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My First Diary (HELLO)


January 25th 2009 2:54 pm
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I have been tagged by Max, whom I tagged first, I am getting dizzy!!!!
Okay guys here's the low down!!! I tag 7 unsupecting furs, who later tag 7 unsuspecting furs, but first read my Diary so you get the rules right see.
Sorry I was watching some old movies last night. I have to tell you 7 things about myself, hope my mom don't see this, so at the risk of losing some treats here I go.

1.) I am the one who eats the eyes off the shoe laces (yumm)
2.) I am the middle fur, yes it is true about the third banana!!
3.) I went from one abusive home to another before my mom
rescued me. Now I am happy and loved!!
4.) I love to go in the car!
5.) I love it when all of us go to the woods to play!
6.) I am a fussy eater which drives ma crazy at times. Hehe!!!
7.) I love long walks!!

Well now that my dirty laundry is in the streets I will tag:

1.) BJ (ATB)
2.) Miles
6.) Duchess
7.) Rocco

Hope every fur has a fun time!!!


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