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The Mighty Huntress, 2012 Edition, Volume 1

April 19th 2012 2:45 pm
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It is a frosty spring morning, not much above 0 C when The Mighty Huntress and the momma go on their morning walk. The momma stops to look at some of the trees that are just budding out in the yard.

Suddenly The Mighty Huntress starts scratching at the grass in front of her. Her head goes back and then she leans forward for a better sniff. In the wink of your eye, The Mighty Huntress pounces and raises her head triumphantly with a snake firmly clasped in her jaws.

The Momma has learned from past experience to move away quickly when The Mighty Huntress catches a snake!

The Mighty Huntress does her patented over the head twirl and then she does her patented twirl where she bashes the snake into the ground repeatedly. She releases the snake and gives it another good sniff. She walks away leaving The Momma to clean up the carnage.


Mom Tricked Me

April 17th 2012 8:37 am
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The momma is very crafty pups and yesterday she tricked me! She told me we were going for a ride and I was so excited. I was happily riding in the truck and when we took the ferry across the river, I happily barked at all the seagulls and pelicans that were flying around.

Then we get off the ferry, drove a bit more and the truck stops. It stops in front of the vet's office. Oh my dogness!

I had my yearly checkup and vaccinations yesterday. The vet said I was in good shape for an old girl of 11! Hey, who is he calling old! Just for that, when he gave me a treat at the end of the appointment I spit it out at him! That will show him.

He really examined my leg that I injured and had surgery on and I didn't like it. He said the arthritis in that leg has gotten much worse and that my knee is three times the size of my other one. He is quite happy I am able to keep as active as I do.

I was really happy then the exam was over, and I started barking lots and jumping at the door when mom was trying to talk to the vet at the end of the appointment. Eventually she got my point and I very happily left the vets office.


Thank you once again!

March 29th 2012 6:32 am
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Well, would you lookey here! For some reason I am a Diary Pick of the Day again today! I am really quite surprised, because I was a Diary Pick on March 24th as well. Thank you once again Dogster and thanks to all my pals that have sent pawmails and rosettes. You are the bestest!

I am surprised to be DDP again because the momma and I have been going through a severe case of writer's block and we just don't think I have anything important to bark about. Until today that is pups!

My pal, Petey, and isn't he just the cutest thing, is in a contest on Facebook. Now all was good and Petey was in the lead until yesterday. Yesterday a cat, I repeat a CAT, raced by him into the lead! (I thinks we need to chase that cat away!) Pups, there is still a few more days to vote for Petey. Here is the link for Petey's contest page on Facebook: eable_entries/41245709

Go, Petey, Go!!!!


I was like the wind

March 27th 2012 7:51 am
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Pups, you should have seen me yesterday! There was a fox in my yard yesterday evening, and the peeps actually let me chase it away! It was so pawsome!

I haven't run like that since my leg injury 18 months ago. My surgery was 17 months ago and the vet said I may never run like the wind again. But yesterday I did. I chased that interloper out of my yard and into the neighbor's field.

Mom says I can't do that all time. She is still worried about me injuring my other leg. But I hope I can run like the wind again soon!


Thank you Dogster

March 24th 2012 9:46 pm
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Thank you Dogster for picking me as one of the Diary Picks of the day today! I was quite surprised to learn I was a diary pick! Thanks to all the pups who sent pawmails and rosettes to help me celebrate today!

I had a not bad day. Yesterday I ate something that really didn't agree with me, so today I was still getting rice and scrambled eggs. My tummy is feeling better and the peeps say I have to stop foraging in the woods for things that I consider savory!

Mom is feeling better after her slip down the stairs. She had a sore neck for a few days, but we are both on the mend now.

Thanks again everyone!


Thanks mom!

March 20th 2012 8:15 am
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Yesterday we had another winter storm here. I am jealous of all you pups that are currently having spring/summer like conditions. The day started out gray and overcast and then came the wind, and the rain, and then the freezing rain. For good measure after the freezing rain was finished, it started to snow.

But I digress!

At one point I needed to go outside and mom and I got ready and we both stepped outside on the step. The next thing mom knows is she is lying on the driveway and then thud, I land on top of her. Wasn't that nice of my mom to break my fall off the icy step like that pups? It isn't everyday you have an 80 pound pup land on top you, you know. All I can say is "Thanks, Mom"!


