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Long Overdue !!!

December 28th 2008 3:44 pm
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After my passing to the Bridge, my friend Maddi, wrote a poem for me. Momma ment to put it in my diary and never did. Months later, here it is...Maddi, I love you too!!!!!!!

JerryLee's Ode From Maddi

What a dog was he!
A hunter of wide reknown.
His prey took him seriously,
He would definately take them down.

He is gone from this sphere,
But his mom still loves him so.
Although he is no longer here,
We feel his spirit close.

JerryLee we bid you fond adieu,
And we will think of you forever.
We all loved and respected you,
And our bond cannot be severed.



November 10th 2008 8:05 am
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Momma thought she was such a smarty pants when she took over my last diary entry (Tagged). Seems she can't count very well...I tagged Billie-Bob too and she didn't put his name on the list! Thinking she must have a touch of "old-timers disease" or she needs new glasses! Woof! JerryLee


I've been tagged!

November 8th 2008 8:16 am
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Delilah tagged me and I'm supposed to list "7 pawsome things about myself " and then I tag 7 pups, paw-mail them to read my diary entry, then they tag 7 more pals...sounds like fun!

Okay, here we go...momma thinks I will be too modest about myself so she is going to list JerryLee's 7 most pawsome (awesome) facts!!

2-Olympians physique
3-Fearsome hunter
4-Mommas guardian angel
6-Multi-faceted athlete
7-goofy & fun loving

Now, I will tag 7 furiends and paw-mail them!
Maddi, Sophie, Dylan, Rubee, Zak and Troop

Woof, JerryLee


My view from the Bridge

September 4th 2008 7:10 am
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I am at the Rainbow Bridge was an accident, something momma always told me "no", I did it anyway (it's a "zone" thing) and this time it got me killed. I was chasin' the horse...usually I run along beside him barking...this time he had a real big head start on me, when I got up right behind him and started barking he bucked and one of his hooves caught me on the side of my head (between my eye and ear)...that was the end of my life on earth.
It is really beautiful here, at the Bridge, my sister dogs, Shasta and Delilah met me and we had a happy reunion...lots of tail wagging and pouncing around! I have met alot of family I didn't even know I had! Mako, Tara, Val, Gypsy and Levi.
I wish momma wasn't so sad and lonely. Our life together was a tightly woven that I am gone that fabric has unraveled. She keeps telling herself, "one day at a time, one day at a time". She put a red rose on my grave...she knows I'm not spirit will always be with her. She will see me in our beloved woods and fields, trotting along in front with my jaunty tail held high...lord of the manor, master of the woods!!
Woof, JerryLee



July 25th 2008 8:21 am
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I had just gone outside, spotted the snake at the edge of the driveway. Started barking my special snake-bark...this bark is used exclusively for snakes! Momma knows what this bark means and she came out right away. She took one look at it and told me, "JerryLee!! Get back!! Get back!! It's a baaad snake, it will hurt you!!" I stepped back (just a little) and continued to circle it and bark! Momma ran in the house...I wondered where she was going...thought she had my back!? She returned in a flash tho...she had gone inside to get the 410 shotgun. She stood in front of me, aimed and fired....BOOM!!!! I hate that shooting stuff! It makes my ears feel like they are going to fall off! The shot made the snake fly backwards, he was almost blown in half. It still opened it's mouth to show it's fangs! Inside it's mouth, it was white as snow. Momma said it was a Cottonmouth Moccasin! She picked it up with a pitch fork and put it in a bucket. Then she put the bucket where I couldn't reach it. When my big brother dropped by after work, he would take it somewhere and dump it. (where I couldn't find it!) Momma says it is a blessing that I was born with a natural wariness of all snakes...if she says so, it must be true!!
Woof, JerryLee


JerryLee, you da man!!!

May 1st 2008 9:20 am
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I'm walkin' tha' walk an' talkin' tha' talk...I finally caught an armadillo last night! Been chasin' those pests (and trying to dig them up) since I was a pup. The best I ever did was bring home a piece of one's tail. It was definately my time to shine! Lucky dawg...lucky dawg!!! When I saw him I barked, then I took off after it...growling and determined...popped out of the underbrush and had it by the tail! This one wasn't going to get away!! I pinned it down and proceeded to crunch it with my powerful jaws. I was proud of myself and momma bragged on my hunting prowess. I left it for the buzzards and went inside to take a well deserved rest!
Woof, JerryLee


Waxing poetic

March 29th 2008 8:24 am
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I was reading my friend Sophie's diary the other day...she was thinking about poetry and that got me thinking too! Decided to give it a try myself...had an inspiration while basking in a sunny spot.

