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Butch`s adventures with his dad 1995-2000

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Greetings from Butch

November 9th 2004 7:09 pm
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Hi ,
My name is Butch and I`m writing my first diary entry from across the Rainbow Bridge. My sister,Lady, wrote her first entry recently and encouraged me to do the same. I`ve been having so much fun exploring this wonderous place in the 4 years since leaving my dad back in 2000 that I really haven`t thought much about writing till now. My dad and I had an exciting time back on earth. He took me on many backpacking trips along the Appalacian trail and we would travel to Alaska once a year. In all I went there(alaska)5 times. I really never thought that I would see a place as nice as Alaska but the land across the Rainbow Bridge surpasses all! I`m encouraging my dad to buy a scanner so he can update my site with photos of all our wonderful times together.

Will be in touch,



My visit to the South Pole

December 3rd 2004 9:09 pm
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I`ve been on the other side of Rainbow Bridge for a bit over 4 years now. I`ve discovered that as a Doggie angel, I can do some pretty fantastic things! At first I was conservative(I`m just a mellow sort of guy) and was content to visit places where dad used to go back on earth with me. Then I heard that Dogster was having a Holiday Party and wanted good photos for their holiday pages. Since my sister,Lady, was planning a visit to the North Pole, I decided to visit the South Pole. I explored around a bit but it was really COLD so after posing for a photo at the Pole itself, I went inside Amundsen/Scott base for a hot bowl of kibble. Everybody at the US base here was glad to see me since there aren`t too many K9`s here anymore since planes and snowmachines have ursurped dogteams.

Emboldened by this trip, I`m planning more exotic travells soon. Maybe I`ll do Everest or even the Moon. The next astronauts there may be collecting some interesting moon rocks!!

PS The Pole photo is on the site here.


Alaska trip 1995

December 8th 2004 9:39 pm
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Woof woof!
I finally got my dad to buy a scanner so now he can post more pictures of me on my page! A few months after he adopted me, we took a trip to Alaska in August 1995. It was our first long trip together and I just loved being with my new dad!

We drove the Dalton highway(the alaska pipeline road) all the way to Prudhoe Bay and the Arctic Ocean. On Aug 12, the day that we were at Prudhoe Bay, the high temp was 45 degrees. Dad tried to talk me into a swim in the Arctic Ocean but I said NO WAY! He did a short swim on his own.

I`ve had him post a few pix of me from that trip on the page here. The last one shows me on the tundra beside the Alaska Pipeline where we both camped for the nite.

I will have dad post more pix of our adventures periodically.

Woofs from across Rainbow Bridge!




December 12th 2004 1:19 pm
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Woof Woof,

Just got Dad to add another photo from our 1995 Alaska trip. It was taken Aug 1 1995 at the Saskatchewan border as we entered Canada. I forgot to declare my dog buscuits at customs, but Dad said not to worry.

Woofs from across Rainbow Bridge,


Our first Alaska Trip

January 27th 2005 6:50 am
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Dad took me to Alaska for the first time in August of 1995 shortly after adopting me. We made Skagway our first stop in Alaska. Dad and I hiked the Chilkoot trail which starts in Skagway,crosses Chilkoot pass,and ends at the Gold Rush town of Bennet in Canada`s Yukon Territory. After finishing the Chilkoot hike we explored Skagway for a bit,walking down to the docks where the cruise ships pull in. Dad just scanned a photo of me sitting in front of one.Those ships are really BIG,like floating cities! The photo of me in front of the cabin was taken on Chilkoot summit. It marks the Alaska--Canada border.It was hard work carrying my dogpack over the Chilkoot pass!

Dad took me to Alaska 4 more times before I crossed over Rainbow Bridge in 2000. I`ll have him post more pix of our travells on this site from time to time!

From across Rainbow Bridge,


Viewing the Iditarod

March 6th 2005 12:27 pm
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Woofs from across the Rainbow Bridge!!

Here in the wondrous land that exists across Rainbow Bridge,we doggie angels can do amazing things. We`re free to travel almost anywhere so long as we clear it with the TOP DOG(a handsome shepherd mix belonging to St. Peter). I decided to visit this year`s Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska. The photo on my page shows me with a dog team at spectacular Rainy Pass.

We doggie angels will be acting as guardians to ensure that all the teams arrive safely in Nome.

From across Rainbow Bridge,



Visiting Iditarod Teams

March 11th 2005 2:59 pm
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Woof Woof,

As I continue my tour of the 2005 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race,I paid a visit today to Takotna. I socialized with this dogteam and others in the area, wising them all the best on their long journey to Nome!!



Appalacian Trail hiking

March 21st 2005 8:36 pm
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When I was back on earth with my Dad, we used to take many backpacking trips. I would carry trail maps,biscuits,dog food and other items in my dogpack. Dad and I backpacked year round, but we especially enjoyed winter trips with the silent woods and snow. I got Dad to post this new photo to my page. It shows me with my dogpack hiking the Appalacian trail in January. This photo was taken in Pennsylvania`s St Anthony Wilderness.

I still continue to dogpack across the Rainbow Bridge and there are many wonderful trips to take here,but I eagerly await the day when Dad and I can backpack together again!



Hiking in the Yukon

April 24th 2005 12:56 pm
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Woofs from across the Rainbow Bridge!,

Dad just scannned a new photo,so I decided to write a diary entry about it. It`s now my primary photo. It shows me atop a mountain in Canada`s Yukon Territory. Dad took me on my first trip to Alaska in 1995 only a few months after adopting me. On the way home, we drove up the Dempster Highway near Dawson City. Dawson was the site of the Klondike gold rush of 1898. Dad and I hiked several miles back along an old logging road here and then bushwacked our way to the top of this mountain. We had to fight our way thru thick brambles and ford 2 icy streams before emerging onto the tundra at the top. The views up here were expansive. Dad and I camped here overnite. I`ll bark more diary entries as Dad scans more pix from this and future trips. I went to Alaska 5 times with my Dad and once to the Grand Canyon.



My 10th anniversary!!

June 7th 2005 1:35 pm
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Yesterday,June 6 2005, was the 10th anniversary of my adoption. On June 6 1995 my dad went to the Bucks County SPCA and adopted me. Dad and I shared 51/4 wonderful years together. We took 5 trips to Alaska and 1 to the Grand Canyon. In addition, Dad would regularly take me hiking on the Appalacian Trail for multi day backpacking trips. I went over the Rainbow Bridge in 2000, but still think of my Dad always. For the 10th anniversary of my adoption all the members of our doggie family who have crossed over the Bridge gathered to celebrate. We travelled to this lovely spot and had a wonderful party.

In attendance were (left to right) Lady Mutt, Lady,Daisy, Sable,Myself,and Storm.

Miss you,Dad! Looking forward to meeting you again one day!

From across Rainbow Bridge,

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