Thank you so much everyone

March 19th 2012 7:33 am
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Thank you so much to all you pups that sent me rosettes and pawmails to help celebrate my Gotcha Day this weekend! I appreciate every single one of them!

I had a pawsome Gotcha Day. I got my favorite treat in the morning and went on a couple nice long walks. In the evening, the peeps and I enjoyed some popcorn and then I had another long walk. I must not forget the belly and ear rubs I received.

Yesterday I was honored to learn that my pal, Chance, picked me to be this week's "Rosetta Pup" in Rotties Rules! Thank you so much, Chance!

Once again, thank you to everyone that helped me celebrate my Gotcha Day this weekend. Hugs!


Today is your Gotcha Day

March 17th 2012 7:14 am
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Eleven years ago today you came into our lives, Abbykins.

You were the most rambunctious, energetic, stubborn puppy we have ever met. You quickly gutted numerous toys, tore apart a few doggie beds, and towels hanging in the powder room were meant to be annihilated.

You had a voracious appetite and I honestly can't recall having a pup that could eat as much as you.

You became an expert at tracking down rabbits, mice, snakes and we will never forget the day you found a baby fawn. Luckily, after being carried in your mouth, the fawn was OK and quickly got up and ran away after your dad touched it.

Since that first day you have accompanied us on a move back to our home province. I was a little put out by all the people who asked me if we taking you with us when we moved across country. I just told them you didn't have opposable thumbs that would allow you to hitch hike, so of course you were coming with us.

You have a penchant for swimming in the river behind our house whenever you can. Chasing deer and rabbits and digging for gophers are favorite hobbies of yours. And I really wish you would cut down on your desire to eat poo and roll in it as much as you do.

Over the years you have had two encounters with porcupines. The last encounter had you being called the "Hugging Quill Girl" at the Veterinary College and the distinction of being the 2nd worst quill dog that year. You have ruptured and had surgery on your CCL. You still have not learned that those black and white striped creatures are not cats and you will get a bath after meeting one of those.

Your bad leg and sore back are slowing you down now. You no longer gut your toys and your favorite thing is to lie in the sun. Belly and ear rubs are always appreciated by you.

Over the years you have literally spread dirt, drool, mud, water, grass, you name it, through every room in the house. But you have also spread a lot of love and joy at watching you grow and change.

Thank you for allowing us to share these 11 years with you and my wish would be for 11 more years. We love you Abbykins.


Snow Day

March 7th 2012 6:15 am
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Yesterday we had a major snow storm in our city. Can't really call it a blizzard because the wind wasn't fast enough and the temperature wasn't cold enough but we got lots of snow.

Travel was not recommended on all the highways out of the city and the airport had many delays. It was nasty!

Mom took many pictures of all the snow and then she heard that one of the television stations was asking people to send in their "storm pictures", so mom sent in three pictures. The only photo the tv station used that mom sent in was the one of me that is now my profile picture. Daddy says I am now a local celebrity!

Mom shovelled out most of the drive yesterday and today I will help her finish off the snow removal. We got more snow yesterday than we have had all winter. Sure hope spring comes soon!


I was a bad pup

February 15th 2012 5:55 am
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Yesterday mom and I went for our usual walk down to the river. At one point I ran in the trees along the path and seemed to spend a lot of time in there. Mom continued up the path and called for me. Eventually I came running to mom. As I ran towards mom, she saw that I had a huge bone in my mouth.

Our area has a lot of coyotes and the coyotes do bad things to the livestock in our area. Some people have resorted to trapping them and some put out poison for them. Mom knows that bones are quite often laced with poison and put out in places domestic dogs shouldn't be going. My peeps do not put out poison or trap the coyotes, they just yell at them to be quiet!

Mom could tell this bone was freshly cut, and it still had some connective tissue attached to it. She tells me to drop, which I don't. She then forces me to drop it and when she finally takes it away from me, I snap at her and nip her on the elbow. Whenever, I am bad like that, I get a crash course in obedience.

The peeps figure a coyote or fox carried the bone to where it was found on our property. While they cannot tell if it was tainted, they are not taking any chances and it is in the garbage. Apparently I will be going on leash walks for a while just to be sure no other bones have been carried onto our land.

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