JerryLee's Seasons and Reasons

Torrid summer with sultry air and biting flies-
clouds of gnats swarm about my eyes.
Night finally comes, things cool down-
chase some 'dillos 'round and 'round.

I like fall, it has crispy air and there's another reason-
take off sprintin' thru the woods, woo hoo, it's huntin' season!
Run those deer over the hill and thru the swamp,
barkin' and bayin', what a romp!

Magical winter, my passion is reborn-
running, unflagging on a frosty morn'.
My paws thump thunder on the frozen ground-
I am at liberty, my spirit unbound.

Breezy spring brings rain for blossoms in many hues-
keep my nose to the moist ground, sniffing for clues.
Across the creek and past the tall pine-
searching for quarry on which to dine!

Winter is the best of all-
after that spring and fall.
Summer has it's good parts too-
but stayin' cool is hard to do!

Woof, JerryLee


Grrr-ow-that hurt!

March 7th 2008 12:10 pm
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Had to go to the vet this morning. Got a piece of tree root wedged across my upper palate. I was trying to dig an armadillo out of it's burrow last night. A tree root was in my way so I chomped it in half...bad idea...'cause it got stuck tight! I was frantically pawing at my muzzle and twisting my tongue around while making "gack" noises! I was freaking out and momma's hands were shaking with anxiety. I finally calmed down a little and let her look in my mouth. She could see the piece of root but I wouldn't let her touch it. (I growled a warning) I was exhausted and finally decided to rest. We spent a sleepless, restless night. Then it was off to the vet. He had to put a muzzle on me because I was growling again! Then he gave me an injection to knock me out for a few minutes. He got the piece of root-wood removed from my mouth. It was really stuck tight! Momma said he gave me another injection for pain and an antibiotic one too. 'Bout an hour later I was alert enough to stagger to the car and go home!!! I'm still "loopy" and will probably stay that way most of the day. My mouth feels sooo much better already!! I've already licked my paws and snuffled around in my crotch! Hope I can remember to NEVER do that again! Woof! J.L.


Wuzzup? Nuttin' honey...!

March 2nd 2008 8:57 am
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Time flies when you're having fun! Everyday holds the possibilities of great adventure. Never know what I'll find on morning walkabout. I've been doing my share of deer chasing and getting muddy. Found another dead beaver to drag home...momma won't let me bring them in the house, she's such a spoil sport! She took this one and stuffed it in a big plastic bag, put it in the back of the truck (where I couldn't reach it) and had my big brother take it to parts unknown and get rid of it. Snort!!
We had alot of rain and the creeks did some serious flooding. It was three days before we could cross them. I was in awe of the fast flowing water, it looked like a young river! When I finally got to cross again and reclaim my territory there was alot of work to do...had to get busy and refresh all my "pee mark" bushes!!
Hunting season (for people) is over!! I have the woods to myself again! On weekends it was so hard for me to be patient and wait for them to leave so I could go out in MY woods and fields!
Think I'll spend some time today sunning myself, resting and napping. Life is good! Woof! J.L.


I wanna be a cowboy, bay-bee!!

December 31st 2007 7:55 am
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Holy cow! For real! On walkabout this morning I found a longhorn bull in the field beside the pond! I'd never seen a bull before...wuff...those horns are awesome! It was a total surprise. We don't have any cattle and this guy was just visiting. Momma didn't see him at first, he was standing in the woods. I started barking and ran him out in the open field. I kept running around the bull and barking. He just looked at me like I was an annoying fly!! Momma called me away from him...I didn't want to obey and then momma got her "searious tone" so I left him alone. I thought I'd be "big dawg" but momma told me I didn't know what I was doing and the bull might hook me with his horns or stomp me into a greasy spot! Humm??? We left him there and trotted back to the house. Momma made a phone call to a man down the way(he owns longhorns)and let him know his bull was at our place. That was the biggest surprise I've had all year!!! Woof! JerryLee

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