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My New Thundershirt

April 19th 2011 5:52 pm
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It is not nice outside today. We had rain, snow, ice, and all sorts of other things fallin' from the sky today. Then it started to thunder and Mom got my new Thundershirt and wrapped it on me. It felt good, but I still shook like one of those things that shakes a lot. It din thunder that much, but I still shook for a half hour, even with my new shirt on.

Mom said that's okay. We'll have more time to wear it this spring when all the storms come.

WHAT?!!! More storms?! I thought storms were only for winter! Lexie says no. She says we have more storms and louder storms and way more thunder and lightning in the other half of the year, the half that we are goin' into now.

Oh, I wish that Gretta, my bestest, most beautifullest girlpup ever, was here wif me right now. She isn't 'fraid of no storms! At least I could show her my new shirt an' how good all my muscles look in it. I bet I would impawress her, even if I was shakin' in it!


Clothing for the Audio-Anxious

April 9th 2011 9:00 pm
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Mom did some shoppin'. She does love to do the shoppin. This time she did the shoppin' fur me and got me somethin' called a Thundershirt. She even used a coupon and got free shippin'! Shoppin' wif free shippin' - how cool is that?!

Anyway, a Thundershirt is s'posed to help me not get so frightened when it is thunderin' outside or when it there are fireworks goin' off an' stuff like that. I will believe it when I tries it on and it works. Some pals of ours have used them and say they are great. They say their anxious pups can even calm down enough to eat when it's thunderin' outside! Can you 'magine?! I love eatin' so I hope Mom tests this out the next time it is thunderin' and gives me lots to eat. I might just like the Thundershirt!

P.S. If you go to the Thundershirt site and buy a Thundershirt, you can use coupon code RD343 at the checkout to get the free shippin'!


Mom's Home!

April 3rd 2011 7:05 pm
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Mom came home! I knew she would! Or at least I hoped she would. She did! She had her big suitcase an' it smelled good.

I dunno why, but Mom said I was not to go near her suitcase. Mom unpacked most of it right away and then before she went upstairs, she put that suitcase right up on the counter where I could not so much as sniff it! I think that's a bit crazy, right?

But then Mom went off again and visited wif her pawrents, Oma und Opa. When she got back it was thunderin' an' lightnin' outside, but she took us out for a walk anyway. There was so much lightnin' and then the thunder started an' I asked Mom if we could jus go home insteadda walkin' more. She jus kept walkin'! Yipes! But I managed to do what we came to do and she then said it was okay to go straight home. That thunder is loud!

We came in the back way and Mom got us in the back door just as it was startin' to rain. I hates the rain. Anyway, now we are safe inside an' dry and Mom is here and I am fed and pooed and happy. If only the thunder would go away. I'd be even happier. But happy is happy an' I'm bein' happy.


My Name is Mud

March 27th 2011 1:58 pm
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I finally got to visit Oma and Opa's new place today! How cool is that?! And Uncle was there too. I got so excited . . .

. . . that I pooed on their new carpet, right in front of Oma. Mom yelled and then grabbed the poo bag outta her coat pocket and plucked the pile off the carpet before it could hardly even make a nice patch of smell. Geez. Talk 'bout rainin' on my parade. I was jus givin' a housewarmin' pressie to Oma and Opa and she hadda go and ruin it!

Lexie always told me that the reason I din get to visit Oma and Opa's new place yet was cuz of this kind of thing. I thought she was jus tryin' to made me feel bad or somethin'. Now I feel a bit ashamed. No one liked my gift. Mom said it was better 'n doin' number one on their new carpet. She made me sit on her lap for the rest of our short visit. Sigh. I also left pieces of mud all over in there, but I thought it lent texture to their boring flooring. No one liked that either.

Then we came home and I chased squirrels all over the yard and dragged mud into the house from my paws. It's all good!


Scrambled Eggs in Bed!

March 24th 2011 8:29 am
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When Mom heard the dog-pukin' sound this mornin', she figured it was Lexie and her little bouts of reflux. Then she rolled over and found Lexie curled up in a tight ball against her and she shot out of bed, knowin' that when the Buddy pukes, it is not the same sichyation!

I left scrambled eggs all over the end of the bed and a yellow puddle of bile. Mom said it was gross. I figured as much, which is why I din eat it up again.

