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Home:Corning, NY  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Jinner, Jin-Jin, 'Possum Toes, Goofball, Dork, Goofy Ears, Jinnifer

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-mutt-pound dog-dog rescue

Jeep rides, hikes and walks, playing with other dogs, cats and kittens, shredding paper, chewing, chasing birds and rabbits, food (even if I don't like it), being pet, rub downs, music in the truck

Ear-cleanings, nail-clippings, being left and/or being locked in the bedroom, my owner having to work, my owner "singing" -- especially lip syncing with earphones

Favorite Toy:
Oscar's feather toy is the best! Napkins, especially slightly used, are fun too: but TP rolls are AWESOME!! Oh, and this duck my owner bought me.

Favorite Food:
Anchovies and sardines, bully sticks, raw meat/bones, ice, anything spicy, gummi bears, pig ears and cow ears and other chews, Slim Jims, cat food. Ant traps smell like they should taste good.

Favorite Walk:
I live in the city but I'm a country dog without question -- there's no better walk than through the woods and fields and along the river off leash.

Best Tricks:
When prepped (so I know it's coming) I catch food tossed to me effortlessly, I even bowed once to catch a Milkbone. I've also figured out how to open certain doors when they're latched. "Show me": showing my owner what I'm trying to tell him.

Arrival Story:
My parents adopted Jin for me in my junior year of high school as a Christmas present -- we were there for a pit bull-type female, but as she was more dominant than my mother preferred I had to look for another dog, that's when I found Jin at the same shelter (though there was another dog I was interested in at another shelter). At that time, at 9-10 months, she was very poorly socialized, timid, extremely low in confidence, and highly anxious and insecure. Now, almost five years later, we seem to have found a system that works for the both of us and she is making huge strides again. We'll be moving before long, so hopefully that will help even more.

I'm a country kind of girl who lives in the city, but I used to live in the shelter so I'm not complaining. My owner's done a lot for me, including stuff I'm told needs to be done but I'd still rather not go through. I've met some friends, including a couple strays who I didn't want to leave but was told they had to go home (I don't see why they couldn't have stayed, we were having a blast!), and I love getting to know and playing with (wrestling especially) dogs who know how to behave appropriately with other dogs. I live with two other dogs who don't know how to behave around other dogs and it's not the most fun...but I'm told it won't happen when we finally get our own place. Gradually I'm feeling more comfortable in this world, and while sometimes I think my owner's insane for what he's asking me to do (or is doing: he's a nut), he's still my owner and I still love him -- sometimes I really do end up having fun too, even when I'm meeting his friends.

Forums Motto:
I'm going with you, right?

The Last Forum I Posted In:
Cost/process of licensing ....

Other Possible Breeds I Might Have In Me:
My owner's quite sure I have some kind of pit bull-type in me for a number of reasons (i.e. behavior, sometimes how I look). A vet tech friend of the family thought I was a Dalmatian-pit-mix when first seeing me -- my owner was skeptical at first, but recently took a closer look at Dalmatians and has decided it's quite possible. He's not sure if I'm more likely to be a German Shorthaired Pointer-mix or an English Pointer-mix.

I've Been On Dogster Since:
August 12th 2007 More than 9 years!

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The Jin to His Tonik

Time for Hiking Again?

June 6th 2010 2:40 pm
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My owner's been dealing with some personal things, on top of trying to mend his knee back up to hiking condition after dislocating it, so we're building back our walks and such only...now it's me who isn't up for much walking!

He can't really "run", yet -- can't even really get close to a jog -- so when I get spooked (and it's quicker, because it's been a while, and I've just been spooked with being outside in general lately) there isn't much he can do besides try and convince me to at least continue forward on our way back home. So far that's worked because we haven't gotten very far; our longest walk in town was about 45 minutes, but that was with his mother and Sasha, and I always do better with more company. But as far as walking alone together? Nope. And they don't walk as much so we haven't been walking much either...

But! He's beginning to think that his knee may be up for fairly short hikes to build back up to them, so maybe we can pick those back up now! He's also gotten his bike chain back together (just needs to put it on right), so maybe we can try some biking soon as well? We'll see. We've never tried it before (he's ridden a bike before, of course, but hasn't tried biking with me -- or any dog for that matter). He's hoping I'll take to it, but, as I said...we'll see.

On the bright side, I have been doing better at sitting for my leash and collar to be put on!


Gaining Confidence!

