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My Odyssey

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Halloween Hoopla!!

November 1st 2007 1:03 pm
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Wooohooo!! Halloween was great!! Mommy dressed me up and we were all set to go trick or treating with mommy’s nephew… a band of pirates….ARRRRR!! Then the phone rang. Next thing I know I am in the car and we are driving and driving. Mommy is talking with grammy on the phone getting directions because the traffic is so bad. What are we going to where mommy’s nephew is all day? I kept wondering where we were heading, but I just wanted to get there!! Ten we pull into a driveway I know well! It’s uncie’s!! I race into the backyard to go and tease Dakota, but then realized how silly I must look all dressed as a pirate so I was ready to go inside really quick! Mommy was running around like she had gone insane and next thing I know she is taking me out the front door on my leash!
I am thinking Yipeee!! Time to trick or treat! I look around no nephew and then mommy attaches me to the fencing on uncie’s porch. The scary window things kept moving and I was really not happy there that is until a group of people came up and started loving on me. I kept hearing “Awww… what a cute pirate!!” I must admit even though I didn’t really enjoy being in the costume.. I get a lot more love in it! So mommy seeing how horrible it was on the porch took me to the front lawn and put me on the fence there. She sat on the steps a couple feet from me and I got to see all the people who came to uncie’s house.
They would come up to mommy and I would start wagging my tail knowing that they must be there to say hello to me and pet me. Then they would reach in this bowl that mommy had and would walk away. What is up with that!?! I mean I sniffed the bowl myself every so often wondering how whatever is in there could be more interesting than me. I just didn’t understand. However, there were a few sane ones walking about that came up and petted me! I also saw a couple pups wandering around dressed up too!! It was great! Oh and mommy insisted that I tell you about the best costume of the night… in her opinion. It was a girl with a knife stuck through a cereal box,,,, get it… she is a cereal (serial) killer!! Yeah neither do I… but mommy laughed and laughed!
It turned out to be great even though I didn’t go trick or treating and had to wear the costume anyway. I wish they were more convenient… I would be happy to wear it then! I get sooo much more attention in it! I can’t wait until next year! Who knows maybe I will get to trick or treat!!


Monday Changes

October 29th 2007 7:35 pm
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So something really weird happened today… mommy and auntie started working with grandma outside. They let me outside sometimes but only for a little bit. They had these big white thingies that they were moving around and cutting and measuring. Next thing I know they are pounding stuff into the ground and standing this stuff up. I don’t like it I tell you…. I can’t see the pedestrians anymore… it is evil… I just know it. Then they put a moving piece of the stuff up… it opens and closes…. Which I like even less. Inanimate objects should not move… unless they are one of my toys and I move them! So now my view is all obscured but mommy lets me out for longer without watching. But I still don’t trust this new fence thingy… the old fence is fine but this new piece… I am keeping my eye on it. We will see if it is evil or not.


Saturday Escapes

October 28th 2007 4:34 pm
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So after numerous failed attempts to find pumpkins mommy left to go pumpkin hunting yet again. This time she left me in the loving care of grammy. A special treat the girls were over and so was uncle. Well after awhile the kids all went outside to do stuff… and didn’t take me. Can you believe it! I was left inside…. Which of course I wasn’t thrilled about. I barked to go out and of course grammy obliged opening the door and letting me free. I went into the backyard and was greeted with a sight of horror. The kids were attacking the ground with big things in their hands!!! It was terrifying and then cla-clack BOOM. Needless to say I got out of there… and got out of there quick. I don’t know what it was but it was after me…. And it wasn’t gonna get me if I had a say. I ran pass grammy, ran pass the patio, ran pass the place I know I am not supposed to run past… ran past the driveway ran down the sidewalk and ran across the big street! I knew I wasn’t supposed to but since I was there I figured I might as well have some fun. I chased the ducks and geese for awhile and then went running to my favorite place…. The Dog Park!!!! A nice guy let me in and there I played and played.
It was weird not being there with mommy but there were pups so it was still a blast! Eventually grammy came with a plastic bag in hand… she used it as a leash how weird is that?? I heard her say something to grandpa about not having spent the time to get the leash. Then as we walk toward the parking lot I see mommy standing there! She was home!!! I was so happy… but she didn’t look happy…. Then I remembered… I left without her .. but here I was!!! She walked me home and cried. She gave me hugs and love that night. I didn’t quite understand why though. I just went to the park.


Pumpkin Fiasco...why me...

October 25th 2007 10:56 am
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So we are still on the hunt for elusive orange balls called pumpkins…. And things are starting to get out of hand. Mommy is threatening that if we don’t find them soon I am going to be the pumpkin this year. I am not a pumpkin…I AM A DOG!!! Please somepup help me… make the madness stop! I don’t wanna be a pumpkin… I mean I know I look cute in the hat and everything but I have a costume and it is not to be a pumpkin.
I will be good to you oh future pumpkins of my home… I will be nice. Just please oh please find your way here so I don’t have to be a pumpkin this Halloween…..


