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My Odyssey

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Birthday Thanks!!

September 16th 2010 5:21 pm
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I just wanted to stop in really quick and say thanks to all of you for the warm woofday wishes! The brought a smile to my eyes and a wag to my tail!! Mommy says tomorrow I even get to come on and play for a while and write a proper thank you to each and every one! Yeah!!!

I miss all of you more than I can say. Mommy and I both think of you almost everyday. We can't wait until things get a little more under control and we can come back and play some! (I am hoping for end of October-ish since mommy should have her grad schools picked and visited by then.) We really really miss all of you and hope you are all doing well. Please don't furget us because we could never furget you!


I am okay... well mommy is

April 8th 2010 5:10 am
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Sorry everyfur who we worried. Our internet finally got fully repaired yesterday and we are online. Mom has been busy looking for work and I have been a happy pup playing with her.
Unfortunately I started limping this morning. We are leaving for the vet momentarily for an emergency appt. Mom is scratching her head on what could have happened. I will try to woof on by more soon.


Somehow I managed to completely remove my toe nail. It just isn't there anymore. Now I have this big bandage thing that is there to make me more "comfortable". What is my vet thinking?? How can I be comfortable with a big thing stuck to my leg. It is mainly just to provide some padding and when it falls off it falls off. Hopefully if I have my way it will be off by the end of the day *wink wink*
I also have some meds for a few days to prevent an infection. It could have been much worse. Of course I am not sure what would be worse than this stupid bandage....


10 Things I have learned this Blizzard

February 7th 2010 1:32 pm
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1. When the snow is piled 2 feet up against the door it is best to let your pawrent go first even if it is just on this occasion.

2. Don’t throw snow against the wind. It will just come back and bite you in the face.

3. When looking to do your business low spots make the best spots.

4. Nothing makes your boring yard more interesting than a snow storm. Suddenly it is like you are a pirate in search of hidden treasures.(namely all the sticks and toys you left out there before the storm)

5. Digging your own igloo is a lot of work. My recommendation: subcontract some huskies to help with the labor!

6. Zoomies are always better when you fling snow everywhere.

7. Plows are a shovelers worst enemy but a car’s best friend. Not that I care frankly cars are an abomination against nature and should be stopped. Maybe I should start a down with plows campaign.

8. The snow is lower on the other side of the street. (Well at least for us. Man those drifts were amazing and our house was perfect to have all of them right on our walkways. BOL)

9. Do a kind deed for your neighbors. When a blizzard is coming park your cars in the drive to provide a place for all the snow to drift against protecting their yard.

10. Nothing is better than a snow nap. You know the one after running and bounding through the yard then coming in and curling up on your nice warm bed.


Snow... snow and more snow

December 20th 2009 5:58 am
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I just had to take a sec and say wow that is a lot of snow. I mean I loooove snow but it is over my head and I am no short pup. Mommy had to take a break from studying this morning just to dig a path for me in the back yard to be able to.... well.... you know. It is beautiful and amazing!! I love playing and tried to pounce the snow as it flew off of mom's shovel. Of course only problem is there is so much I am not quite sure what to do. Check out my video to see what I mean...BOL!


Woofday Thanks!

September 16th 2009 6:32 am
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Thank you Willey for the pawsome picture!!
Thanks Spanky for the super yummy cake... Fancypants always has the best sweets!
A big thank you for Jessica for the lovely woofday message!!
Checkers my main pup thank you for the warm wishes!!
The Doggie Connection gets a big woof for the great woofday picture!! Arooo!
Thanks sooo much to my new pals Crystal and Prince for the pawsome birthday cake! It was spectacular!
Thanks to Bitu who is the best for sending me a warm Woofday wish and pawsome rosette!
Big Woofy thanks to the Tankus Gang to for their beautiful birthday barks!
Thanks to Ellie for the pawsome birthday crown!
Thanks to The Family of ♥ Lexie Furever♥, ♥ Amber ♥, ♥ Skye♥, ~*Spanky*~, ♥Sammy♥, ♥Miz Frankie♥, ♥Henry♥, Johnny(Friends Dog), and ♥Johnny♥ for the ice cream and cake YUMMMM!!
Woofy Wishes of gratitude to Scooby for the super pirate flag for my Woofday!! I love pirates Arrrrr!!
And last but certainly not least Thanks to my best bud Richter!! (He just got a little pink one too in his family *does excited dance* and still woofed me on my birthday)


A Woof from the Dark

August 25th 2009 11:59 am
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Hi every fur!
I hope to woof with some of you individually too but I figured a big woof would be good for all of you who know me.
I truly miss you all and the community here at Dogster more than I can say. Right now mommy works 16+ hours every day trying to keep everything moving and going. She even feels bad that I don’t get as many walkies as I want but I know she loves me and when things settle and work out we will be back on the walks and having tons of fun.
So for the #1 reason I have been on a leave of absence Mommy is still finishing up her schooling. I think this semester should be the last so by January I will be back on Dogster as much as I want! Yeah!!! (But sniffles that it has been this long since I could woof and until I can woof tons with all my pals.)
As for the nasty custody battle for the boys, mommy’s nephews (the #2 reason I haven’t been here.) Great news! We have custody of both of them now!! It is a ton of work as both were neglected to the point of being psychologically damaged but we are moving forward. Counseling all the time and me hiding in mommy’s room on their bad days but things will level out the longer they are with us.
I hope all of you are happy and well. I miss everyfur here soooo much and would love to spend all my time here. (Well all the time that I am not at the dog park or on walkies… or nap time of course) I hope to woof a little more but it is crazy here. I miss you all!!

