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Frodo's Tails

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Canine Good Citizen?

May 2nd 2009 5:32 pm
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It's true....I am now a certified "Canine Good Citizen".
Mom and I worked very hard to get there....well, maybe Mom worked a little harder than I did, but I worked too and she is very proud of me. Things I learned:
- walk politely beside Mom
- sit
- down
- stay
- come
- let stranger pet me/examine me while I remain still
- let stranger hold my leash while Mom leaves for 5 minutes
- walk by other dogs politely (without going crazy)
- give all my attention to Mom in a crowd
I thing that's it....
Oh yeah....I sneeze when Mom says, "Bless You"


Valentine Greetings

February 16th 2009 10:34 am
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I hope everypup had a great V-day! Did ya all see me and my sweetie Jazmine? We in Love!
On the homefront, my life has been chaotic all weekend. I don't understand my Dad. Now, he knows that Mom is obsessed with camera's and always takes too many pics.
So what do ya think he gets her for Valentine's Day?
You guessed it! A new camera!
Now, if ya ask me, just enablin' that woman's addiction, not to mention the fact that she makes my life miserable when she has a camera in her hand.
"NO, REALLY!" Even as I write this, there are big dark spots floating in front of me. I may never regain my sight fully."
So, I say it again, "WHATCHA THINKIN', DAD?"
If ya see an old woman with a camera wandering around,
UhOh! Here she comes again......gotta go......ZOOOOOM!


Mom's Home

February 9th 2009 2:03 pm
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Hurray! Mom's home from Grandma's. She was gone for a week and left me and Dad home to fend for ourselves. We had fun but we missed her greatly. We ate lots of junk food, went for lots of walks on the Fairgrounds and rode in the Golf Cart a lot. Didn't take a bath all Mom says I stink! Is that any way to greet your favorite pup?
I went to the airport and did the "Dance of Joy" right there in the airport for her. Dad was glad to see her but didn't do the "Dance of Joy". I think she loves me best now.
I'm laying low today......maybe she will forget about the B - A - T - H.


The Football Game

January 21st 2009 9:42 am
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Alright Pal! You made it here. I see you caught my foot ball pass. Here is what you should do next! Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touch down. You are also supposed to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! Okā€¦Here goes the play!

1. I am obssessive about my milkbones. I only eat them after I have buried them somewhere in the house. I use my nose to push the air-dirt over them, then I get frustrated when I can still see them. Mom has to cover them with a sock or wash cloth for me.
2. I bark at myself in the mirror at least once a day.
3. I take Dad's socks off for him every day when he comes home from work. I then strut around the house with both of them in my mouth.
4. When I get spooked, I try to run to Mom or Dad but I can't get any traction. To make it worse, they laugh at me.
5. I clean my bed by tearing it apart and giving it a good shake. I also like to move it to various locations around the house.

My great friends Rudy & Izzy tagged me!

I will pass the football to:
1. Jazmine, my love.
2. Logan
3. Abbie
4. Doolin
5. Jack, Jack


My Weekend Shenanigans

January 12th 2009 6:20 pm
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So we had the grandson all weekend (4yrs old). I am always very vigilant when he is here and stay by his side.
Evidently I am going a little overboard 'cause I seem to be in the doghouse. :-O
Friday night, Mom, Reid and Frodo are sleeping in the big bed....Dad comes to bed late. He tries to pick Reid up to move him to couch and I go into full attack mode....GGGGRrrrrrrrrr! SNARL! SNAP! Don't touch my kid!
Dad has to grab top quilt and dumb me off bed with it before he can pick up Reid.
Mom? She laugh and laugh 'till Sat night. Reid & Frodo sleeping on couch and Mom gonna straighten blankets and cover Reid up. :D
What you thinkin, Mom?
GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr! SNARL!! SNAP!! Don't touch my kid!!
Mom just pick me up and throw me on the floor.....what's with that? I just doing my job.


Are you ready yet?

January 7th 2009 5:36 pm
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For cripes sake! Is anyone else tired of hearing about the digital TV switch over? I sure wish February would get here so we don't have to hear it anymore. You'd think the 2nd coming of Christ was about to occur.
If you don't know if your TV is ready, you can watch one of the many IMPORTANT tests being run in live time. JEESH! READ MY LIPS, "I WILL NOT WATCH ANOTHER TEST!"
Is there anyone out there that hasn't figured it out yet?


Just Fix-It!

January 7th 2009 10:41 am
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I have been watching these humans closely for almost 2 years now and it seems to me that they spend the majority of their time fixing things. I, on the other hand, spend the majority of my time decorating the house and recycling stuff.
Sunday: Every drain in the house is plugged up. Dad plunges everything, making a bigger mess than ever. Toilet starts running over all by itself. Bathroom floods all over new flooring. Dad brings in giant snake, takes toilet out on deck, snakes down big hole to no avail. Now we hike around back to use bathroom in 5th wheel. I say "Hurray, this is fun stuff"
Monday: Big truck with "Plumbing" sign on side comes to visit. Lots of noisey equipment. Not to be outdone, I bark, bark, bark all day. Holes are dug, pipes are cut, drains are cleared, truck goes home and leaves a mess for Dad to fix. Dad puts toilet back, install new pipe sections, fills holes up.
Tuesday: Mom so happy she doesn't have to hike around back at 3 a.m. for potty. I say, "Now you know what a dog's life is like...suck it up, Mom, it ain't so bad"
Wednesday: Waiting patiently for the next fix-it project.


The Doghouse

January 5th 2009 8:23 am
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Dreary and raining, I'm making this a sleep day.
I cleaned my bed yesterday while Mom was cleaning house. Took the cushion out and shook it all over the house, drug the bed into the kitchen and shook it good. Dad put it back together 3 x's for me.
Dad in the doghouse......Mom wants to know how come a guy who is a good handyman (can take apart or put together TV's, radios, engines, computers, etc.) can't understand how a vacuum works. She had to take vacuum all apart 'cause he used it during his remodel project. Here's the scoop: "IT DOES NOT PICK UP NAILS, SCREWS OR CHUNKS OF WOOD WITH EFFICIENCY! NOR DOES IT KEEP ON WORKING WHEN THE BAG IS FULL." This is not the first time we have gone through this drill.
I tried to help but ended up in doghouse with Dad. Kinda nice in here. We can take apart lots of stuff in here and no one bothers us.


Merry Christmas

December 30th 2008 2:15 pm
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Holey Moley!
Christmas is over and it was one grrrrrreat Christmas!
I hope all the pups and kitty kats out there had a great Christmas too.
I went visitin' everywhere with Mom & Dad. Lots of kids to play with and even some kitty kats that liked me, WhooooHooooo!
Had to stay a few days with that bossy chihuahua, Daisy. She is darn cute but she is a bossy old lady. I try and try to be nice to her and what do I get in return? She won't let me eat my own dinner or even get a drink of water. She won't let me in the kitchen when I'm out and she won't let me outta the kitchen when I'm in. Fickle women!
Anypup know any good tricks to win her over?
Well, I'm home now...resting up for New Years. Mom hasn't let me in on the plan yet.


Merry Christmas

December 23rd 2008 11:34 am
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I got Christmas early here last night. Mom couldn't hide my new bed so she gave it to me. It's very plush and I loaded it with my toys and jumped in. Ahhhhhhh, very soft. It is the same color as me so I am camo one can see me. I still sleep in Mom and Dad's bed at night though, she not gettin rid of me that easy.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakuh to all. God Bless all the animals great and small and their humans.
See ya all after Christmas.

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