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Why my tail?

July 31st 2009 4:30 am
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Can anyone tell me what's so fascinating about my tail? The little thing that Mom & Dad brought home about 9 months ago seems to always be pulling on my tail. And he pulls out hair, yeouch! Mom says I'm very good though because I'm so patient with him but I think someone needs to teach him that my tail is not a toy! Ah well, maybe when he's older. I used to be able to just get up and move away from him but now he follows me. Thankfully he's not too quick and can't get me waaaay up on the couch. Mom says it's only a matter of time though that he'll climb up and get me. What am I going to do then? Anyone have any tips or tricks?


Holy Nelly!

April 20th 2008 7:27 pm
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Who is Nelly exactly? Ah well, it doesnt matter. It's been fuuuurever since I last put in an update.

So much, so much to tell! I cant remember everything but I'll try to tell you all about what I remember. Ah, nah. Let's just talk about today. Today we went to the dog park!! Woah do we love to go there. So much to see and do, it's crazy....crazy fun that is. We got there and there were no dogs in the meeting area so we played some ball and just ran around. Then Pete came to play! So we set off on our looong walk around the park but guess what was all over the park? M-U-D!! Oh my gosh that stuff is so much fun. It gets all over your paws and up into your hair....the problem is though that it usually means we get baths when we get back though. That's no fun but it's a small price to pay I say!

Well, I could go on and on about all the fun butt sniffing, exploring, ball playing and stuff we did. But I'm super tired and it's time to nap.

Later Dudes.

Oh wait, we gotta give a shout out to our new Pup Pal Texas!


Sad day

February 4th 2008 1:01 pm
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We found out this morning that a fellow Doodle Connection (our favorite forum on Dogster) playmate went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. Her family noticed something that looked similar to a rash on her body which they thought was a reaction to the shampoo the groomer used recently. They found out Lucy had a really really low platelet count which is not good at all. Lucy then started to not feel well so she was rushed to the emergency vet who tried to do everything they could for her. Sadly, she passed away last night.

Mom has tears in her eyes every time she thinks about Lucy, not because she really knew the pup but because it reminds her that something awful like this could happen to either me or Dudley. She says that even though we're annoying sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) she cant imagine not having us around to snuggle with.

Anyway, if you want to visit Lucy's page and leave her a bone. Here is the link to her page, just cut and paste it into your browser. If, for some reason, the link doesnt show up you can search for her by just putting in her Dogster ID number which is 409388.

Ok, gotta go snuggle with Mom so she doesnt sniffle any more.



I was worried....

February 2nd 2008 1:54 pm
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So Dudley got to take Mom for a walk all by himself earlier today and I sure was worried that a) she wouldnt come back, b) that Dudley wouldnt come back and I'd have no one to play with and c) I wouldnt get to go on a walk too! Thankfully though none of those came true and they both indeed came back and when Mom did come back I got to take her on ANOTHER walk.

I even got Mom to run on our walk a little bit. I think I kinda like that! Maybe she'll come run with me again, let's hope so. She told me that I run better than I walk but I'm not sure what she means by that because I think I'm a pretty darn good walker.

Welp, it's nap time. Our walk was a whole 2 miles so I'm pooped.

Later dudes!


New Picture!

December 19th 2007 6:28 pm
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Did ya see it? I posted a new may not think it's very exciting because it's just me and all white but that white is SNOW!!! And not just a little dusting either, real snow that piled up and had to be shoveled! I love to go and lay in the snow as well as root my nose around in it. Mom made a few snow balls for me to eat and I love that!

Oh, and I gotta tell you about how the power went out here at the house! It got really cold in the house and then Mom and Dad took us to the vet again to stay the night. This time nothing bad happened to us except we had to stay in a kennel all day. That wasnt any fun! But the next day Mom came to get us and we got to come home again and found the power was back on!

And now life is back to normal. The snow is melting and now there's mud in the yard. Yipee!!

That's about it, besides Dudley wearing a goofy thing around his neck but I'll let him tell you about the new fashion statement he's making.

Peace out-


New Ride

November 17th 2007 6:01 pm
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Oh my goodness. First off, sorry it's been so long since I've written. I wish I had an excuse but really, I've just been lazy.

So let's get to it. I HAVE to tell you about the new ride that Dudley and I got. There is lots of room for us to ride in the back while Mom & Dad are up front. I can even sit and watch out the windows at everything passing by but I must say that I'm not a fan of cars driving behind us. I bark to let it know that it's driving too close but it doesnt seem to help and Dad tells me to be quiet. I dont think Dudley likes the ride so much because he still has to ride in his crate. Dad is worried that he'll try to climb all over the seats to come and see him up front but Mom doesnt think he'll do so bad. She says she might try it out sometime when Dad isnt along that way she doesnt hear "I told you so."

We're super excited because next week we get to go and play with Shelby. Word on the street is that she had a little surgery this past week but that it didnt slow her down one bit. I cant wait to see her except that I think now she weighs more than I do!! Cant wait....