Tail wags


Woofday thank yous.... coming soon

September 18th 2008 11:25 am
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Since mommy is still away I will be woofing my Woofday thank yous really soon!! Sorry fur the delay pups and kitties! Thanks to all of you who wished me well!

I can't wait for tomorrow!! Talk like a pirate day!! Arrrrrr.......


Death of Bunny

June 17th 2008 5:42 pm
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Last night I killed bunny. I was so upset about Mimi and Molly I had to take my frustration out on something and I ripped bunny’s head off. I am sorry bunny… furgive me…

An Ode to Bunny

Oh Bunny of mine you squeaked so good
Just as a pink bunny should
Your ears so fun to tug right off
Even the Empress didn’t scoff
At the joy you brought each of us three
O my Bunny what I have done to thee
Please pull your head back together my friend
Your head to your body somehow mend
I miss your sweet squeak and your stuffing inside
I am so sad at how quickly you died


Empress Mimi and Molly Visit

June 17th 2008 5:41 pm
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Oh this was by far one of the bestest weekends ever!!! I had so much fun I literally couldn’t have had more or I would have passed out from fun exhaustion. On Friday the two lovely ladies Molly and Empress Mimi came to my house to stay!!
Being the good host I am I announced their arrival and greeted them at the door! They came in and sniffed around. We then got down to business. The best business of wrestling!! The Empress is great to play with. I love going after her feet and pushing my head up against her. You can see the video I added. It is fun to get her all riled up by putting a paw on her too. She would get all flustered and barky. But I learned I shouldn’t push her too far. In the end I just want to play and have fun so it is good to know her limit.
Molly is just so sweet and she even played a little her and there with me. She has become quite the playing tease doing a little play bow here and a little almost wrestle there but I am just happy of the little play we do have. She is a wonderful pup and it was just amazing having them over. Oooooo and they brought me pressies too!! I love pressies! They brought me these super nummy biscuits from a doggie bakery by them. I love the peanut butter and the original so much and I just can’t wait until I get each new biscuit. They also brought me a wonderful pink bunny named Bunny! Bunny is the best and we played with him together. We managed to get an ear off but we took turns playing and squeaking him! I just love squeaking stuffties! I love my bunny!!
I was so sad to see them go. I moped around the house all day Sunday and most of Monday. I , the mope king when I get to moping. Went sniffing around trying to find them and kept going and laying with bunny. I sure hope they can come back soon to play. Both times they have come have been a fun time to remember!


DOTD thank yous... I know they are late... but they are- heartfelt

May 12th 2008 3:32 pm
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Well it has been a long time since I was Dog of the Day and I feel kind of sad that I haven’t been able to say thank you before now, but mommy was really just too sick until recently to help me make this thank you. So here it goes….

Wow still I can’t believe that I was chosen as dog of the day on January 22nd!! *blushes* There are so many amazing pups here on Dogster that I sure deserve more than me but I am truly thankful!! Thank you Dogster HQ for making my day and making mommy smile while she was so sick. It really means the world to us both!!

Now to all the amazing pups that I need to thank! I received so much love on that day and I can’t tell you how much it made my tail wag!! It was amazing to see the love pour out from all of you here… of course I am not surprised anymore. We received so many warms wishes and so much love from everyfur throughout mommy’s sick time that I know that the furs in this community have bigger hearts than anywhere else! Thank you to every single puppy and kitty here that has touched my life and thanks to each and every pal I have! You guys are the greatest and deserve all the treats you could eat in a lifetime! Now to the individual thank yous to the pups and fur families that sent me something special on my day!
Thank you for the Special Pictures
These two great pups made me pictures… which will be going on my page shortly!!
Tinker Belle NPC
And then there is…
Kong who captured a screen shot of my special day since mommy was too sick and I never got a chance to see it for myself.

For the Stars
The Tater Tots
Jovi , NPC
Sassy, NPC
The family of ♥ Zoee' ♥ and ♥ Chloe' ♥
The Blue Crab Girls

For the gifts
The Chicago Crew
The family of H. H. Parker Esq., ~Boogie~ADOPTED~, Tico el Bandito, The Spring Fever Amigos and more!
The family of Nikita Sophia ღ ღ, Armbruster, Angel Runt, Sweet Angel Candy and more!
Gold Bones
The family of Gunner PAWS, Wiggles, In Memory of Heidi, In Memory of Beau
The family of ♥ Athens ♥, Austin and Gazda
The family of Abbi, Gucci and Rhyval
Tennis Balls
Lola Chanel
Party Hats
The family of C♥ty, RiLeY and Izzi

For the Rosettes
The family of Buddy and Maddie
The Roo Crew
The family of Roswell, CGC, NPC, ChiChi, Charlie (at the bridge), Bowser (In Loving Memory) and more!
The family of Paco and Kimba & Squeaker (I miss you!)>
The family of Molly, Thumper and Bear
The family of ♥ Missy ♥ and ♥ Tyler ♥
The family of Gracie and Princess
The family of Tinkerbelle☮ and Natasha-91-00†
Arthur furever wiggling
The family of LIVEE and ROCKY forever in our ♥
Mingus, CGC, R3GL
Hansome Jack
Ziggy Moonbeam
Kipopo - CGC
The family of ♥Dale Bo♥, Chico♥, Puddie and Ninja AT "RAINBOW B and Cash
Miss Molly

For the Messages
Tinker Belle NPC
Bucks Barras
Maxmillion Winston, PAWS
♥Dale Bo♥

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