Hunting the elusive orange creatures....

October 23rd 2007 8:29 pm
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So this week mommy and I went hunting... not in the fields but in the car...yuck. We were hunting this seemingly elusive creature... not an animal... this creature is round and orange and edible...yum.... I love to eat. We went a-hunting pumpkins. You would think these stationary globes of mandarin hue would be a simple thing to find....especially with Halloween just around the corner. Alas we drove and looked and drove and looked and did not stop once. After the long and disappointing hunt my mommy told me a story and I figured I would share it with you
It seems that once upon a time...long ago... there were these mystical places made of wood or cardboard...called farmer stands. They grew from the earth on the edge of fields of nearby farms. These contained magical globes of tangerine hue when the season of ghouls and ghost was nigh. Along side the remains of noble stalks of corn and the earthy hued cobs that once dwelled within.
With the finding of the globe came the ritual of choosing where after careful perusal of the charm of each unique orangey sphere. Some with green speckles, some with scars from the trials of their past... some plump some tall.... they are spun on end and gazed upon both up close and from afar until the perfect one is found. Then tribute is paid to the magnanimous creators of the fruit of the vine....
Then the sphere is transported to it final home where it is marked and cut and made to glow. Glowing it is renamed Jack and placed upon a pedestal for all who come to gaze upon- the fire in its belly flickering through its haunting eyes. It makes the guest ghouls and ghosts feel more at home and oooos and ahhhhs are made at the metamorphosis from mere fruit to haunting ornamentation.
But now the farmer stands are no more and fields have become homes and buildings... mommy was sad as she looked at the land that was once fields. Once we went here and there and found the pumpkin that was just right my little pup... she said... but now it seems we will have to venture much farther away to find a farm and to find a pumpkin for us.
I sure hope mommy and I can find a pumpkin of our very own.... and maybe a special one just for me...


Boo with the rain

October 23rd 2007 8:06 pm
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So since Dog Day mommy and I have been sending out the prizes for the winners of the contests and getting things back in order at home. You should have seen this place right after we got home. It took mommy until Monday to empty the van because she had to go to her friends baby shower on Sunday. Then the house was crammed with all sorts of doggie day stuff. It is finally starting to look normal and we just got the address of the last prize to send!! Yipppeeee!!
Mommy has been taking me on walks and to the dog park a couple times but the last few have been bad trips. Rather not bark about them but I don’t want any of you pups to worry there weren’t any fights…just it got close. So mommy is a little nervous about going back for the first time ever. She knows that is silly but she wants to shake off the bad feeling before heading back…and its raining anyway so it will be a couple days before I can play there without getting caked in mud! But it is fun getting caked in mud as long as there isn’t any rain. I don’t like going out in the rain… The water touches my back and I don’t like it one bit.
Oh and Pinky had another visit! I love it when she is here I soooo want another doggie. I follow her around and play bow in front of her kennel when she goes in there to get away. She growls and snarls and snaps but I just wanna play!!! I know mommy is still looking and is on petfinder all the time looking for a new sibling but I am starting to get impatient. I want a pupper to play with all the time!! Oh it would be a dream come true having another pup their when I wake to play with…or when I get bored.. or when mommy is sick and doesn’t have lots of energy to chase me around in the backyard. Sniff…she has been sick for the last week and even though there have been some short play sessions and short walks I want to do moooooore!! Luckily one of the girls has been playing with me after she gets home from school. Otherwise I think I would be going crazy!
I sure hope this rain clears up soon so I can go run and play outside today!


Finally a woof about Dog Day at the Park...bol

October 23rd 2007 8:05 pm
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Wow it has been forever yet again since I really barked an entry. Mommy and I were super busy with Dog Day at the Park. We met 17 other pups and their pawrents at the meetup and I got to meet Ace in person. He is another dogster dog that goes to camp where I do. He is a pretty german shepherd!! The meetup was a blast… Brutus ran amuck as his bro Pudgie stood by…hehehe and Richter and I chilled together. Spuds and Jovi were a blast to be around. Murphy and Murphy were great too! Oh and Sassy, April and Snowie were pawsome! I got to meet royalty too Empress Mimi is so pretty and Molly was coronated Queen of the Pinata that day!! Sami came up from Maryland and played too! Gizmo stopped in toward the end of the day and we wrestled.. then he stepped on my belly. He is a big pup and it hurt…. I yipped and then got a bit grumpy with him, but mommy explained he was just playing and didn’t mean to hurt me. I feel so silly….. sorry Giz!! Meagan and Ginger weren’t around for a really long time but it was great to see them too!! And who could forget the sweetie Esperanza! I was so happy to meet her after she has barked so many answers to my Question of the Day!! It was such a great time I can’t possibly go over it all here so check out the meetup news for more of what happened.
Well I was there for all of Dog Day from before it started to after it ended. I think it went well! I mean I wish I could have played in the Dog Park more but there were demonstrations and stuff going on. I got to meet a lot of great non Dogster pups and listen proudly as mom talked to their pawrents trying to get them interested!! The contests for puppy bowling, catch the biscuit and the others were really fun and even though I didn’t come close to winning I was glad to see parents and pups enjoying themselves!!
One other important thing happened. I met a couple potential siblings at Dog Day too. Unfortunately mommy and I can’t agree. She likes a pup and I refuse to play with it…. I like a pup and it is too big… mommy has a weight limit for financial reasons…so even though she would love another big pup like me or an even bigger pup cause she loves the bigguns, she wants to keep the pup smaller than me because she knows she will be able to afford it. I think she should just make more money… but then she wouldn’t be here as much…hmmm…. Maybe I should think about this some more and comprimise…. Mommy really likes one pup in particular but I really didn’t show any interest in her and part of what we want is a pup I will play with soooo…we are still looking.

