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It Ain't Easy Being Izzi!

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1 year Annifursary at Dogster~

July 26th 2008 3:24 pm
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Can you believe it? One year at Dogster, already!! I am amazed. I think this calls for a giant celebration... dogaritas anyfur? BOL! Thanks to you all for making this such great fun for me and my family. We can't think of any other place or any other furs on the internet that we rather chase trolls, drink lots of dogaritas or play virtual games with. You pals Rock! And to my boy Darby... I'm so glad I got to meet you on the plane over to Pawaii for the New Year's Eve Bash! And look were we are now... you have captured my heart ♥

Thanks furs and I'll see ya around the threads, games and the dogarita machine (BOL!).


Ebay, the $73.00 bid and my quest for the wiggly giggly!

July 8th 2008 3:28 pm
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Hi Furs...

Mom and I each made a new discovery just with in the last couple weeks. Mom found Ebay (oh dawg... guess I had better be good or she'll put me up for auction! BOL) and I found out about a cool toy called the wiggly giggly. Apparently this is a must have for a toy fanatic like myself. Well furs, a wiggly giggly was put up on Ebay with all the monies going to help my good pal Babybear with his medical expenses. The bidding got super crazy for this wiggly giggly which told me that this really must be a hot toy. We bid and bid and bid until the bidding got outta control and Mom wouldn't let me bid on it no more. Anyway, I got caught up in the action (sure, blame the dog for a human being crazy! BOL) and made a $73 dollar bid for a $10 dollar toy! BOL... I was so relieved when some fur outbid me! ;) The wiggly giggly ended up going for about $75 and i didn't win!

However furs, there is a great ending to this story. My good pal and adopted sister *Zoe* so generously got me a wiggly giggly and I got it yesterday. Thank you Zoe! Love ya! I'm keeping guard of MY wiggly giggly so the boys don't steal it! ;)

That's all for now furs. Have a super day! ♥


1 year ago today...

May 13th 2008 9:56 am
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Well furs, it was 1 year ago today that my family got me out of that awful pet store. I sat in there a good 3 months and nobody wanted me. :( My family would come to the mall often and always come by the store and see if I was still there. Month after Month, I was still there!! Then Mother's Day, May 13th, 2007 came and my life changed furever! Mom's mom decided she wanted to take a look at me. As soon as put me in with the family, I immediately wanted my tummy scratched. They were sold... I had charmed them enough to get me outta there. And the rest is history...

However, I wasn't the same pup then as I am now. I was super shy (still am around strangers... mainly men) and I sat in the corner by the couch and loveseat for the longest time. I wouldn't even leave the livingroom!! I had never walked outside before and had no clue how to walk on a leash. Heck, I couldn't even step off the curb. And now... I'm the boss of this house! The boys are my servants! BOL... not really! :) I love my family so much and I love to tease Riley and bite him while he sleeps... BOL! I can't imagine being anywhere else!

I ♥ my family!


Celebrity Pet Quiz...

May 6th 2008 11:16 am
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Well furs, I just took the celebrity pet quiz and you won't believe who it says I am! BOL...

Paris Hilton
Life's a Party

Has red carpet and will travel!! Your little prima donna is none other than the Princess of Privilege, Paris Hilton!

The pet celebutante who started it all, Izzi is notorious for attracting camera crews wherever her peticured little tootsies take her. Always looking for a good time, play comes first and work comes... well, let's just say you're still waiting for that so-called work part to come. The only problem with Izzi is that she hasn't really found her calling yet, unless sneaking in the back door of the hippest spots in town can be considered a calling. But, as it goes with royalty, she was born into it and wears the tiara divinely, so Izzi is in no real rush to secure one of those "job" thingies. Her pet worth is in the gazillions, which guarantees continued appearances on Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry.

How perfectly fitting! BOL! ;)


I've been TAGGED!!!

April 4th 2008 10:34 am
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Whee!!! I've been tagged by my furiends Shaki and Jackson. My task is to answer five questions with four answers, then tag four more furiends to do the same. Here we go!!!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Bottomless Pit... are you gonna eat that? BOL
2) Stuffie Destroyer
3) Neighborhood loud mouth
4) Toy hog

Four places I have lived:
1) Where I was born: Iowa
2) here at my home in San Diego!
3) That's it!
4) No one or pup's moving!

