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My Odyssey

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Again with the tagging.....

October 18th 2007 1:42 pm
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I have been tagged once again…hehehehe…. This time by Athens A great girl pup!! She is sweet and adorable!!

Here are the rules of this "tag"!!. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, in a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules of the game. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies), listing them in your entry and say something interesting about who you are tagging and make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged.

So here I go again!!
1. I don’t look my weight… nobody believes mommy when she tells them how much I weigh.
2. The chipmunks now rule the yard…. I watch them but there are just too many and I know what they will do to me if I try and get them. We have an understanding. I stay out of their way and they stay out of mine, but the squirrels are fair game!
3. If you are on my level then you must be licked…profusely
4. I should be fluffy…. I have a fluffy dog personality….it is just true, but I like me the way I am anyway.
5. My fear of plastic bags occasionally lingers… but I hide it much better now.
6. I don’t like any kind of mint stuff…chews…treats…all of it is yucky!
7. Tennis balls are good for one thing…removing their fur

Here are the pupper I am picking this time around!
1. Samuel Jacob because I love his diary and all the things I learn about him and his family!! He is a great pup!! Oooooo and because he has a trained monkey to scratch his head. How cool is that!!!
2. Pebbles because she is such a pretty Papillion and hopefully this will help her turn the tables on Daisy!!!
3. Tetsuya Besides adoring his and Yukiko’s names I love his exploits with pumpkins and possums!! Whatever they say you sure are one great guard pup!!
4. Lady Chadee Bear because she is one of my great Pom friends and you all know it is good to have a cop on your side.
5. Checkers because he is a cool super smart pup!! It is great barking with him here and there on Dogster!
6. Charlie because I want him to know he isn’t just Sparky’s brother to me!! You are great Charlie!!

And last but certainly not least

7. Joey because his mommy is so great letting Maddy come over for a playdate! Plus he is just a pawsome doggie!!


Tagged once more...

October 18th 2007 11:36 am
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I have been tagged by Smokey He is a pawsome pup and a handsome husky!! I mean go look at that mug and tell me you could resist!!
Rules are this:
I have to pick and list 10 fellow members and say a nice thing about them and about the person who tagged me. I then send pmail or rosettes to the 10 people I picked.

1. Kobi!! He has some of the greatest game questions that I have played!!
2. Alaska's Arctic Legacy~Legalas Or as I know him Leggies!! He is a wonder boy with a great pack of girls who checks in an barks at me from time to time.. and check out his beautiful smile!! (BOL sorry about the mass typo Leggies)
3. Kona because she is the prettiest boxer I know and her woof always makes me smile!! She is a great pup!! (And even does her nails in purty shades!!
4. Boddah Cobain CGN, TDIT because I think it is pawsome he one the egg race with his mommy!! How cool is that he was in a egg and spoon race… and WON!!
5. Ace because we go to the same camp and I ended up meeting him in Medford on Dog Day even though he didn’t know there was a meetup that day!! He is such a cool GSD!
6. Itsy ‘Bout Time because she is a sweetie who I hope wins her photo contest! Plus who can’t love her in her new little pink bow!
7. Molly because she really is the sweetest girl and was recently coronated the Pinata Queen…. Oooo and because she told me about a great campsite AND about a super neat dog event in my area this weekend!!
8. Duncan because he makes a great king!! Congratulations on winning 3rd in the costume contest again!!
9. Princess because she is getting married tomorrow!

And last but not least

10. Kinnick Herky’s new super cool brother!! He is a super pup and look how well Herky and him fit together!! Plus even though he has only been home a short time he already has a pawsome page!!

Whew… I think I may be all tagged out….that is a lot of pups!!


Tagged again....

October 18th 2007 11:26 am
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Wow lots of tagging going on…. So here we go!!!

I was tagged by Sadie for this one!! She is my bestest friend in the UK!! She is a swift agility doggie and I sure hope her competition name Hot Fudge Sundae works for her!!

Here are the rules of this "tag"!!. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, in a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules of the game. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies), listing them in your entry and say something interesting about who you are tagging and make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged.

