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It's been 3 years

September 29th 2011 5:25 pm
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Hi everyfur,

I can hardly believe that I've been here at the Rainbow Bridge for 3 years now. It is so nice to see that I live on in the hearts of my family & furends. It feels so good to not to feel sick or anything else I was feeling before I arrived here. Unfortunately I've been joined by way too many of my dear furends. Know this all of us are flying free & we are watching over you. We do enjoy sprinkling angel dust on those we wuv & care for. So when you see something shimmering around you just know that we were there. Many of us also watch over those new fur kids that you adopt. Some of them keep us angels very busy.

Just know that my angel furends & myself are very glad that our lives touched whether we had many years with you or only a short time. Either way you made our lives better. I guess we both made each others life's better for being a part of them.

Wuv Always, Angel Whiskey


My Recent Birthday

July 9th 2010 6:40 pm
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Furst off I would like to thank all of my furends for all of the Birthday wishes that they sent to me. Now this was the furst birthday that Rascal attended since he arrived at the bridge. He had a grand time celebrating it with me & our angel furends. :o) Again thank you to all of you who remembered me.

Wuv & Waggles, Whiskey


Angel Rascal

June 18th 2010 6:06 pm
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My kid bro Rascal arrived here at the Rainbow Bridge safely on Wednesday 6/16/10. Now our sister Brandy & bro Mischief greeted him right after I did when he got here. Then our angel Dogster pals have been welcoming him. Plus me & him have been visiting angel furends. I been giving Rascy tips on flying & he is getting the hang of it real fast. Soon, soon he will be flying around sprinkling angel dust with me.

Wuv, Whiskey


I am worried

May 8th 2010 8:51 pm
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I am one very worried angel. As I sit here on my cloud I am watching what is going on down below me with my bro Rascal. The poor guy has had a number of seizures today. After each one he can't stand up as he balance is all messed up. Kinda how I was before i came to the bridge. I just know this is running through my mom's mind. Plus I heard her taking about him being with me again. Not that she wants it ya know. I am praying that Rascal doesn't have anymore seizures & gets to feeling decent again. He needs to boss our kid sister some. Now I've been watchin the kid and she has been watching out fer him. So if ya could send some POP to my bro I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Wuv, Whiskey


I went to the bridge a year ago today.

September 29th 2009 6:01 pm
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Furst of all I would like to thank all of my furends & their families for remembering me on my corssing over day. Your kind words, thoughts and prayers mean a lot to me and my family. Just to know that you are thinking of me has made this day easier for my mom to deal with. I watched her as she looked through photos of me today. She had a smile on her face as she recalled taking this picture or that one. One could tell she was remembering all of those happy memories we made together.

Ruv & Waggles, Whiskey


A Royal Honor

July 31st 2009 11:01 pm
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I just wanted to say that I feel royally honored that the Princess Divas & Prince Charmings! aka PDPC have picked Rascal, Sandy and myself as Royal Pets for the month of August. Thank you to all the furs who picked my family and me for this royal honor.

Ruv & Waggles, Whiskey


My Birthday

July 7th 2009 11:14 pm
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I just celebrated my 17th birthday which was my 1st birthday to be celebrated here at the bridge. First of all I would like to thank everyfur who wished me a Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart. It felt so wonderful to be remembered by my furends. I saw how all of you birthday wishes touched my mom's heart. My family had a lil pawty in my honor which I watched from the bridge.

I would also like to give a special thanks to my furends connected with the GDH for me winning the counting contest and the pawtastic picture I got for it.

Ruv & Waggles, Whiskey



March 24th 2009 10:59 pm
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I have been keeping busy here at the bridge. A few of my furends recently crossed over the bridge. The other angels and I greeted our furends when they got here. We have been showing them around.

I would like to let all of their families know that they made it here to the bridge just fine. Also that they are doing well. We angels are watching over our family and furends.

Ruv, Whiskey


The Rainbow Bridge

March 13th 2009 9:18 pm
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Recently is has been pretty busy here at the Rainbow Bridge. A number of my furends have joined me here. Just to let their families know that the other angels and myself welcome them when they get here. We also have been showing them all of the hot spots. I would like to say that when we get here we no longer have any problems with our bodies anymore. Now it does take a short while to get used to having wings. My pal Billie Bob just recently came to the Rainbow Bridge. After his angel brother Bunkie welcomed him me, Wilson, Rusty to name a few have been helping show him the ropes here at the Bridge. Just know that we angels are always watching over our family and furends.

Ruv Always, Whiskey


Hut One, Hut Two!!!

January 28th 2009 5:58 pm
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Hut one, Hut two !!!!!

Hut one..hut two...I got the pigskin handed off to me by my furend Remy. Here are the rules: we are gett'n our "team" together and we're gonna cross that line and make us a touchdown! Before the ref raises his boney little arms to signal the 6 points I gotta spill the beans (pffht..excuse me!) about myself and then pass the ball to 5 of my furiends who will each do the same. Don't forget to leave me a bone to let us know you got our hand signals and you're in the "game.

Are you ready...I'm going out for a long pass.........

1) I really ruved peanut butter!

2) My favorite toy was my hedgehog, I liked the way it felt in my mouth.

3) I had fun picking on my brother, Rascal. He was my best furend!

4) I ruved my naps!

5) I used to enjoy car rides very much!

Okay, who is gonna run it in for a about:

Cisco Kid
Angel Runt
Puppie the wingmaker

P.S. Happy 4th Birthday Sandy

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