March 7th 2008 12:21 pm
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My owner’s been trying some different things and the last walk we took I did really great on! It was a while ago though, and we haven’t been on another since (he says that’s his fault), but he keeps insisting he’ll start walking me more -- he says he’ll be sure to do it tonight. He’ll use the same techniques he used on the last walk and see if they work again; we’re both hoping they do because that means we can work up to longer walks without having to take another dog along.

On the same note (kind of), my owner’s also insisting that I get used to the clicker he bought. He’s trying to keep it muffled and clicking without muffling when he feels it might work, I’m still not entirely used to it, but I’m getting better around it. He checked out a new pet supply store and found some treats there that he bought -- he’s hoping those will taste good enough (Oscar likes them, and he usually only likes the one’s that are really good) and be high value enough that he can start the click-treat association. I don’t know how it’ll go, but we’ll see.

Apparently the store he went to has all kinds of things for all kinds of animals. Turns out though he has to order Orijen, I guess they don’t get people asking about it enough to stock it, so he has to go back up next week to pick up the bag of Orijen he ordered for Oscar (though he forgot to ask what the price was, now he’s hoping it’s not too much!). They had all kinds of things, and a good variety in foods (dry and canned), treats, chews, collars, everything! One of the ladies even said they’d love if I came up with him some time, so he’s gonna keep an eye on my confidence and stuff to see when might be a good opportunity. While he was there he found a small pair of scissors and bought them, apparently he’s thinking of clipping the hair between my paw pads so it’s easier for both of us when he has to clean off my feet. We’ll see how that goes.

Another thing he’s been talking about is looking into getting a pre-approval for a mortgage loan once he has enough in order -- after that he wants to look at a certain house in particular and plans on working on moving out. Once we have a place of our own, he’s gonna look into getting me a brother! He’s talking to a shelter that was on here a little while ago, he’s hoping to be able to adopt the two Labs there (Dan and Shadow) -- I’m keeping my paws crossed that it works out! There’s a camper trailer that he’s hoping is still for sale, he says with more than one dog he’s gonna need an SUV anyways and if we have a camper we’re definitely gonna need one, so with those we won’t have to worry about finding hotels or motels that allow pets and paying for those. It’ll be so awesome if all this works out! The camper's only $1300 and he's found SUVs for less than $3000 -- he's not sure what'll be decided about the current car, but if it's sold and he's put in charge of selling it he said that'll go towards the camper and he'll just need a loan for the SUV. We'll have to see how everything works out.

For a little while now I’ve been eating Innova EVO Red Meat (Small Bites because that’s what came on the truck) after eating some Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison while we were waiting -- transition was a little tricker than with the Natural Balance or Innova EVO originally, but we’re thinking it’s because EVO RM is richer. Regardless, it’s all cleared up now. I’ve been chewing bully sticks and beef ears and dehydrated chicken (mostly Dogswell Vitality, which my owner’s been breaking up into my food) and I tell you what, that is the life! I’ve also figured out better how to play with Sasha, but she’s still pushy and rude so I haven’t been playing with her too much -- the other night I even growled at her because I just wasn’t in the mood. Luckily my owner understood that’s what it was and just escorted her out of the room and locked the door, but when I growled at Oscar (he makes me nervous when he’s purring) I was corrected for that. Win some ya loose some, right?

Well, that’s all for now, all I can think at least. Until next time!


An Overdue Update

January 23rd 2008 7:48 pm
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Things haven’t been going too badly lately. My owner’s computer has been messed up, which is partly why I haven’t gotten anything up in a while, but I have to admit not much has been going on either. My owner’s been working, so we’ve been getting up at two- to three-something most mornings, and because of that the late night walks haven’t really been happening because my owner’s been sleeping and it’s hard enough waking up that early. As of this past Sunday though, he’s been officially unemployed (he was hired seasonally) and savoring the chance to sleep through the night so we still haven’t picked up those late-late night walks, which is just as well considering how bitterly cold it’s been lately. Continuing with the walk subject though, he thinks he might have finally come up with a place to walk me where we’ll be comfortable! He can’t figure out what took him so long, but it’s called Spencer Crest Nature Center, which sounds like fun. He says we’ll be going hiking and hopes that after getting some energy out up there we could do a second walk in town, to the park or the river or something. It’s worth a shot at least, and I’m up for hiking, that’s for sure! =D

