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9 years old

May 20th 2011 6:38 pm
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I had my birthday a couple days ago. I am 9 wow! those years sure went by fast.

we had a special breakfast to celebrate.
I love this time of year, mom has been off work, the grass is long and green, skies are blue and the sun is warm, but not hot yet. pawfect frisbee weather, and mom has been a good girl and tossing it plenty.

the only kink is bryce. that big boy is a pain in my tail!
he has no respect for his elders! and sasses back!

well its time to take the momma to bed and get my snack




April 24th 2010 10:51 am
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I am one of the lucky ones.
I came to my forever home as a baby.
but so many of "my kind" arnt as lucky as me.
you see, I`m a shaker. or an epileptic.
so many times we get dumped in shelters cuz we are not perfect
our meds and added vet visits are more expence then some humans think a dog is worth. and they dont like the thought of having a less then perfect dog in thier perfect lives.
a good pup pal is an example of that. her "she" got her from the pound.the other people dumped her at the first sign something was wrong
and there are lots of others here on dogster that could tell the same story.
but because there are good humans out there, that are willing to adopt the "less then perfect" they have ended up being lucky too.
humans that adopt have a better heart, a deeper soul, the willingness to see that even the less then perfect are capable of giving love, friendship,and comfort.
to spend that extra dollar, the added time,a little more understanding that it takes to give a second, or even third chance to a heart wrapped in fur.
to me, adoption means love is more important then perfect

and this imperfect,heart wrapped in fur wants to say thank the great dog for humans like you



July 16th 2009 4:37 am
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ok, moms a slacker, she has not updated any diaries in a very long time! claimes she is too busy!

well her boss has been messing with her days off. she sure doesnt seem to get many.
but this is my diary so enough about her.

bryce and I have been squabbleing about bed rights. the pup just wont understand its mine! I was giving my best mean dog and he licked my toes!!!!! ewww ! what is wrong with that boy?????? so I did the only thing a Dilly could do, I lunged at him.

in retrospect maybe not a good thing. I`ll give the boy credit, he is fast! I bit dad. not a good thing. no blood, didnt break the skin, not even really a mark, but that man can sure bellow!!! ~sigh~

and, I`m almost skeered to say this , but in 2 days it will be a year sence the monster has bothered me! mom and dad dont like to say anything for fear of jinxing me. they have both kinda been walking on eggshells waiting. so if ya could maybe cross a paw it would help.

mom has started sharing our food with her aunts little dog. her aunt must be even older then mom cuz mom says she is re-tired and her poor little dog has been eating beneful(insert gagging emotie here)
so mom has started taking a container of our stuff over. sence she is a little terrier she doesnt get much, and what mom took should last her awhile. guess thats ok with me. sofie is about 13, so she needs some better stuff anyway.

well thats about it for now.



May 30th 2009 3:19 am
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ok, theres a limit to how much a border collie can take!

3 AM the Dilly is stretched out along the bed on the floor sound asleep, dreaming of frisbees & bully sticks, when a 75lb puppy falls from the sky! in reality, off the bed! jeez la weez!!!! if you are going to take over the bed, at least stay on the durn thing! how ruff is that!!

I`ve heard mom mutter she may not survive Bryce`s puppy hood, I may have to join her on this one.




May 27th 2009 4:48 am
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its a sad day here in Dilly land.

I`ve lost my edge. puppies these days have no respect for thier elders.

the bed was mine. I allowed mom and dad to have a little corner of it cuz they work so hard bringing in the kibble.

the way it used to work was I had the bed till I got down. then if bryce wanted to get up that was ok by me.
well, the past few nights he would get up before I was done with the good night cuddles. I would give him the "mean dog" and down the boy went. well, last night the insolent pup ignored my mean dog look!
so I cranked it up a notch, I added the vocals!!!
and what did he do??? he turned his butt to me, laid right down like he owned the place and started to snore!!!!! what the cat was up with that!!!! mean dog to the max and he goes to sleep!!!! I just at there dumbfounded. and mom, MY MOM! hero and protector, giggled!!!!

Dillyland will never be the same



May 19th 2009 2:32 am
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thanks to all my great pals that sent wishes and gifts to me for my barkday. you are all great!

time does fly when your having fun!



May 17th 2009 3:08 pm
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tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 7 years old!

mom finds it hard to believe that its been that long sence they brought this tiny little spitfire into thier lives. but age and epilepsy have slowed me down. I`m not the rowdy little terror that I was.

oh, dont misunderstand, I can still wear the arms off a room full of people . they must throw it!

I wonder what I will get for a prezzie? and a birthday dinner?
I havent seen mom hide a sack in the bathroom closet

I sure hope she didnt forget. she is a whole lot older now too!




May 1st 2009 2:28 pm
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we are having a "doings" tomorrow!!!

moms been yard working and house cleaning like crazy for the last three day!

but tomorrow is the day! bbq pork and chicken and people and food and more people and more food!!!

did I mention food?

oh oh oh and the best part!!! Roscoe the trucker dog is comming!!!!

well his dad is too
they will be here in the morning!!! they stopped for the night about 3 hours away

oh ya mom and dad said something about being married 25 years



April 12th 2009 4:10 am
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spring! love it!!

mom made us a big mud puddle to play in yesterday!
she said she was cleaning her pond, but I know better, a sure sign of spring!

and the bbq is going again! love those smells!!!
and this school year is almost over! that means mom will have a couple weeks off again




March 5th 2009 1:44 pm
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my moms a hero!!!

she was driving along on her way to work, a little after 5 am and a young collage kid stepped out in front of her car yelling"I need your phone call 911.
mom askes him why whats wrong, he says my dog is stuck.
"where "she askes
"around the corner " he says

so mom pullas around the corner, puts her lights on brite and sure enough, theres a dog butt sticking up in the air. its head was stuck in the storm drain in the side of the road.she gets out and the boy catches up and says" I dont know what happened, we were walking along and he just tried to jump in the hole, now he`s stuck"
mom:" he was prolly after a racoon, theres a bunch of them that live down there" she walks over to the dog and talks real soft to him and feels around his neck, its just his collar thats stuck.
she tells the boy: "we can get him out if we take his collar off" so she hooks his leash around his neck and unhooks his collar , tips his head back sideways and guides his head out. he is 1 happy puppy and slurps her and wiggles and slurps her again!
mom tells the kid he may want to pay closer attention gets in her car and goes on to work.

what a way to start the day!

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