October 28th 2007 5:39 pm
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We had a very special day today. We did something we've never done before and although it didnt start out all that great it sure did turn out great! We had to go in the car for a while and Dudley sure didnt like that much. He whined for a good 10 minutes until he figure out that mom just wasnt gonna stop and let him out. We then stopped really quick at a house where we met Pete. Pete is a little weinador (weiner dog/labrador mix of some sort) and his mom is kate. We've met Kate before when she came to visit us. Anyway, we only stopped to meet him for a quick minuteand then we were off again. Next stop was at a park!! Mom put on our leashes for a minute but then surprised the dickens out of us when she took off the leash!! We got to run all over the place and boy was it a blast! because mom and Kate walked along a path while we ran back and forth, back and forth. Mom says we were really good because we kept up and didnt run off anywhere without her. Duh, what did she expect us to do....ok, well what did she expect ME to do? We walked for a while and then we came back to the start and we got to play with other dogs!! They were all super nice too but I was a little afraid to jump right in but Dudley had a blast. Mom says she's kicking herself because she forgot to bring the camera with her for our first dog park visit. Darn. There will be more though!

Paws to all!


Met a new doggy

October 12th 2007 3:17 pm
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I met a new doggy today. His name is Yeager and is a very pretty German Shepherd. He didnt really pay much attention to me as he was much more interested in playing fetch with his Kong. At first I didnt know why mom was taking me across a field but then I saw Yeager in the distance coming towards us and he nearly scared the crap out of me. He wasnt barking or running or anything but you never know with unfamiliar doggies. Mom apparently knew already that Yeager was a nice pup otherwise she wouldnt have put me in that situation. But we walked up and I was super duper scared. So much so that I tried to run and I whined and whined really loud. Mom wouldnt let me go and I finally calmed down a bit and got to know the big goof. Soon I was running with Yeager after his Kong. I dont think I would ever be able to get to it before he did but it was still a lot of fun to run and run. Mom says I looked real funny because I was running so fast my hair was slicked back as if I was in a wind tunnel. I hope sometime mom lets me go back there to play even if Yeager does ignore me.

Paws to everyone!


So Easy

September 30th 2007 6:43 am
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It's so easy being the good puppy when you live with Dudley. He has been terrorizing mom and dad lately. I sure dont know what has gotten into him. The past couple of days he has peed in the house about 4 times and it's not because we dont go out a lot. Dudley rings the bell and goes outside all the time but he usually just likes to sniff around or bark at the neighbors. I go out with him sometimes but sometimes mom tells me that I dont need to go and she's usually right but I like to see what Dudley is up to although he does convince me to get into some trouble sometimes. I dont like to be in touble but he always seems to have a convincing argument on why I should dig in the yard and it's so much fun too.

I think the thing that really put mom over the edge was Dudley peeing on the dining room table. Yep, I barked that right, ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE. And how the heck did he get up there? He saw that mom left her chair pushed back from the table and he jumped right up there. Mom was super mad because he had peed in the house not too long before that and she just dont know how he has so much pee in what has to be a teeny bladder. So Dudley isnt on her good side these days.

See how easy he makes it for me?



One tired Doodle

September 18th 2007 11:09 am
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My goodness did I have a good weekend! It has taken me a couple of days to gather my thoughts enough to write my entry. I have so much to tell you about the fun that went on. Guess we should start at the beginning, right? Well mom took me and Dudley on a loooooong ride to her mom & dad's house last Wednesday. We got to see Abby again but once again she wasnt too interested in playing with us. I think I understand now that she's just too old and hurts too much to romp and play with us. That's too bad because she sure looks like she wants to. We got to spend a whole lotta time running and playing outside in the backyard. That was lots and lots of fun for sure.

And then lots of people started coming to the house....and by lots, I mean lots! Everyone wanted to pet and play with me but I was super duper tired because of all the playing I had done before they got there. Dont they know that a puppy needs to nap a lot after playing? It took me a little while to get to know everyone but soon I was napping in lots of laps.

I'm lucky I made it home after this weekend because I had about 4 people telling me they were going to take me home. That had me worried for a while but I dont think my mom would give me up that quickly....Dudley on the other hand is a different story.

We got to meet Shelby this weekend and she looks just like Abby....only smaller. Much smaller. She is quite a cutie and she LOVES to play just as much as we do. She made me super duper tired but we had so much fun. It was grrrreat!

And I saved the very best to tell you about til last because it was just so much fun. I can barely put it into words but I'll try. It started out as just a walk, which is exciting in itself especially since there was a bunch of people that went on our walk. Usually it's just mom that takes us on a walk so all the people and pups was great. That's not the best part though. The best part was getting to walk through some grass down to this big thing with lots of water in it. People kept calling it a pond so I guess that's what it was. At first I wasnt too sure about it and only sniffed it to make sure it was alright. Then I saw Shelby and Dudley putting their paws in so I tried that. Both Shelby and Dudley went all the way into the water but I wasnt ready for that. Maybe next time. We had such a great time running, running and playing near and in the pond. I sure hope we get to go back and play some more. The downside of the trip to the pond was the bath we got afterwards. I think it was worth it though. PONDS ROCK!

Well that was our weekend in a nutshell. So much more went on but it was so much fun it was a blur. I cant wait to do it all again.

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