So here I go again!!
1. I have at least two brothers… Timmy and Tommy that mommy and I are trying to meet again.
2. I have little black spots on my tummy as well as my tongue.
3. I have a super sensitive tummy and get sick all the time.
4. I eat Royal Canin German Shepherd food
5. I am scared that pill are in hidden in canned food so I am leery every time there is some for me
6. I have two 50 gallon bins of toys…. Someday I will destroy them all!!! Mwahahaha!
7. I insist on taking my treats to a specific place to eat them…. Well the hard kind anyway.

Here are the pupper I am picking…. I don’t think I have any meow friends…*sniff*
1. Edie because he has the most pawsome skunk costume!! I just love it!
2. Bennie because besides being a great pup I love all his expressionate pictures!! Oh and I have to give him kudos for being an Eagles fan…. I am not a fan of any team but they are the local one so...
3. The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh cause she invited me for a pretty walk up in the Adirondacks since they don’t let pups in the state parks here…. That sure was sweet!
4. Remington one because he is a handsome golden that has such a great personality… and two because both our mommy’s take way to many pictures of us…bol
5. Pinky because she is my little buddy even if she doesn’t like me running around chasing her. She even came over and visited yesterday!!
6. Delilah Mae because she is such a cutie pie!! Even though I didn’t get to meet her at this meetup in the fur, I sure hope I get to meet her at the next one!
7. Ooooooo…. I am going to pick Pandora she is a kitty member of my new family of fur friends!! Look how adorable she is!!! I sure hope she will actually be my pal…..


I have been TaggeD!!

October 16th 2007 7:39 pm
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I’m it again!! My pawsome pal Vincent I just looove tag!! So this time around here is how it goes!!

Tell 7 facts about yourself and tag 7 puppy pals by pmailing them or giving them a rosette!!

So here are the some Fantastic Facts about me!!
1. I make a grumbly noise more than I bark… it is funny and mommy’s laughs.
2. I forget that I can jump. I have trouble getting into a car because it seems so high (even though I could just step up onto the seat BOL)
3. I am a sucker for little girls… I adore kids but my butt just goes out of control when I see little girls.
4. I am scared of the refridegerator door…don’t know why I just am.
5. I prefer to carry my food away from my bowl and then eat it.
6. The only thing I like to do with tennis balls at home is skin them
7. The chipmunks rule my yard… I don’t even try anymore. I just watch them and run and sniff where they have been.

The seven pups I am tagging are
1. Captain
2. Mingus
3. Bailey
4. Gwenivere
5. Sami
6. Howard
7. Lika


The Autumn Bussle

September 27th 2007 5:58 pm
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Wow! It has been forever since my last diary entry…
Tons of stuff has been happening with me. Mommy and I have been going to the dog park at Laurel Acres like every other day! I met some great pups including Diesel a great husky and Biscuit this super sweet timid Golden Doodle puppy! It has been soo much fun mommy has been letting me play for hours with the other pups. Then last Friday mommy and I went on a super long car drive with uncie. At the end we were at the beach! It was great I even met another pup there too. We played in the sun and sand. No surf for me. I like playing sand piper…hehehe. I got some cake for wearing sun glasses and we took a great walk up and down the beach. There were even some people who said hello! It was a great day and I was all tuckered out by the time we got home.
Then Saturday we went to the park again and I got to play with more pups!! Then Sunday is was back in the car and we drove and drove… I am not big on car rides. When we got to where we were going I was all confused. There was a big truck thing with pups in it at a place like the Petsmart at home. When we walked up there were all sorts of dogs and tables and people. Then I kept hearing the word adoption being thrown around. But no it isn’t what you think… it was the rescue mommy adopted me from! She wanted to invite them to the dog awareness and adoption day we are setting up and… She asked if I could be reunited with my two brothers!!! Wooohooo! I might get to see Tommy and Timmy again!! The lady there said she would pass on the info to the my brother’s adoptive parents. She also gave my page address to my foster mommy!! So she could see how well I am doing! It was really exciting and I sure hope I get to see my brothers again.
Speaking of dog’s from my past. On one of my trips to the park mommy and I ran into the guy with the greyhounds. I met them when I was 5 months old. See mommy used to take me to the dog park twice a day in the morning and evening. In the morning I would play with Buddy one of the greyhounds. It was his brother that I saw and I turned all puppy. Mommy said she hadn’t seen me play like that since I was 8 months. All play bowing, super waggy tails, rolling on my back and I even balled up and made myself look smaller. You see Buddy’s bro doesn’t like playing but I tried any way and he got woofy at me just like he used to. The sad thing is Buddy, who was a great therapy dog, had gotten sick over the summer… Rocky Mountain Fever is what the guy said… and passed away right about when I had to say goodbye to my sis Prete. The other pup was new and is in training to be a therapy dog. I sure wish Buddy was still here but I know Prete will greet and play with him for me at the bridge.
Mommy couldn’t believe how cute I was that she would love for me to see some of the other pups I used to play with when I was small. She wishes she knew how I could meet the pups in my puppy class again or Liberty this female GSD I adored when I was small. She said she will try but it will have to wait until after the dog adoption day.