The main reason I started this entry (which was last month) is because my owner finally made an appointment for me and I went to our new vet the 26th of December. Definitely different from the other vet, and in a good way -- I agree with my owner, they’re a lot more personable, and they tried to make sure I was comfortable. He says what really showed that I was more comfortable was I started taking treats and was curious, which I don’t do when I’m really nervous, and I even kept going back into the exam room which an elderly man in the waiting room thought was amusing. I got weighed, had a physical exam, got blood drawn, my nails clipped (which I did really well on!), got treats, and got two shots. I weigh about 70 lbs, which surprised my owner because I apparently still look around 50 -- he says I’m a compact 70 lbs, which I’m fine with. =D He says I’m at the top end of the acceptable weight spectrum, and since we’ve both been losing weight and plan on continuing, he’s not worried at all. I’m heartworm free so they gave us some Hartguard, and the vet says I’m very healthy and look good. They said I was a good girl, too. ^^ A while after the vet visit my owner took a “stool sample” down to the vet once he finally got a chance to go down that way without it being three-something in the morning. He was out after that, but they called him on his phone and said I’m parasite free -- I’m healthy as an ox! Or a dog. =P Best of all, he says before too much longer Oscar gets to go there for a visit too. ^^ I’ll admit though, he was telling me how upset the vet makes Oscar, and I hope him going there for a regular visit like I did helps him feel better about it all.

I continue to do well with the baby Caleb, and Oscar’s been doing well too (which is kind of unusual for him with people). My behavior in general has been improving little by little, though today I got really freaked out over a combination of things (my owner and I worked through that as best we could). He’s continued reading, he’s read the second Cesar Millan book and thinks he understands things even better so he’s trying to get the calm-assertive energy down right and is watching me to see how he’s doing with it. Right now he’s reading a book on clicker training, trying to learn more about that (he’ll be posting questions on the forums before much longer). He says he needs to find a clicker that’s comfortable for him (Petco has rectangular ones which he says feel awkward) before we can start working, and he’s going to keep reading in the meantime and continue once we start. This is the first book he’s highlighted that wasn’t a school book -- he says it’s to make “quick looks” easier, and to help him ignore either what isn’t needed or what he thinks is bogus or something. He gets that with most books he reads, so anyone out there who is all for positive reinforcement and clicker training, he says to let you know it’s nothing against anyone or anything -- he takes and leaves things from just about everyone. Again though, for anyone all for positive reinforcement and clicker training, he also says if you have any books you’d recommend or other sources to send us a message because he’d love to find and read and learn more about it.

My owner’s been trying to work on cleaning and feels like he’s finally making at least a little bit of progress. We have a section of the hallway where we can put things to get them out of the way, so he has the unused hamster cages in a box out there and plans on moving out the soda bottles (more on those later) and recyclable bottles out either to the curb or his car’s trunk, then get clothes washed and sorted -- that ought to get the bulk of it out of the way. Once that's done he feels things will go more smoothly. He’s still trying to figure out a good arrangement for afterwards to gain a little more space and, hopefully (though possibly against all hope), make some room for a possible brother for me. He’s not going to get too excited about it though…he’s still pretty sure it’ll only happen once we move out. =

Yesterday he was checking to see what dogs were out there on Petfinder which fit at least our physical requirements (large or extra-large male), just to see. He found a couple or a few that were possibilities, but what he found most interesting was a dog that looks almost exactly like Sasha, he’s even the same age and possibly close enough distance-wise to be one of her brothers -- his mother doesn’t think they look enough alike (he thinks she’s in denial or doesn’t want to see it or something), but he thought it was highly interesting. What was even more interesting was when he checked the shelter's list of available pets and came across what was basically a male version of me too! At the same shelter! “Of course, that dog looked exactly like Jin, even though both dogs were about as close as the other,” my owner says about his mother's reaction. I just think it’s bizarre…don’t you? We considered putting up links, but we might do that later instead…

Another dog he found in his search was a Labrador-mix in Bath, he was one of the dogs he felt was a promising possibility. He was checking out the shelter’s Petfinder page and saw that they participate in a program and accept returnable bottles and cans, and since he has so many he figures they might make a nice donation to the shelter and plans on taking them down once he gets them all rounded up and in bags. He says that though he could use the money, he likes the idea of donating them rather than cashing them in for himself. He’s debating whether he might check out the animals while he’s down there or not -- it’s tempting he says, which is why he’s not sure he should. I guess we’ll see what he decides when he drops the returnables off, huh?

Well, this is long, and I’m not sure how much more I might be missing, so whatever I leave out I’ll put up tomorrow or in another few days or so. Maybe after he takes the cans and bottles over, then I’ll definitely have at least two things to share. ^^

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