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Remembering Whiskey

September 29th 2011 6:23 pm
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I sit here with my mom & we are talking about our memories of my dear brudder Whiskey who went to the Rainbow Bridge 3 yrs ago. It hardly seems that long since he went to the bridge.

I remember when I arrived here that I was smaller than he was. Now that sure didn't last too long. Whiskey used to call me a mutant Sheltie. Him & Rascal have me convinced that there is a lil part of me that is Sheltie. After all I am a mixed breed dog they would say. Whiskey taught me lots of things when I was little. Then there were times when both he & Rascy would wuv to tease their baby sister. Though once I got lots bigger then them they didn't do that as often to me. ;) Whiskey was a wise fur who past on a lot of wisdom to me. Now me gots to put it to good use now that I gots me a baby brudder.

As mom said to me Whiskey will always be never be forgotten & forever in our hearts.

Wuv, Sandy



February 20th 2011 7:45 pm
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Now as most of you know I had two older brudders. Whiskey & Rascal were two of the bestest brudders a girl could have. Since they were older than me I was considered the one who was full of energy. We didn't play anything like I am currently doing with my baby brudder Midnight. That boy is so full of energy that I sometimes call him the energizer puppy ... BOL!!! When I need a break I usually go and lay down with my mom. He is starting to understand that I need a break from playing all of the time. When I was a young pup and mom was teaching me things Rascal helped her to teach me. So since I am the older fur now. I am helping mom to teach Midnight stuff. Me & Mom are very pleased with the progress he is making with his training. I am starting to teach Midnight to let mom know when he needs to go potty. Maybe this will stop the accidents he has on my bedding.

Waggles & wuv, Sandy



February 19th 2011 10:02 pm
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I am so thrilled to have had my diary picked as Diary of the Day for 2/19!!! So very honored that Dogster HQ picked it.

Now things as going well here is my baby brudder Midnight. When we are playing I can see our pawrents watching us wiff smiles on their faces. As usual mom keeps taking photos of us. I just know that Midnight's page will soon be full of photos very fast.

Well it's been a long day here and I am going to tuck Midnight in. Then help mom with whatever she needs help with. Afterwards the two of us will be off to bed.

Wuv & waggles, Sandy


My Baby Brudder

February 12th 2011 7:49 pm
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Hi Everyfur,

Well two weeks ago we brought home my baby brudder Midnight. The boy is a handful to say the least. Though I kinda recall Rascal telling me that I was a pawful back when I was a young pup. In any case my pawrents and me are getting used to having this energetic wuving boy around. Now Midnight does wear all of us out. I do have lots of fun playing with him. It did take me a few days to get used to having another dog in the house. Now there are times that I can just picture both Rascal & Whiskey BOL while sitting on their cloud watching me with the pup. I am looking forward to introducing Midnight to all of my furends.

Wuv & waggles, Sandy



August 27th 2010 8:26 pm
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With everything that has been goin on here at my house one would think that if it wasn't fer bad luck we wouldn't be having any luck of late.

It all started when we found out that da AC had been a leakin in da basement. Which cause a big ole MESS! Now here I was thinkin that da AC was house broken. Guess not :-/ All da stuff that was stored on da floor got wet. A number of items gots ruined beyond hope. Most of dat were my mom's artwork from her college days. Da rugs are total history also. Right now da basement looks like a hurricane hit it and pushed all da items up against da walls. Da other stuff was boxed off and taken away while da basement gets dried out.

As it turned out da ole AC was one it's last legs. It has been replaced wiff a new non leaky one. YAY! Dem people did somethin to da basement to help it dry out. Also da mold inspector has inspected it.

Just as I thought all was going well once again. My mom moved da wrong way & now her back is hurtin her somethin awful. She can hardly straighten up at da moment. Nor can she sit fer any length of time at da computer.

Now I think it is time fer me to find dat guy Murphy from dat law named after him and tell him to get OUTTA MY HOUSE & LEAVE MY MOM ALONE! WoooF!!!

