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Waggin' Tails

Great woofday!

December 17th 2010 7:38 am
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I had a very happy 5th Birthday yesterday! Treats, love, a new doggie ID tag (since my last one went kaput BOL!)...such a great day!
Thank you everyfur who sent me nice bday wishes!! :)


15 mins of fame

March 3rd 2010 9:08 am
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OMD!!!!!!!! I was on TV last night!!!!! (3/2/10), mom entered me to a show that had a segment about dogs and what they howl to and why. The show is a program her mom watches, and her mom told her, Hey look at this...Conner does this...So we submitted a video, then waited about a week and TaDa!!! I was ON the show!
If you want to check out just the segment ... I'll post a link!!!

Isis the cat also happens to be in the background staring at me howling BOL!!!!!!



December 29th 2008 2:50 pm
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Hello everyfur! Well mom is a lil slow on the ol' Email checking, or doesn't scan it well enough, cause today we realized that LAST week on the 23rd I was a Diary Pick! Thank you to Dogster for that!!! It surely makes me feel special!!!

Mayyyybe someday me or one of my furmily will even get dog or cat of the day or week!!!! ;) one can wooof about it right?? ;)


Happy Woofday!

December 16th 2008 8:16 am
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Well I am quite happy, I got this very neat honking duck squeaky toy for my 3rd Woofday! Mom also gave me some Beggin Strips... and I think she said something about more to come!!! I love being safe and sound and warm with my mom -- so much better than a couple yrs ago, before she came and found me at the SSPCA -- now they are good folks there at that SSPCA...but ya know, theres LOTS of doggies that need homes, we're all in these lil caged areas, sure we get walked .... but there is nothing like the love of a mom or dad to scratch your belly, let you sleep on the bed, give you beggin' strips, take you to the park, tell you that youre the best doggy in the whole world!!! Two years ago when my mom walked into the dog area at the SSPCA, I KNEW she was the one for me - when we got into that special room where you can ... I guess test drive the dog or the owner, not sure... BOL ... I was very loving and really showed the SSPCA lady that this person was the one I wanted to go home with.... I even PASSED the CAT TEST.....I heard the human say she had cats -- I HAD to be cat I ignored those crazy furballs and proved I was a gentle lil guy!
Now here I am, happy and turning 3 yrs old....with you, all my furiends ... and with the bestest human family in the world too!!! Ok ok ok... the cats arent so bad either... except when they chase me ;)


Woofday coming

December 10th 2008 11:45 am
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Ohhh I'm so excited! My 3rd Woofday is on Dec 16th!! I've been with mom for 2 of those years now.... she saved me after I'd spent some time at the SPCA, I just wanted a home - one with loving people, good snacks... warm bed... oh and that day when she came in and found me, was such a blessing (for both of us I think!) She needed another loving pup in her life after Kana went to the bridge, and I needed my 2nd chance at life!
What a special day this will be! And I have a feeling I might be getting another squeeky toy!!!!!!!


Party at the Vet BOL!!!!

July 1st 2008 11:20 am
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So yesterday afternoon I went to the vet!!! Most of it went Ok, got my updated vaccines, got a heart worm test (NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOO!!) so everything was fine, till they tried trimming my nails! I freaked out ... I'm a calm happy dog...not with my feet! I pooped, peed, flayed around, tried scratching and nipping a lil .... it was a mess.... so they cleaned me up, apologized, and told mom that if I want my nails done I will have to be totally knocked out!!!!!! UGH! So they recommend she gently file my nails for me, run me on rough surfaces alot and then when she can ... pay for this extra lil ... well Pedicure!!! BOL!!!!
Why can't they just leave my feet alone!! ;)



January 15th 2008 12:13 pm
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I had a great time with Mom, we went to a new doggy store, and I got treats, and a squeaky ducky toy .... it was great! It's called Trends-N-Treats, just opened recently, Mom marked it as a favorite spot of mine - and it sure is! I got to smell everything, the nice lady at the counter gave me snacks! I have to go there again and con Mom into buying me more toys!

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