was trusting enough to accept my loan application.
I can't thank her enough!!!! Oh it is a hybrid VW Bug that runs on air, & love, no exhaust & endless mileage.



January 23rd 2008 11:33 pm
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Dogsters' Dear Little Maddie got her wings on Jan 18, 2008.
Her message to me is simply this: we are put here on earth to experience each other's joy and pain and help bark each other through it. Bless you my little friend.


Valentine's Day Tag

January 26th 2008 9:08 am
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I was chosen, and tagged by Pippin For Valentine's Day Tag Wishes;
I will send my tags on to five other pups after I make 5 wishes;
so here it goes;
1) I wish for Bruno to have good health and hope that he is able to have his surgery successfully.

2) I wish for my mom that she will get her work project done and do very well on it.

3) I wish for good weather this spring and summer.

4) I wish for just the right amount of rain for the farmers who grow our food.

5) I wish for the countries in the world to live peacefully with each other.

Now I will tag my friends: Rocky, WINston, Tinkerbelle, Daisy and Bobby.
Have fun everyone and Happy Valentine's Day to all the Pups!



February 1st 2008 3:10 am
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Okay, I was tagged by my friend Zoie, so here it goes.....
1) I wish for nice weather.
2) I hope I get a lot of cards and bones on valentines's day.
3)I hope that Bruno's health continues to improve....
4) I hope that all the pups and kitties on dogster have a nice month of Feb .
5) I wish for some new tennis balls.

Now I will tag 5 friends.....
1. Emma
3. Jack
4. Maddie's Mom
5. Tinkerbelle



February 2nd 2008 5:10 pm
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I was tagged by my friend Daisy! (:
so will make 5 wishes and then send out 5 more tags;
1) I wish that my mom would make potato soup.
2) I wish that any good movie would come to town.
3)I wish that my friend Bruno gets stronger in health everyday
4) I wish that the birds will get plenty of seed this winter and spring.
5) I wish good health for all my friends.
now I will tag:
Lassie, Lucky Lucy, Thatch, Guinness, and Roger Bleu


Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th 2008 5:00 pm
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Hello everyone! Today is a day to celebrate how it is that we care for one another and help each other out. I have met so many nice pups and kitties on Dogster, and I appreciate what I have learned from each on of you!
Paws& Hugs,


Belle Id # 529579

March 1st 2008 4:41 pm
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Today I got a note from my furiend in Wales who shared with me that their family had a house fire, Please remember them in your prayers!!!
When some diaster like this happens it makes your aware of the things that are truly important and grateful for the simple precious things we have in each other.


Naughty me....

March 6th 2008 4:46 pm
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Boy today I hit the jack pot of food. I waited until mom got a block away from the house and then Wah-Moe.....I knocked the metal garbage can down in the broom closet ( she didn't think I could get in to the broom closet, let alone paw thru the garbage.....) and checked out the garbage can with the safety flip up lid on it.
There was so much stuff I didn't know where to begin. HEheheh, garbage day is tomorrow... so I made out like a bandit.
For some reason I had to take it over to my LL Bean Bed, the front door, the living room and the kitchen of course. I kept getting distracted by the phone...that's why... yah...yah....BOL
I even took some of it on the couch.
I would have had a card party if there was extra food.
Let's see : I had Dole Tropical fruit cup, old maids from pop corn, cheese, old tartar sauce, cocktail sauce ( where was the shrimp? Uh??) Baked potato skins,
milk in an old carton, chocolate soy milk in old carton(which I wish there was more of)
sour cream, carrots, and some mighty-mango juice.
I don't understand why humans throw the food away like they do...know wonder there is world hunger.
I hope I don't get sick because I don't think she knows what a free combo of stuff I had...I'll just nap this evening and let things move thru......

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