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My First Diary (HELLO)


March 6th 2009 1:27 pm
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I have been tagged by that cute puppy Kramer, so I will tell you 7 things about myself and pick 7 furs to do the same. So come on in the waters fine and join the fun and make new friends.

1. I am a picky eater.
2. I love to bark at the puppies next door even tho mom don't like it.
3. I love to go for walks with mom.
4. I will chase anything that comes in our yard.
5. I like it when mom don't have to go to work!
6. I like it when we have company
7. I am happy mom joined Dogster 'cause we made a whole lot of

I Tagged:

1. Daisy Elise
2. Shelby
3. Honey
4. Darla
5. Missy
6. Buster Brown
7. Grayson II


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