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August 8th 2007 10:04 am
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Arrrooo! I love to do that! Mom was so surprised when I first started talking. Lexie doesn't talk. She just barks. And barks, and barks and barks. Women.

Mom was reading on one of our group sites about schnauzers who talk like me. How fun is that? She is learning so much! I just love to say all sorts of things to my new family, like, "Hey, won't anybody play with me?" and "Say, wouldn't another scoop of food be a kind thing?" or "Hey, I'm too excited to stand still!" I just have so many more sounds than my sister. I asked her if the cat got her tongue. She was not amused.


New Places, New Friends, New Furdo!

August 6th 2007 11:24 am
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So Mom gets me into the van this morning without my sister, Lexie. What's up with that? We drove off a mile or two, then parked and took a short walk in a strange neighborhood. Mom was really pleased when I did all my duties, then we walked back to the van. But we didn't get back in. Instead, Mom took me into the building we had parked in front of, and she left me there! At first I didn't even notice that she was gone because there were all these handsome doggies in there. Funny thing, though - they were standing up on tables. "You guys look silly up there! Get down here and let's play!" I said to them all. One tiny little black toy dog gave me a withering look, as if to say, "You have no clue, do you."

Some nice lady led me into a back room and then I started to get a little nervous as I saw another dog getting a very wet and very soapy bath. Dang! Not another bath, and hey - where's Mom gone off to? Well, you can guess what I was in for. I had my first grooming session. They wrote on my chart when we finished that I was a little nervous, but very sweet. Mom was glad to hear that when she returned to get me a few hours later. Everyone cooed and "awwwed" and petted me when I got home. Lexie looked strangely surprised to see me, but after a reintroductory sniff of my new coif, she simply walked away. Women.

Mom is talking now about a new photo shoot. Sounds dangerous, but I think it might be that camera thing again. That should be easy. Keep checking back - new photos to come very soon!


I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

August 4th 2007 9:30 pm
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Tonight Lexie and I got to walk all the way to the grocery store in the dark because the smallest human needed something called Goodnites. I think every night is a Good Night. It was so fun to go out walking tonight after the rain. Everything smelled so wonderful!

Mom and Dad are really trying to train both of us to respect them as pack leaders. A friend of Mom's gave her a pamphlet today entitled, "How to be the Leader of the Pack . . . and Have Your Dog Love You for it!" This means she gets to go in and out of the house first, and she wants me to learn not to barge in front of her, especially on the stairs, which can be extremely hazardous to both of us. I just get so excited! I hope I can learn these things. I also hope Mom remembers to bring that little bag with the tasty treats in it when she's trying to get me to learn. That always helps.


Poops . . . oops

August 3rd 2007 8:47 am
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Mom was just saying what a perfect addition to the family I am. I think the pressure was too great. I went to the basement and pooped on the floor by the washing machine. I'm sorry. One of the kids found it and came running up the stairs and ratted on me.

This morning, Mom got down to look under the bed and say hello to my sister in her special sleeping place (where she now sleeps since I stole her comfy bed). That's when she found my other poo. That one really made her mad - right under her bed! Maybe even worse is the fact that I did it in my sister's special, private, get-away-and-sleep spot. Mom thinks there are psychological ramifications in my choice of defication location.


Well, on the bright side, mom has decided that I should get a regular morning and evening walk around the block. I pleased her this morning by pooping outside. Sigh. I hope I can be good. I'm still just growing out of puppyhood, ya know.


Moths Are Fun!

August 1st 2007 9:15 am
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I had so much fun last night in the yard. There were these little flittery things floating around through the air near the ground. I would walk, then one of them would suddenly jump up and start floating in front of my face - how weird! Mom found me outside doing a sort of ghost dance, up on my hind legs, snapping at the air, twisting around and staring, then jumping up again. She couldn't see the sylph-like creatures, so she just thought I had been possessed by a cat. That was kinda insulting. I am no cat. I wouldn't even let a cat in the yard, for Pete's sake.

She finally figured out what I was doing, of course, and told me that the little faerie-like thing I was following was a moth, a sort of nocturnal cousin of the butterfly. That was fun, chasing the moths. Lexie hasn't been too keen on playing with me, so at least I could do some whack-a-mole with the little fluttery guys. It's also been in the upper 90s all week long, so I kinda look forward to sundown - cooler, quieter and mothier.


Woof Arooo! Wunder Hund!

July 29th 2007 8:38 pm
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Dog, oh Dog, you shoulda seen me tonight! I was running all crazy-like around the back yard and ready to play with anything that moved! Mom still had her skirt on from church this morning and we played El Toro as I zipped by over and over and over again. I am a mighty bull, I am a graceful gazelle, I am Wunder Hund! I run like the wind - oops, watch out for that bench, ouch! Anyway, I am greased lightning, I am a comet, a meteor, a super-sonic missile speeding across the cosmos - oops, sorry Mom. Didn't mean to ram into your legs like that. Are you okay? Anyway, I am . . . I am . . . I am rather tired now. I think I'll just eat this piece of clover and then collapse . . . right . . . here.


Girls Can Be So Silly

July 29th 2007 3:08 pm
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My sister, Lexie, just ran around the house all happy and skippy and crazy because her latest essay got noticed by some Webmasterdog on here. What a girl! I'd rather lie here and chew on one of Mom's many pairs of Keen Newport H2 sandals than act all silly just because of my diary being hacked into by hundreds of unknown canines. Mom says they're not hackers. Okay, they're not hackers. Pass me the red shoe. The red ones taste the best.


Latest Photo

July 25th 2007 8:15 pm
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My new Mom had the biggest kid in the house grab Lexie and me and then she got out that thing Lexie was telling me about . . . the camera. Lexie's right. I am getting used to the camera thing. I'm also getting used to getting grabbed, cuddled, rubbed, teased, treated, and played with. What a life. Wonder if Lexie knows how good she has it?


Float Like a Butterfly . . .

July 24th 2007 4:56 pm
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. . . Face Full of Burrs. Ouch. They didn't hurt getting into my beard, but sometimes it hurts when Mom pulls them out, especially around my mouth and my skin pulls way far away from my teeth and then I shake my head and then Mom has to clamp down on my skull and gently start over. Sometimes Lexie gets into them, too. There is some plant growing in our yard, along the edges in Mom's garden beds (I love exploring in the deepest parts) that has these little, green sticky-balls on it. Whenever I brush past it, they stick in my fur, usually on the frontal parts of my body, like my face, chest and front legs. They are really small, about the size of a B-B, and green. Lexie says we have real cockleburrs, too, but they don't mature to stickiness until the fall, and they are usually up higher on the plant.
I try to avoid the sticky little greenies, but once I smell something, I just plunge right into the brush without thinking. If I try to get them out myself before Mom sees, I just manage to push them deeper into my coat. Since my coat is a silky schnauzer coat, unlike my sister's thick, wiry coat, those micro-balls tend to hang onto me more easily.
Mom says she can't wait for my groomer appointment on August 6. I hope groomers have treats. If they do, I think I'll like them.



July 23rd 2007 6:31 am
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Okay, I let her have her bed last night, but this morning it's mine again. He, he.

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