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Mr. Magoo

August 28th 2007 7:41 am
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I think Mom wants to give me a new nickname - Mr. Magoo. We were out on our morning walk today and I got so distracted by all the cars driving by, the little kids on their first day of school across the street, people walking to work . . . that I ran into a tree. Then I ran into my sister, a few times. Mom explained that there used to be this guy on TV named Mr. Magoo who would walk into things, but somehow always came out okay. The tree kinda hurt my head, but Lexie is soft so I don't mind banging into her. I think she minds, though, for some odd reason.

A man drove by in a red truck this morning and he stopped, leaned out of his window and asked Mom what kind of dogs we were. She told him, "Miniature schnauzers," and know what he said? He said we were beautiful! Oh, I was so happy that I walked into another tree! Arrrooo!


Silly Sister

August 27th 2007 8:07 am
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So it's dinner time, right? Where is Lexie? I got so excited when she didn't show up because I thought I might get two servings of dinner. No such luck. Mom put Lexie's dish up high where I couldn't even sniff at it, then she got the whole neighborhood involved trying to find my silly sister. Turns out she had wandered into the garage without Mom knowing it, and when Mom put away the mower and the trimmer, she locked the garage door - with Lexie still inside! I would have been insane with worry, but Lexie just braved it out until someone heard her scratching at the door over an hour later. Wow. My sister is very brave indeed. Heck, she's my sister. Mom says even that is a brave thing to be.



Dog Park

August 26th 2007 4:08 pm
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Well, Mom said it wasn't exactly a dog park, but a school baseball diamond - all grass and completely fenced in. Lexie and I got to go there today and play fetch with our squeakies! Actually, Lexie played fetch and I played "Run Wherever the Lexie is Running." It was great fun.


There's More to Life Than Just Being Cute

August 25th 2007 7:32 pm
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Mom watched this Dog Whisperer episode last night at Oscar's Mom's house. It featured three mini schnauzers, two of whom were ganging up on the third, who was actually the first because she got there before the bullies moved in. This has led to a number of conversations around our house concerning my "place" in our family "pack" and how not to drive my sister, and my parentals, completely bonkers. Am I that annoying? I just want to play, play, play, play, play. What could be wrong with that?

On the other paw, Lexie finally convinced our friend Chai to get on Dogster. Her Dad was acting sheepish, but we finally got him to let Chai sign up and start posting. Way to go!


Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

August 22nd 2007 6:52 pm
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It has been raining for four of the past five days, with a few days more predicted. I am one sad, sad schnauzer. I need walking and I need it badly. They take me in the rain, but then I look like a . . . well, a . . . an overgrown squirrel! That's what dad said. I don't want to look like the enemy. Mom says I should act more ecumummily, ecumentally, just a minute . . . (Mom! What was that word again? Okay. thanks.)
Ahem . . . ecumenically. Show a little trans-species understanding. Be more politically correct. Basically, hug my inner squirrel.

No Dog Way! Rain, rain, go away!!!


Like an Angel . . .

August 21st 2007 5:13 pm
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Mom got the camera out again today and I posed very nicely for her. Then I posed really nicely with my sister, who didn't like me posing near her at all. I guess if you're going to work in the modeling industry, you either have it or you don't. Uh-oh . . . I think Lexie heard me say that . . . I gotta get outta here!


Good Boy - Wet Squirrel

August 21st 2007 8:21 am
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I was a good boy last night - no messes in the house! Dad walked me last night (in the rain) and Mom walked me this morning (in the rain) and I sure wish this rain would let up. I am still a bit skinny, but when I'm wet, I look really, really skinny. Dad said I looked like an overgrown squirrel this morning after my walk. That was not a nice thing to say to a schnauzer. Squirrels are targets, game, enemies, vermin . . . to compare me to one of THEM is outrageous. Mom said he was just being funny and that he didn't understand the implications of his comment. Huh? Well, I am dry now and looking handsomely schnauzerish again.


Aromatic Buddy?

August 20th 2007 2:23 pm
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There was a slight problem when we drove up to Grandma's over this past weekend. Someone kept farting in the car. Everyone accused Dad (poor Dad, he gets accused of lots of lousy stuff . . . ), but he vehemently denied every wave of funky air. Today, one of the kids pinned the blame on me. I guess Mr. Buddinski has got the farts. Someone left two poopy packages last night as well, in the basement and on the hardwood floor in the living room. Mom can't understand this as I have been so good and Lexie, too. Well, Mom is going to the pet store while I write this, looking for a more easily digestible dog food for us. I hope it helps. I don't like the tummy rumbles and my family hates the stinks. I still am not owning up to the poops, though. Mom is threatening to put green food coloring in one of our diets to see who the culprit is. I can't wait for Mom to get back home. I am eager to try the new food!


Grandma's House

August 20th 2007 9:39 am
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Oh, my dog - we got to take a really long car ride and see Grandma! I didn't even know we had a second Grandma. Oh, it was so fun! Grandma has this cat who really, really hated seeing us, but I got to eat her food - yum! Then there were all the new smells and the cool places to walk. There was a big lake, but I didn't go in. Mom wouldn't let us. It was just grand!

Then we went to another house on the way home and met our cousin, Regis. He's a rather old spaniel, very good natured and calm, though a bit deaf. He didn't have much energy to play with me, but he was nice enough. We had dinner there, then drove on home again. What fun! I just love meeting new people!


Mr. Buddinski

August 18th 2007 8:26 am
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Mom gave me a new nickname today: Mr. Buddinsky. She's says I am always butting my nose into things. I told her that was what noses were for, especially mine! I just have to be the center of attention!

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