Well anyway after the day was over we went home. I was beat and so was mommy it was a long and great day!!


... I can't take all this tagging....some pup help....

October 23rd 2007 7:18 pm
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I have been tagged by Kong! As much as I try I can’t seem to get away from pups..boy I need to learn to run faster…bol!
Rules are this:
I have to pick and list 10 fellow members and say a nice thing about them and about the person who tagged me. I then send pmail or rosettes to the 10 doggies I have chosen.

So Kong is a hard working pup who does a pawsome job barking the newsletter for DP USA!! He also makes one mean PB shake!!

Here are the pups I am tagging!!
1. Reyna because she is a beautiful GSD who helps others and is the only shepherd I know I know who knows freestyle…you know!!
2. Two Feathers cause she is an adorable black little fuzzball!!
3. Pedro because he is the only male princess I know! But he sure is cute…so I guess that could be why!
4. Monty because he is the only Lurcher I think I know!! And he has one of those faces you just can’t say no to.
5. Ratty because he has Rattitude!! Wish I had some…bol
6. Tattoo because he is a pirate for Halloween just like me!! Arrrrr…..matey!!
7. Gideon because he should be a model and I envy his fluffy ears
8. Charlie because he gets frosty paws and because he already got to play in the snow that lucky pup!!
9. Roxy because she has a great smile!!
10. Oopsie because she got a great name and a great home.


Why am I it again???? This tagging is starting to get out of- hand....

October 23rd 2007 7:17 pm
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I've been tagged by the sweet and beautiful Layla! Now I'm tagging you guys.
This is a fun game to get better acquainted with your Dogster friends. Here’s how we play: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are Tagged need to post in their Diary the rules and their 7 random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Then let them know by p-mail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your Diary for instructions on how to play.

1. I am afraid of anything that falls… even a piece of paper
2. I have teddy named Manny who is my bestest bud
3. I prefer Frisbees as chew toys than things to chase
4. I have food allergies and broke out in a rash from a treat once
5. My favorite spot to be scratched by everyone is right above my tail
6. When I get really scared I put myself to sleep
7. I prefer lamb to chicken

Here are the pups I am tagging!!

1. The Super Bros dogs because besides being randomly selected… with them around there isn’t a goomba in sight…bol
2. Bull because he can dance!! Also he was super smart trying to get his mommy to stay home from work
3. Pongo because she loves blueberry yogurt… which just sounds cool to me and because she is a sweetie!!
4. Hoola Lou Sparklehorse because I love her name… isn’t it a great name for a great dane!! She is such a pretty girl and because she can make people giggle and helpless in one sly move!!
5. Maizy because she has the best ears ever!!!!
6. Gateway because even without the black heart on his side I can tell he is a special pup and touches his mommy’s heart!
7. Duffie McPhee because he is a westie and the bestie!! Hehehe


Help I have been tagged again

October 23rd 2007 7:16 pm
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Well I have been tagged by a great pupper Jonas! He is a cool pup who is always great to bark with!
You all know the rules to this game...tag 10 of your closest or not so close furfriends and make diary entry on why you tagged them. Then give them all a gift (rosette) or bark at them via pmail and tell them they have been tagged and need to check your diary for the rules!!

1. Lilian because I just love her pawty smiles picture!! And she has the pawsome nickname the Pill!!
2. Zakai because she is such a cute pup!!
3. Jem Finch because his pond swimming pictures are so pawsome and I wish I had been there
4. Sadie because she is learning to get over her doggie aggression!! I hope she gets over it really soon so she can play in the fur with tons of pups
5. Madison because she is a great labbie who looks so cool in her shades!!
6. Gem Fluffy O’Rourke because she is a darling Corgi who has a great spirit and the cutest fluffy face!!
7. Rascal because he may just be the coolest young Shih Tzu I know!!
8. Becky because she is a great big sis for Keira and reminds me of my big sis Prete who is now an angel
9. Ginger because the poem her mommy wrote for her as an angel is just so sweet
10. Cindy because she is a great JR!! I mean who doesn’t love that Russell spirit!!

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