I just wanted to say I am sorry to all my pupper pals that I haven't been able to check out all your pictures and diaries like I normally do. As soon as the meetup is over I will be back to telling all of you how cool your new photos are and reading about everything you pups do!!


Thanks so much for my super woofday!

September 16th 2007 9:24 pm
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I just wanted to say thanks to everypup who helped make my special day even better!! It was a great woofday and Manny was super happy too! Thanks so much! I’ll be sending each one of you a thank you real soon!

Here is a list of all the pups I need to thank!!

Thanks for the woofday wishes on the various group pages…
Maxmillion Winston, Snickers & Georgie
Nikita Sophia
Baby Jessie
Darla Mae
Daisy Dimples Booth
The Nebraska Pack

Thanks for the special personal Woofday Wishes from
Sparky, Bentley, Charlie and Sammy
Sadie Mae
Morgan and Vincent

Thanks for coming to my surprise pawty at the Fancypants Café
Willey and Bear
Mr. Duffy Mc Duff
Miss Ellie
Spanky, Skye and Amber

Thanks for the Rosette and Star Gifts
Grape Drink Rosette from Jonas
Steak from Lassie
Steak from Rex Mi Amor
Cherry Drink from Odie (Blackburn)
Steak from Sadie
Cherry Drink from Muddrella Waters
Rainbow from Gracie and Princess
Lemon Drink from Digger at Modern Dog
Steak from Chatchi
Steak from Kona
Flag from Jazmine and Wee Rose
Star from Fancypants Café c/o Spanky and Lexie
Star from Skye and Amber
Star from Spanky
White Ribbon from Jerry & Linda
Steak from Esperanza
Steak from Sophie
Apple from Ashaki Kianga
Blue Ribbon from Mackie
2 Stars from Mr. Duffy McDuff
Grape Drink from Fancy
Watermelon slice from Izzi, Coty and Riley
Steak from Maximus Cuddlebug
Blue Ribbon from Lola Belle
Steak from Misty
Apple from Baby Jessie
Apple from The Nebraska Pack
Shrimp from Lucy
Steak from Diesel
Steak from Lucky
Heart from Kokoa Girl

Thanks for the other gifts
Woofday dinner from Kubbi
My super cool roadster convertible!! From Harley
A birthday card from Sadie
A birthday blingee from The Nebraska Pack
Cookies from Skye and Amber
Wanted Poster from Spanky
Woofday suit and woofday pic from Willey Tucker and Bear
Zealies from Fancy


Woooohooo!! Today is my 2nd Woofday! And it couldn't be- better!!!

