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One Year At The Rainbow Bridge

August 4th 2013 6:49 pm
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It was a Saturday one year ago on August 4. The day before we had gotten a call from your veterinarian saying you were being referred to an oncologist at the Veterinary College as your recent cytology exam showed that your Mast Cell Carcinoma had returned. We awoke to find that you had thrown up downstairs. You did seem OK otherwise and you spent the morning outside with your daddy while I was at work. It was a warm day and you seemed a little low on energy, but we thought that was due to the heat. I remember I came home from work at noon and we watched you in the garden. At one point we saw you chase a bunny into the cucumber patch. We could tell you weren't feeling the best, and with the vet's recent conversation on our minds, we called you to us. We knelt with you outside, and we tearfully asked you to let us know when it was time.

That evening you started being sick again and you were very restless so we let you outside. You continued to be sick several times and you started keeping your distance from us. It was like you were trying to hide from us. At one point you laid down in the tall grass and I looked into your anguished face and saw it covered with mosquitoes. I realized then that we were losing you that night. Your eyes pleaded with me. "Help me", they said. You were dying. I carefully helped you up and gently took you by your collar and very slowly walked you to the truck. I repeatedly told you that we would help you.

We got to the Veterinary College about 10:30 p.m. Your daddy and I didn't say a word on the 1/2 hour drive into town. You laid there quietly, with your head bobbing up and down. When we got to the Vet. College, you jumped out of the truck, started sniffing around, peed on the flowers and we couldn't believe our eyes. Was the sick dog we had only a short while ago just a bad nightmare? We debated heading home, and then decided to have you looked at anyway. You walked into that clinic for the last time with your head held high and your ears up.

After an examination, the veterinarian confirmed our fears. You were fading. Your heart rate and blood pressure were dangerously elevated. You were very lethargic and your abdomen, where that nasty Mast Cell Carcinoma was, was extremely tender. The vet gave us some options, none of them were good. I remember telling her that we had hoped to have more time with you after your recent diagnosis. We knew we did not want you to suffer.

We were taken to a quiet room where we told you how much we loved you. You just laid down on the floor and put your head on your front paws and I sat down beside you. My forehead was on the top of your head and my hand caressing you. It was shortly after midnight on August 5 that the vet started the injection and then I felt you pass. I can't explain it any better than that, but I knew you were gone before the vet told us "she has passed". All of us, including the vet were crying.

Abby, you gave us eleven and a half wonderful years and on each and every day you filled our hearts with joy.

Abby, you were such a gentle giant around small children one minute and you were fiercely protective of your property and owners the next. I can think of at least two children that you helped get over their fear of dogs. When one of them heard of your passing the child said, "Abby was such a nice dog and I was just getting to know her".

Abby, you were your daddy's first dog and you taught him so much about the connection a man can have with his dog. It didn't happen over night, but you slowly and surely became your daddy's best friend and confident.

Abby, you were our psychologist. You probably didn't understand all that we told you, but you seemed to understand and that was all that mattered. You would give us a look like you knew what we were talking about and you had the most expressive eyes during our conversations.

Abby, you were our constant companion. You were always by our side inside and outside, day in and day out for eleven and a half wonderful years.

Abby, you were our bodyguard. We would go for walks and you would cut in front of us and not let us go any further. If we tried to continue going forward, you once again repeated running in front of us and blocking the path. Sometimes we would see a coyote or other critter off in the distance that you must have been warning us about. We eventually learned to put our trust in you for our safety.

Abby, you were our best friend. When your daddy would arrive home after a bad day at work, I would "release the hound". You would go bounding out to your daddy and whatever crap he had had to put up with during the day would leave him as he saw your happy face. We are indebted to you for this alone.

Abby, you were truly the best dog we could have wished for. Tears still flow freely when we think of you. We love you, we miss you, and we are thinking of you on your one year anniversary at the Bridge.

You fought hard to stay alive, my friend
In the end, though, you couldn't conquer death.
But neither did death conquer you.
Death cures all diseases, mends all broken bones,
breaks all chains
And made you free at last.

