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Donja: faster than a speeding Shepherd !

Waiting for Fall !!

July 23rd 2007 4:48 pm
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It's my first day on Dogster! I hope I meet lots of friends. It is very hot here. I am waiting for the cool fall breezes to begin and I can play in the leaves.
My human mom took me to the dog doctor the other day to have my ears checked. I can hear good but they were dirty from me playing in the dirt with my buddies. They had to be cleaned out and this goopy stuff put in my ears. YUK!! I am better now and it didn't slow me down any. Well I hope to make many friends on Dogster. I will go for now so bark at me if you can.


Another Hot Day

July 24th 2007 2:04 pm
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Hi All,
Donja here. Well it is another hot one here. I am just lounging around not doing much of anything. My ears feel pretty good now. I am glad and hope I don't have to return the the dog doctor. I had lots of fun the other day and totally destroyed my humans patio. I had soo much fun pulling the covers off the furniture and got into the cotton balls that mom used on my ears and scattered them everywhere. Mom didn't get mad at me though and just picked everything up. My mom must really love me!! Well it's nap time so will say bye for now.


Swinging Donja

August 25th 2007 10:48 pm
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Donja here,
Well I have found something new to keep me entertained! My humans have a swing on the patio and I love to jump on it and swing back and forth. When it starts to stop I roll over on my back and kick my feet and it starts swinging again. It is sooo much fun. Mom says she is going to video tape me. This sounds cool whatever video taping means!


Getting in trouble!

October 4th 2007 9:36 pm
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Well I got into trouble today. I started tearing up the swing. Ichewed the corner and started pulling the white stuff out. Then I ripped this other thing that they put in my bed also. Myhumans didn't get to mad though they just told me to stop. Like that will make me. BOL. At least I don't get into as much trouble as my brother Teddy. He is always in trouble. It is getting closer to Halloween and I can hardly wait. I like to wear those stupid looking things they make me wear. It's FUN! Mom says she will put my picture on Dogster when I am in my costume. We get extra treats too. Of course dog treats and no human treats. It's time to sleep so will go to bed and dream of things to do tomorrow.
Your Pup Pal, Donja

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