September 16th 2007 1:21 pm
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Yippee!! I have been waiting and waiting and it is finally here!! It is my 2nd woofday! I can’t believe it!! So I woke up this morning and mommy let me go out and play. Then I got a yummy home cooked breakfast! I checked in at the Pawty Place and there were already tons of woofday wishes for me and it just made my morning! Then mommy, uncie and I went to Freedom Park in Medford!!
It was soooo pawsome there were sooooooooo many pups and all of them were super friendly. Nothing could be better on my birthday! And guess what there were even some birthday wishes from some of the pups and pawrents at the park!! I was so happy running around saying hello to every dog I saw and I even wrestled a little. It was great!! Then mommy had me do a little agility on the new equipment there. Maybe I shouldn’t say that… I have no clue how to do agility! But I went over a low jump and by the third time mommy said over I knew just what she meant! Then she took me to the the paws (pause) table and I jumped right up there with this great terrier! I sat when told and when mommy said alright I jumped off and we went to these pole thingies. Mommy said between and I walked between two and she was happy (of course she helped me a little with some leash guidance) Then I weaved through all but the last one. A doggy marked the last pole and I was too interested in sniffing than marking. It was soooo fun and I even learned some stuff! I met like 3 golden retrievers, a great Dane, husky, Boston terrier, curly coat retriever, four black labs, a Wheaton terrier, a bunch of mixes like 5 or 6 of them, a sheltie (which I really liked… she was really pretty), a weinmariner, two German shepherds, a miniature pinscher, an old English sheep dog and even more but that’s all I can remember! I have never seen so many pups at the park! There were pups playing running, practicing on the agility equipment! And all the pawrents were sweet too! It was so much fun. Truly a wonderful birthday surprise!!!! Then we went back to uncie’s and guess what I got a small home cooked lunch!! How great is that! Now with my full tummy and being all played out I am gonna lay down for a bit… but I know what is coming up!! Presents and cake!!! Woohooo!!
So I was sooo right! After my nap I woke up and went outside to play for a little bit. When I came back in mommy put all my presents around me! I opened the first and got a chewy bone! Then I opened my new pal Tangie my orange orangutan! Then I took my next package upstairs to open and it was two more chew toys! Then back down stairs to open my red bobo!! I am not sure about him though. He makes a strange noise when I grab his middle.. it isn’t a normal squeak… I will need to make sure he is a good toy by playing with him more. Then I opened a package with some treats in it and then a floppy Frisbee! Mommy then brought out my woofday cake and her and uncie sang! Then I got a piece which was delicious!
After my cake I had to have a picture with a party hat…. But I don’t like hats… so I just looked up instead of looking at the camera. Mommy laughed at me and took of the hat. I went outside to tell Dakota all about my presents and when I got back… guess what there were more presents!! I also got a tug toy and all the toys I picked out of the pile of toys yesterday. Mommy is so smart letting me pick. Then it was a home cooked dinner.
After dinner I realized I was almost late for the riddle contest at FancyPants Café here on Dogster. I rushed over there and was shocked because there was no riddle contest. It was a surprise woofday pawty for me!! Can you believe it? There were all sorts of my pupper friends from here and they all gave me warm woofday wishes! It was the perfect close to a perfect woofday. And guess what wish I made as I blew out my woofday cake candles. Yep that’s right! I wished for my fur sibling to find his or her way to my home!!!!


Yeah! Tomorrow is my woofday!

September 15th 2007 4:57 pm
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Tomorrow is my woofday! Tomorrow is my woofday!

I am super excited!! And guess what it is Manny’s Birthday too! He is my super big white Teddy!! I am so happy and excited! Things have been so busy around here.

On Thursday mommy and I went over to uncie’s house. She brought lots of toys and all sorts of stuff with her. I got to play with my nephew before we went over and she even played lots of games of chase with me!! When we got there I was super excited to see uncie and my other uncle. Oooo and Dakota and the new puppy! I also said a woofy hello to the kitty and watched her for a while. I kept asking her to come over and play but she didn’t want to…. Sniff.

On Friday, we played during the day and then she did the weirdest thing… she covered me in toilet paper! It was really strange at first and then it was kind of fun! I started ripping and tearing it and attacking the roll!! Then some was on my tail and I kept trying to get it. When I finally got it off mommy and grandma kept throwing it back on me. It was a lot of fun and then I got to go outside and play! When I came back in it was amazing there were lots and lots and lots of toys all over the floor! Mommy let me play with some and then she took me to play outside again. When I came back all but my normal toys were gone. I searched and searched but couldn’t find them…. So unfair… I hope I get to play with them again soon. Then mommy let me spend a lot of time outside! And when I came back in there were all these paper wrapped things all over. I got to see two of my uncles and one of the girls. It was an exciting day and I slept really well.

