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November 16th 2009 6:13 am
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BOL! tommorow is my human mom and dads anniversary. I love them i hope they have a great anniversary.I went outside this morning and it was a little cool. It is also a little cloudy out. But it suppose to warm up bright and be very sunny today. I was out on the porch yesterday and I watched Buddy & Happy play ball. Repo hid in his doggie box. He would peep out at us but he must have been a little bit scared. WEll thanksgiving is next week. It is really close to turkey day. Mom read a post where the turkey skin is bad for me. So now i only get to eat the white part. So thats good. I get to eat just a bit of turkey. I cant wait!!!




November 7th 2009 5:08 am
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Hooray! Hooray! my friend Zaidie is on diary of the day today. Im so happy for Zaidie. If any of you doggies dont have Zaidie on your list send Zaidie a pal request Zaidie would love to be pals. Its cool here today . I hope all of you doggies are having a great day. Im gonna watch mom cook today and see if i get anything. She waits until she is done cooking and gives me a doggie treat. I sit and watch as the humans eat.



November 5th

November 5th 2009 9:38 am
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Wow! its almost Friday. I watched my human famiy eat gravy , sausage and eggs & biscuits this morning i was hoping to get a piece of sausage. Mom gave me a little pinch of a biscuit. But after a while i threw it up. So mom says no more. Just sticking to the food and treats. She said on Thanksgiving i will get some turkey but only on special holidays will i get anymore human food. Shes afraid i might throw up again. Well i smelling a meat loaf & chicken enchiliados in the oven right now. I really hate i dont get any human food.But i can always eat my doggie food and my treats. I always get a treat when i go out to potty . I hope all of you doggies are having a great day.



New Member

November 4th 2009 2:07 pm
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Hi all you doggies that read this diary entry will you send a friend request to Angel Stella she is a pretty Lab that is new to dogster and i want to introduce her to you all. Her no. is 1061164 please send her a request she is a very nice Lab. I am so happy she joined dogster. I thank you for reading this.



Nov. 3rd already.

November 3rd 2009 5:46 pm
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Wow! this month has started and it is already November 3rd. I am counting down the days to Thanksgiving. Im so into turkey. I can just taste it now. IM a turkey loving doggie. I just love the smell of fresh turkey baking. I look forward to reading diaries about your alls Thanksgiving.



November 1st

November 1st 2009 11:13 am
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Hooray! its November. I am so looking forward to this month. Its a special time of the year. I love to smell the turkey baking and i love smelling the pumpkim pies. Mmm i am going to have fun wondering if i get a bite of turkey. I know i will mom cant turn my little wondering face down. She always gives the rest of my doggie family some turkey bones and i am so excited. I get a little jealous that i dont get a whole lot of turkey but i get a little bit so thats great. The rest of my doggie family gets lots of bones from the turkey. I love my doggie family and want them to have food too. They will be so happy. I hope all you doggies have a wonderful November. I look forward to reading about your Thanksgiving. I love all of you doggie friends.




October 31st 2009 9:49 am
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! everyone. I added three pics of me in my Halloween shirt. I did not have a halloween costume. I did not get any candy either. Mom said i couldnt have any chocolate. But i did get a doggie biscuit and a doggie treat i am happy with that. I wish chocolate was for doggies i would love to try it. It looks so good seeing humans eating it. Oh well i guess a doggie isnt suppose to eat chocolate. WEll i smell a cake baking it smells so delicious. Mmm. Im gonna go sit on the kitchen rug when that comes out of the oven. I know i wont get nay cake though. I can only dream about eating cake. I look forward to thanksgiving next month. Just think tommorow will be November 1st and i will be counting down the days until i get to eat some turkey. Mom does let me eat some turkey . I love Thanksgiving.If i dont get to write in my diary until then I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving.



Its Sunday!

October 25th 2009 9:35 am
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Hello all you doggies out there. I am dedicating this diary entry to all my doggie friends and their families. I am so happy to know that all of you doggies have such fine families to take care of you. Human mom was out the other day and she saw three adult doggies walking down by the four lane. It was a sad sight knowing someone had just dropped them off. She said one of them looked healthy but the other two looked starved. I sure hope they find a home. Mom said she really hopes they do too. It is a big world out there but not having someone to love and take care of you would be so sad. Mom said her day was going good then she saw those doggies. I hope all you doggies have a great Sunday.



Happy Day!

October 14th 2009 8:15 am
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I feel pretty Happy today. It is still raining today but i am happy yet. I have gotten coments and gifts and i love all of you doggie friends. You are so nice. I appreciate all of you writing me and sending me stuff. I have some news. I have a new nickname. My human daddy started calling me Spanky. Mom laughs at him when he calls me that. She said it sounded so strange to call me Spanky. I am going to get to eat some plain yogurt after while. Mom read its good for my digestive system. So she bought some and i get to try it after while. I will let you know how it tastes. I hope you have a great day.Oh i almost forgot i am so happy im one of the diary of the day doggies.




October 13th 2009 9:40 am
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Its raining. Its pouring. I ran out to potty and back in i came. I got soaked. My human mom dryed me off. She said she hopes i dont get sick i am so happy she loves me. I love my human family. They take very good care of me. Mom & dad are so nice. I think my doggie friends are so awesome. I hope all of you doggies and your human family are having a good day. I love all of you.


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