Mom did lots of laundry after that and got really worried 'bout me. Within a few minutes I was boppin' all over the house and barkin' my head off, you know, like normal. I even ate breakfast, but Mom din give me that much of it.

Mom can't find any evidence of me gettin' into somethin' and all the bedroom doors were closed last night, as usual. I'm not talkin'.



March 20th 2011 8:39 pm
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I was a bit miffed that Mom shoved me out in the yard today while it was rainin'. I decided I was not gonna go, no matter how many times she tol me to. When she finally relented and let me back inside, I laid low until she wasn't lookin' and then I peed on the carpet.

I know how much she likes cleanin' and all, but I was not gonna give her the satisfaction so I made sure I only peed on one square and one square only! That'll show her. Phooey.

Who am I kidding? I love my Mom.

What were we talkin' 'bout?


The Sky is Fallin'!

March 20th 2011 12:10 pm
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I hate the rain! At least if it were snow, I could walk out in it and not get so wet so fast. I jus hate the water on me. I went out early this mornin' an' did my pee, but din take the time to poo. Ran back in for breakfast and then Mom fell back asleep. Her bad. Had to poo in the livin' room, but it was nice and dry. Easy to pick up. I'm good like that.

Mom wasn't happy to see it, but she still is lovin' on me, so must not be so bad. She got out the vacuum and cleaned the carpet really good. I thought it smelled kinda nice. Go figure.

Mom got these new carpetin' in the livin' room. Georgie, Finn, Winston, Nee-nee and Lily's mom said it works really well. The carpet is all over the floor, but it comes apart in squares. If we have an accident on one square, Mom can jus pick it up and clean it super aggresively and let it dry and put it back down. Makes her happy.

She seems to enjoy it so much that I always try to do any business that I might have to do at the place where two or three or even more pieces of this carpet meet. This makes her happy, cuz she likes cleanin'. Hittin' jus one square isn't good enough. I'm good like that.

I wish the rain would stop. It even thundered a couple times and it's so dark outside, it could be somewhere 'tween dinner and bedtime! I dread my evenin' walk. Puddles! *shudder*



March 15th 2011 10:45 pm
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Mom was really mad at me for playin' wif her 'puter bag tonight. I decided to lie low. Like not lie high up on the couch or nothin'.

Mom went on the FaceSpace thingy an' tol' all her friends what I done did. She was LOL-in' an' rantin' on there. She ate her dinner out of a little tray by the 'puter. It smelled good, but I was not about to ask her for any.

Then Mom went upstairs to recake the bafftub. She been workin' in the baffroom three days now, scrapin' the old cake off the tub so she can put new cake in there along that line where the tub touches the wall. Somethin' 'bout shower water comin' into the kitchen or somethin'. Crazy. Guess stuffin' cake in that crack keeps the water out.

Anyway, she went up to cake and I decided she musta meant for me to taste whatever was left in that little tray by the 'puter. It was green, like a puddle of thick sauce.

Oh. My. Dog! What was that stuff? I took one taste and that was all I wanted. Hot! Hot! Hot! Where is the water??!! OMD - I need some water!



March 15th 2011 10:39 pm
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Jus call me the valet!

I did unpack Mom's suitcase today for her. I took out her homework and unzipped all the little pockets. Well, okay, some of them was hard to unzip so I just tugged hard and got them to open wifout messin' up the zippers. That was nice'a me. Then I found some licorice whips. They din taste so good. I tried one and it was kinda crunchy inside so I left it alone after bitin' it in half.

Well, Mom came home and boy, was she surprised at all the work I did!

Then she got mad.

I know - right? I couldn't belief it either! She yelled at me, really loud! She even called me a son of a bitch! I was like, yeah, my mom was a bitch. Why are you tellin' me that? I don get the humans sometimes.

Mom said that I was not supposed to go in her computer bag. I was not supposed to rip up her folders and taste her homework. I was not supposed to snack on her USB cord. I was not supposed to mess wif her zippers. Sheesh. What else can't I do, Mom??!!



March 12th 2011 2:43 pm
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Second child brought up the groomin' table for Mom this morning. Mom did Lexie first - ha! When it was my turn, I tried to sit still, but then Mom nicked the edge of my ear! Ouch! Mom said she was sorry, put some funny powder on it, and then gave me extra treats! How cool is that?!

I din let her go too close to my ears after that. She used the scissors later by my ears and I wasn't as scared. I think I look pretty spiffy. I wish Gretta were here!

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