Author Unknown


Thank you Anonymous

August 3rd 2013 8:22 pm
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Today I got a beautiful forever heart star for my page. The star came with this message:

“Playing it forward Dogster so nicely gave me 125 Zealies because something happened on my Dogster page. However since I have zealies in my account already, I am playing it forward. Guess who I am. ”

Thank you Anonymous for my beautiful star and mom is putting on her thinking cap to guess who you are.



Thank you Dogster

June 10th 2013 6:47 am
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Thank you Dogster for naming me a Diary Pick of the Day today.

My last entry was a hard one to write, and we still miss our dear friend Buttercup so much.

Even though we never met Buttercup in furson, we really are one big family on Dogster and we feel the loss of dear friends so much. Mom has developed many friendships here on Dogster and a lot of these dog moms and dads are now her friends on Facebook as well.

We know POTP works for us pups and kitties and I would like to ask for POTP for one of our mommas. Please send some positive thoughts and get well wishes to my friend Lobo's mom. We have our paws crossed for you momma Audrey. Look after your momma Lobo! Hugs!


Rest In Peace, Buttercup

May 31st 2013 6:51 am
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Our hearts are broken right now as our dear friend Buttercup made her journey to the Bridge yesterday.

Buttercup was a rescue and was adopted into the most amazing family. Every rescue dog deserves to get as loving a home as Buttercup had.

Buttercup was an integral part of one of our favorite group. She started many fun games, was always encouraging when we had difficult times, and never forgot a birthday. We cannot imagine STAFU nor Dogster without this precious girl.

Buttercup, even though we are so very sad right now, we know you are finally healthy, no more congestive heart failure, no tummy problems, no kidney issues, and that you are running and playing at the Bridge.

Patty and Ed we are so sorry for your loss of this special girl. In missing Buttercup, remember you gave her a life of respect and dignity and she rewarded you with her devotion. May God give you more.


A new star tonight

April 15th 2013 12:42 pm
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There will be a new star tonight in the skies as my dear pal Woody made his journey to the Bridge today.

Momma J, we are so sorry for the loss of this special boy. You were a great support when I made my journey to the Bridge, and please feel free to call on my momma if you need to.

Woody, we love you and will never forget you. You have a very special spot in our hearts now and always.

Run free and healthy at the Bridge dear boy.


Thank you

April 2nd 2013 6:40 am
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Thank you everyone that sent those lovely Easter egg baskets to Buddy and myself! They look ever so nice on our pages and we hope that all of our pals had a wonderful Easter.


Thank you once again

March 18th 2013 7:11 am
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Thank you once again for the rosettes and pawmails you wonderful pups sent me on my gotcha day yesterday.

As daddy had to go away yesterday on another business trip, I made sure Buddy kept mom busy so she didn't feel too down.

Hugs to all.


The First Gotcha Day Without You

March 17th 2013 6:13 am
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..... I shall see beauty
but none to match your living grace. I shall hear music
but none as sweet as the droning song
with which you loved me.
I shall fill my days
but I shall not, cannot forget,
Sleep soft, dear friend ...
Michael Joseph

It was 12 years ago today that you came into our family. We think about you daily, sweet girl, and remember the time we had together.

We love you, we miss you, rest easy dear Abby.


Thank you, Abbykins

March 8th 2013 8:16 am
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Little girl, last night I had the most vivid dream that you came to say hi. You were scratching your blanket on the floor beside my side of the bed as you always did and you were circling before lying down. I actually got out of bed and touched the floor because the dream felt so real.

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you sweet girl.

Thank you for the visit, Abbykins.

"...I could tell you the story of my life through the dogs I have loved. I could tell you the story of the losses in my life through their deaths. Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. We try to replace them, but never quite succeed. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big"

~Author Unknown

We love you, we miss you so much, rest easy Abbykins.


Thank you!

February 16th 2013 5:08 pm
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Thank you to all the pups that sent me Valentine Candy and other rosettes for Valentine's Day. It brought a tear to mom's eye knowing that I was still being thought of by my pals!

Thanks you all again. We love you all!

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