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My staples are out

July 3rd 2012 7:11 pm
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I got my staples out today! Yippee!!, and it only took two people (the momma and another vet) to hold me down while my vet removed all 20 staples. Mom had me in quite a headlock and she kept telling me what a good girl I was while the vet was removing the staples.

This surgery involved taking a wider area, removing more fat (always a good thing!), removing the fascia from the body wall and scraping the body wall. The biopsy results showed clean margins, which is good, the last one didn't have clean margins, but it showed cancer cells on one side of the fascia, but not on the side against the body wall. The operation to see if there might be anything in the body wall is very complex and would be very hard for a pup my age. My vet has only ever done one of those surgeries in his 30 years of practice. All together, the news was mostly good and we are hoping there was no infiltration to the body wall.

I am now on a grain free diet, and mom is always looking for recipes for grain free treats to make for me. I am sampling a few grain free kibble samples and I rather like them. Mom even found some tasty grain free treats. I especially like the dried salmon sushi. There is evidence that a grain free diet can be very beneficial for Mast Cell Carcinomas, and mom was shocked when looking at my current food and treats as to how much grain was in them.

Mast Cell Carcinomas are histamine driven, so for whatever reason, my histamine cells decided to go awry. There is also evidence that 1-2 Benedryl (an antihistamine) is effective in calming those nasty histamine cells, so that has been added to my daily regime as well.

I am doing pretty good. I have a good appetite and would really like to chase something. Apparently I will be able to do that soon.

Thank you once again for the positive thoughts and rosettes that I have received. Hugs to all.


Facebook Contest

June 30th 2012 12:18 pm
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Pups, the momma has entered a picture of me in a Facebook contest for The Konan Koalition. The Konan Koalition is group that was started in Saskatoon in 2011 to help cover financial costs when a furbaby has an emergency medical treatment or accident and the owners need help financially in order to cover the costs of this treatment.

Abo ve is the link for The Konan Koalition page on Facebook. Click on the 2013 Fur-ever Homes Calendar Photo Album and then "like" my picture. Now there are two Abby's in the competition, but I am the one carrying the big stick and running out of the river :-)

Thank you in advance!


Prairie Storms and other things

June 28th 2012 6:56 am
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We had a very bad storm here on Tuesday evening. At least one tornado touched down in our province, but luckily it wasn't close to where we are. We only got wind gusts of over 70 km/h for nearly a full day and lots of rain. At one point we lost power, but luckily it was restored after 18 hours or so.

Now when you lose power on the Ponderosa, that is a little different than losing power in the city. Out here, the pump for your water doesn't work without electricity, so no drinking water, and that also means the pump in the septic system doesn't work, so you really can't flush. I don't know why mom made such a fuss about the power and not being able to use the septic system, I mean really pups, we have 33 acres and lots of bush, I could have showed her how to use the outdoor facilities if she had asked. Strange how humans only have one place to do their business if you know what I mean. Luckily for the peeps, they were worried we might lose power, so mom did fill several containers with water for drinking just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, mom was REAL happy when the power came back on. Nothing in the fridge or freezer was the worse for wear. She made sure that neither the fridge or freezer was opened during the outage as we weren't sure how long it would be. We had no damage to our property and for that we are thankful.

Mom has started leaving my t-shirt off during the day and my incision is looking really good. I have one more dose of antibiotics this evening and then I am done. I have an appointment for next Tuesday to get my staples removed and hopefully the biopsy results will be back by then.

I would also like to introduce you pups to my pal Prada. She is just the cutest little girl and she really likes dressing up in clothes! Stop on by and say hi to this sweet girl.


A much better night

June 23rd 2012 6:46 am
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Mom and I both had a much better night. Mom probably only got about a couple hours sleep Thursday night/Friday morning due to my incision leaking. At one point she laid down with me and held her hand over my tummy. That seemed to work, but I was so agitated when I woke up, that I starting oozing again. After daddy went to work on Friday, it really got bad and even though the vet's wasn't open yet, she called him at home and said she was rushing me back. The only solution was a pressure girdle to stop the bleeding. It is ugly, but it is working. I was also so agitated at the vet that he thought some doggie valium would keep my blood pressure down and help me heal. Mom barely remembers rushing me back in and then home again, but we had a good sleep once we got home.

I also had a growth removed from ear on Thursday. Both that and the repeat biopsy have been sent for testing.

I also had blood work done and it shows that I might be in the early stages of Cushing's disease.

Mom is fixing up my antibiotics and painkillers in nice, tempting ways, so I am taking them. She thinks she will cut back on the valium starting today.

Thank you for all the good wishes and rosettes.

Have a great weekend everyone.


My Surgery Was Yesterday

June 22nd 2012 10:09 am
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My repeat surgery for my tumor was yesterday. Mom and I had a rough night as there was post surgical bleeding. I am now back home, mom and I are both tired, I have a rather ugly pressure girdle I have to wear for 4 days and I am on doggie valium to keep my calm. The surgery itself went well and we should know in about a week if all the cancer cells were removed. Mom and I are both gonna take a nap now.


Second Surgery Thursday, June 21

June 20th 2012 6:45 am
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Just to let everyone know that I am scheduled to have a second surgery done tomorrow. Wider margins will be taken and hopefully any nastiness left will be found.

Thank you for the well wishes and rosettes.


Lots of thinking going on here

June 19th 2012 6:44 am
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Well the peeps did lots of thinking last night. Mom also did lots of crying as only the momma can. Now mom used to work in Veterinary Pathology and she knows that a Mast Cell Carcinoma (MCC) tumor can be very aggressive. Initially they thought about just watching the initial surgery site rather than having the surgeon go back in and do a surgery where wider margins would be taken.

Since the initial biopsy showed cancer cells so close to edge of the initial surgery, it may all be out, or there may still be some nasty cells in there. My MCC is categorized as a Stage 2 and the prognosis for MCC tumors caught at Stage 1 or 2 that have had a complete surgical excision are very good. Chemo and radiation would be other options.

Mom is going to make an appointment with my vet and hopefully we can get in this week and discuss a second surgery with him.

Zaidie, if you could tell me how to hook up a gin and tonic drip for the momma that would be appreciated. Hopefully it is similar to the vodka drip you have for your momma.


Mast Cell Tumor

June 18th 2012 2:53 pm
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Mom just got a call from the vet and the biopsy reveals that I have/had a Mast Cell Tumor. My surgeon did do a very wide excision when he removed the initial tumor. The treatment options are to just watch the site of the surgery for any recurrence or to have him go back in now and do a much wider excision of the area.

Due to my age, right now mom and the vet are leaning towards just keeping an eye on the site of the initial tumor and hopefully it doesn't recur.

Thank you again for all the good wishes and the rosettes that I have been sent. I am healing well and my incision looks good and apparently that is a good sign in regards to my diagnosis.


No News is Good News

June 13th 2012 4:07 pm
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The momma just phoned the vet's office to see if the biopsy results are back yet. Apparently the vet had phoned the Veterinary College about the results today, and was told they still aren't available. We are hoping that no news means good news. We will keep you pups updated once we know.


Thank you

June 7th 2012 10:37 am
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Thank you Dogster for naming me one of the Diary Picks of the Day today! Thank you also to the pals that have sent pawmails and rosettes to help me celebrate today.

I am doing good, but just wish I could run and chase things. There have been deer and rabbits in my yard and all I can do is bark at them! The nerve of those critters to taunt me like that!

Thanks again everypup!

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