Then I woke up today and realized tomorrow is my woofday! I have been barking and running around all day because I know something is happening! I know the thing she is making is for me and I have been standing around begging for it cause I know its mine… you see I don’t usually beg. And what you may ask have I been begging for… My woofday cake of course. Mommy has been baking me a woofday cake and prepping all sorts of goodies for my happy day! It is so neat and I can’t wait. I think Pinky


I am Ninja Puppy

September 10th 2007 6:20 pm
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Just 6 days left… so today I was practicing my ninja puppy skills. You see ever since I was a little puppy I have been graced with ninja pup abilities. This is of course in part to my beautiful dark coloration but being a true ninja puppy requires more. First to transform into Ninja Puppy I must have no collar… because the jingling gives away my stealth movement. Honestly I think that is one reason I have a jingly collar…. Then they know I can not use special ninja skills like surprise kisses to unwitting open mouth and tail whaps to thing sitting on low surfaces. The thwarting of my ninja skills has further proof from the purchase of a collar that has a blinky led light in it. You see my ninja skills were too much for mommy outside at night so she purchased it to see where I was in the dark.
Being a ninja puppy I am skilled at sneaking along walls and peaking into spaces near me to check things out unnoticed before entering a space. I can surprise unwitting victims as they enter rooms in my home jumping at them enthusiastically with wagging tails. Camouflage is also the friend of the ninja puppy. If you look in my photo album I allowed myself to be briefly captured so you can see my ninja camo technique. If I had not allowed my head in view you would not have been able to see me at all. I have pinpoint tail precision allowing me to knock objects of interest from their domain on the tables to my domain on the floor therefore avoiding trouble. I can deliver stealth kisses and bend minds with my ninja puppy gaze to get more love and treats. The skills of a ninja puppy are many but all require work.
Being a ninja puppy requires continuous practice and grooming. I say grooming because without regular grooming the unwitting victims of my ninja puppy tactics could smell me coming and they could hear my nails clicking on the floor if they weren’t trimmed regular. The ninja puppy path is not an easy one and not one that every pup can follow. But I am proud of my ninja-puppy prowess.
No you might be wondering what in the world did Ninja-O mean by “Just 6 days left…so I was practicing my ninja puppy skills.” Well grasshoppers let me explain. I intend to use my ninja puppy skills in the next few days to discover all the happy surprises in store for me at home. I will use my stealth and camouflage abilities to blend in as I search for presents. I will use ninja puppy eavesdropping to hear what plans mommy has in store. I will use my hypnotic ninja mind bending techniques to ensure more happy gifts come my way. Ahhh it is great to be a ninja puppy!

See my ninja puppy techniques here


Seven days left and a fence between me and my fur sibling...

September 9th 2007 3:58 pm
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Well mommy left me alone almost all day and normally I would be upset but I heard her talking to grandma and uncie before she left and I heard the words dog.. adoption… and day and I got super excited, but played it cool pretending I hadn’t heard anything…

So I waited patiently all day for her return and when she came there was no pup along with her. I did smell one pup in particular all over her and I licked and wagged everywhere he had been. I was hoping maybe there was just the scheduling of our first meeting between me and my pupper friend, but alas… I don’t think it is to be… at least for now.

She said something about almost all the pups she went to meet already finding their furever home, which is great news… for them… but not that great for me. She said she was happy and sad too. One of the pups was there. He was a cute border collie mix. She said she liked his personality and what the foster mom had to say about his behavior with her dogs. The only problem was his bark…whatever that means. Mommy said that grandma would have some serious issues with his bark and he would a lot especially with our chipmunk infestation. Mommy then countered with how cute and sweet a pup he is but then she had concerns about Pinky. You see the pup isn’t at all aggressive but doesn’t back down if challenged… and remember what I said about our sleepover. Pinky just snarled and growled and rawred at me every time I said hello. Mommy worried that he may hurt her but of course we can say no to her coming over so that isn’t a deal breaker.

From what I gathered from my ninja puppy eavesdropping..I did tell all of you I am a ninja puppy... there were two points causing her to hold off at this point. First she was slightly unsure about how destructive he would be if he missed a play session… and the foster mom kind of skirted the issue. But the biggest issue right now is our fencing. Some of it was damaged by the storms that rolled through the end of spring and summer and I don’t try to get out so they haven’t gotten fixed yet. Mommy said something about making sure all the fence is repaired before a new pup comes home. So it seems a fence stands between me and my fur sibling for the time being… and not like the fence between me and Dakota and uncie’s place….

However, maybe she can fix it before the week is up and I can still have my furbling for my woofday…

Keeping my paws crossed… just 7 days left….

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