Wuv & waggles, Sandy


Thank You

June 20th 2010 8:17 pm
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Oh behalf of me family & me I would like to thank all of you for your kind words in regards to Rascal going to the Rainbow Bridge.

It has only been a few days since he left and the house feels so very empty with out him in it. I keep looking around for him from time to time. I knows it is going to take some time fer me pawrents & me to get used to him not being here. Just like we did after Whiskey went to da bridge.

Right now mom aka my typist is having a hard time coming to Dogster and not being in need of a tissue. In time I will be back to visiting ya'll and I knows that my angel brudders will be flying around sprinkling angel dust on all of you. Until then know you all are in my heart.

Wuv, Sandy


Sad News

June 16th 2010 4:02 pm
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It is wiff a heavy heart that I tell you that my brother Rascal is now an angel. He went to the bridge earlier this evening wiff our pawrents and me by his side. Whiskey let me know that he arrived safely.

Wuv, Sandy :(

Rascal's page:


A Rascal Update

May 17th 2010 7:15 pm
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I just wanted to let everyone know where Rascal & me have been. Though some of you may have already figured that out. Well since my brudder Rascal hasn't been feeling well & mom caring fer him. It's has been wearing her out. Rascal's body clock is all messed up. Sometimes him is up late at night. Since he is dealing with da side effects of da medicine him taking him have a major balance problem. Which means he needs help getting up each time him go boom. All of that bending has aggravated her back & she is has been real tired also. When I watch how mom takes care of Rascal I can see da wuv she has fer him. Lately there are times after she help Rascal that I need to lend a paw & help her. I don't need her going boom now. Sometimes she also gets kinda stuck in da bent over position & me help her to get straight again. One of the good things is that Rascal is not having seizures anymore. Them side effects of his medicine should go away in about 2 weeks. I am praying that them goes away sooner. All Rascal do right now is sleep, go fer a bery short walk outside, pace around da house, go boom. He is still walking into me at times. Rascal calls me the "big brown roadblock" ... BOL. Him still have his sense of humor.

Wuv & Waggles, Sandy


update on my brudder

May 12th 2010 4:49 pm
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Well we took Rascal to da vet on monday. While we was waiting I let all there know that I was there also. Mom kept telling me to keep quiet. If I kept quiet how could I say hi "I am here" I ask you? We all went back wiff Rascal to see da vet. Our vet Dr. K is a real nice dogtor. He has taken care of all of da shelties in my family. They put Rascy up on da exam table & asked mom questions about da seizures he was having. Then Dr. K had Rascy taken off to get some blood work done. I wasn't too happy when he was taken from da exam room. Boy, was I glad when they brought him back. That is when Dr. K started checking him over from head to toe. He even had his temperature taken. We then went back out to da waiting room to wait fer the blood test results. Dr. K came over to discuss da results wiff our pawrents. He then took Rascy away again. I let it be known that I wanted my brudder back. Once Rascy returned I quieted down. He told me they just weighed him. Then Dr. K came back wiff some medicine to help Rascal stop having dem seizures. He also said that he more than likely has a tumor but since he is 14 that we isn't going to do nothing about that. They all agreed. Now the medicine Rascal was given will taken a lil bit to get totally into his system.

Now both on tuesday & wednesday he had a seizure. Dem seizures sure do take a lot outta him. Plus he has some side effects from dem. One of which he walks into things like me. He has managed to step on my head two times now. He also seems to be bery restless at other times. Like now. He walks around and around until he plops down fer a spell until he wants to walk around again. I get tired from just watching him. One of our pawrents has to go help him get up & they make sure that he has his balance.

That's all fer now.

Wuv & Waggles, Sandy


My brudder needs POP

May 8th 2010 8:45 pm
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My brudder Rascal has had a number of seizures today. He has had 2 more since he wrote his diary. One of which I alerted my mom to. She had told me to watch him & I've been doing just that. After he has a seizure he has major problems standing up. It takes him a while before he can walk around. I can tell that my pawrents are bery worried about him. Me not sure what going to happen if my brudder not gets better. So could ya'll please keep him in your prayers. Thank you oh so bery much.

Wuv, Sandy

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