Four places I have been to:
1) Coronado Dog Beach
2) Wells Park in El Cajon, CA
3) The Vet (BOL)
4) Not many places... I get car sick! :(

Four favorite foods:
1) Meat, espeically Steak
2) French Fries
3) Chicken (any way, shape, or form!)
4) Rocks!

Four places I would rather be:
1) Laying out catching sun
2) The Park
3) My boy Darby's house in Mountain View, MO
4) Anywhere I can get food or treats!

I am going to tag the following four furiends:
1. Max 595555
2. RoxanaMarie 417513
3. Samara 521446
4. Jack 745501


AFF Valentine's Dance!

February 13th 2008 2:33 pm
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Good Afternoon furs!

Well Sunday was the big valentines dance at all fur fun! I had such a blast. Jack made me this beautiful red dress that knocked Darby's socks off (I knew it would). He said I looked gorgeous! He is just the sweetest guy ever! I am very lucky! Well, the dance started off funny with my brother Coty showing up wearing a purple dress. I thought I was gonna be embarrassed and have to move away and change my name, but I have to admit he was pretty darn funny. And then when he danced with Jackson! BOL! He was just too much!

Well, Darby was just the greatest date. I have the sweetest guy and BOY did he look so handsome in his tux! He knocked my socks off!!!!!! We danced and drank and he fed me chocolate dipped strawberries from the cool chocolate fountain that was there. Then we danced some more and smooched. It was the greatest night ever! I am on cloud nine and I don't think I'll ever come down!

I ♥ Darby 4ever!!!


I ♥ Darby!

February 3rd 2008 6:49 pm
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The most handsomest boy on Dogster has agreed to be my guy! Could life get any better! Can't wait fur the Valentine's Dance so we can dance the night away!

I ♥ Darby 4ever!


Met a boy...

January 31st 2008 6:37 pm
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Dear Diary,

Well, let me tell ya something. I have met the cutest and sweetet boy ever! His name is Darby and he knocks my socks off. ;) Did you know that he likes to roll on dead stuff just like me? He also likes to eat and eat and eat. BOL! I like to tease him about his eating too... I only do it to hide the fact that I love to eat and eat and eat too. bol! He loves cheese and I love all kinds of foods. Everything except noodles. Well, we really hit it off at the new years pawty and he is my date to the Valentine's Dance. I got the most beautiful dress for that day. I'm hoping to knock his socks off! bol! I don't really know where our relationship stands, but someday I hope to get enough courage to ask him to be my guy. It's been awhile since mom has been in jr high (LOL!), but I think it's called going steady. bol! We'll see... but until then I just love being around him because he is just the coolest and most handsome guy ever! He's a great friend too.

Until next time....


Happy New Year! and my Resolutions!

January 1st 2008 9:50 am
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Well all, it's the new year! Last night I went to the new years bash in Pawaii. Boy, did I have a super blast! I got to be one of the fight attendants on the flight over. that was very cool. I don't remember all that much of what I did. I drank way too many blue pawaiis and dogaritas andlord only knows what else! BOL! Then I kissed Darby at new years. that was fun. I had the funnest night with him. he is one cool dude! I don't even know how I made it home, but I'm feelin' it this morning! Took a couple aspirins and getting lots of rest! BOL!

I decided to make some resolutions which I will no doubt break today or may have already broken, but here goes:

1. Stop destuffing all my toys and sending them to stuffie heaven.
2. Stop chewing up mom's bras. If I keep doing it, I may need to get a job to buy her some more!
3. Be a good girl (this may be the toughest one of all!)
4. Stop barking at everything that comes in my path when I am outside walking. (again, this one may be tough!)
5. Tease Coty even more and Riley too... I like this one! BOL!

That's all for now pups. here's to a great 2008!


Uh Oh....

December 28th 2007 7:04 pm
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My Christmas present from Santa is history!! I can't believe it... I had been doin' so good not destroyin' any of my stuffies (just mom's bras... he he he!) and then I fell off the wagon!

Where were you George to talk me down!!!!

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