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September 11th 2008 6:41 am
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It's dark last night. By the light of the moon I see a fox run by the back window. Mom lets me out to chase it. I chase it to the edge of the property. Good dog.

I'm coming back to the house when something catches my eye. I go to say hello. Mom wonders why I'm not coming back to the house. Mom comes looking. Ouchie. I said hello to a porcupine.

Mom and dad look me over and mom rushes me to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They look at all my quills and call me "Hugging Quill Girl". I get sedated and they start pulling out the quills. They stop counting at 60. After all the visible ones are removed they start feeling around to see if there are any more. They shave my entire left shoulder and find several more very firmly embedded. I have to spend the night at the vet hospital. I don't like it here.

All I know is I have to have surgery to remove those deeply embedded ones sometime today. I have an I.V. that I don't like in my arm. They are telling me to not worry, but I am shaking uncontrollable. I'm trying not to be woose, but I want my mommy.


All I want is the quills out so I can go home.


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