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September 6th 2007 8:07 pm
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Everything was going so well. My poos were getting normal and I hadn't had any accidents in over a week. I have adjusted to my new food and am learning to respect my sister and the wishes of my family, sort of. I guess I could always improve in that area. But a couple days ago, one of the humanettes noticed I had this clear, jelly-like goo on the right side of my mouth. She showed Mom, and though Mom didn't know what it was, she figured I had "gotten into something." It didn't quite smell right, though it wasn't vile, like vomit. She wiped off my mouth and vowed to watch me even more closely. It showed up again at one point the next day, and today when it showed up, Mom cleaned my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and called the vet. She still can't tell if it's an external thing or something wrong with me, but it's seeming to be something that needs attention.
Now I'm worried, too. I remember going to the vet in my old life, and I remember going to my new vet when I first came to this family. I got poked and prodded and even got shots, so I don't really want to go back there. Mom and I both hope it's nothing serious.


Quit Your Bellyachin'!

September 5th 2007 9:14 pm
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I wasn't feeling so well tonight. Mom took a look at me and I gave her one of those puppy-eyed looks that can melt the hardest of hearts. "Buddy, are you okay? Are you sick? You don't look right to me." She told Dad she would let me outside in case I was going to do something poopish. Well, as soon as she got up, I shook off my ills and bounded out into the backyard. I was kinda thirsty, so I went off to a dark, seedy corner where I knew a drink could be had. The water was green and sort of "chunky," but no matter.
Oh, did Mom yell at me!
Okay. I admit it. I have a drinking problem. If I see it and it's drinkable, I drink it. No matter if it's weeks-old, stagnant rainwater in the overturned lid to the kids' toy bin, the overflow bucket for the rain barrel, an old pot or that plastic container full of shells and rocks from the family's Pacific Northwest vacation this past summer. Those were tasty - kinda salty and briny with a hint of rainforest and slug slime.
I don't know why I do it. I know there's always clean water in the kitchen. It's not like I can't wait until I get back inside. It's just there, so I take a lick. It's just so much more exciting than plain tap water. So textural and complex. Come on, I've seen what the parentals drink every morning. They filter out a lot of dirt before they drink it, but I know that's what's in there. What's wrong with a little green scum when they're drinkin' strained dirt every morning? How could my habit be any worse than theirs?
Anyway, one more needless restriction has been imposed on my young life. Mom is afraid my eating and drinking habits are having adverse effects on my bowel function. Maybe she's right. I guess I'll just have to lay off the sauce for a while and see how it goes. Mom says that just by admitting I have a problem, I have taken the first step towards gastrointestinal wellness.
I need a drink.



September 5th 2007 7:17 am
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Rosettes, schmozettes. My sister's all excited because we got double our rosette allowance this past month. I'm just bummed because Mom has figured out why I sometimes get those loose stools and she has restricted access to not only all the garbage bins in the house, but the boys' room as well! The boys leave the best kibble just lying there on the floor, or on their desks, or in their beds . . .

I'm still getting pumpkin with my food twice a day, so at least that's tasty, and it seems to be helping firm things up. I wonder if rosettes taste good.


It'sssssss Cool?

September 3rd 2007 3:23 pm
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Somethingssssss cool. Our pal Miss Izzabelle was talking about it happenin' in her house, too. Something strange, where everyone leaves the house and it's quiet all day long. Lexie said she loves it. Mom says she can't wait. Dad says he works there, so he's not quite as enthusiastic about it. The kids seem kinda glad and sad at the same time. They're the ones who have to go all day and leave Lexie and me at home. This sounds disturbing to me. Who will play with me? Who will rub my tummy and drop food on the floor by accident? Who will leave their tennis shoes in the living room for me to chew on? Who will let me out to wee and chase squirrels?
Mom explained that all good kids and doggies go to school. Ah, that's the S-word Miss Izzy was talking about. School. Mom says the humans will learn to sit, stay, raise their paws, fetch (mental information), count things like lots of bones times lots of dogs, howl in tune to music, and even play chase in the gymnasium. Arrrrooooo! Sounds like major fun to me! I wish I could go there.
Mom did say she wants to take me to school, too, but a different school just for doggies. It costs a little bit (of kibble?), so we may have to wait until later in the fall, after all the kids' school, sport and music fees are paid up, but then maybe I get to go!
Everyone is supposed to go to school tomorrow, but Mom said she will be at home sometimes, so that's good for me. The kids promise that they will come home really hungry and drop lots of good things under the kitchen table for Lexie and I when Mom's not lookin'. Mom hates that. I like the sound of it!


Way to Go, Sis!

September 2nd 2007 8:38 pm
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My sister just became Schnauzer of the Week in our group, Schnauzers Rule! What an honor! If there is a banquet, I hope I get to go, too. I hope there's really good food there and lots of doggies to play with. I hope we can stay all day and even nap in a big, wild heap, and then get up and play and eat and play and eat again. I hear this is what celebrity dogs do every weekend. Lexie said that's just not going to happen, but I think it should, if you are chosen Schnauzer of the Week. There are only 52 of those every year (Mom told me so) and that's special.
I gave a great big Arrrrooooooo!!! when I heard the news and then ran over to give Lexie some paw, but she hid under the bed. Oh, well. If she doesn't come out, can I have her Greenie?


Oh, Poop!

September 2nd 2007 11:05 am
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I was being such a good boy, I really was. I hadn't had any poops in the house in over a week. This morning I even did TWO poops on our walk, but when the family came back from church, they found diahrrea in the boys' room and the front hallway, with poopy paw prints all the way through the living room. Well, Mom got the clean floors she has been craving after having to mop all that up! See, Mom - I helped you out. You've been meaning to scrub that floor all summer. Now you don't have to wait for the kids to go back to school next week to get that chore done. You can just sit back and enjoy the quiet, empty house - put your feet up and sip that hot morning drink that you like so much. You don't have to thank me. I would do it all over again, if you wanted me to.

Actually, Mom is guessing I ate something I wasn't supposed to. I'd never tell, since secrecy is key to supply. Once she discovers what I'm eating, I won't get to eat it anymore! Of course, most of the mess was in the boys' room, so Mom thinks she's onto something. Sorry boys, but I may have curtailed your midnight fridge raids. You might want to keep your clothing off the floor from now on, too. I don't know if you noticed, but I walked on your shorts . . . the red ones . . . and I got poop on them. They're in the washing machine right now, so you don't have to thank me for that either. I just can't stop helping everyone around here!


Sunday Goin' to Meetin' Chewin'

September 2nd 2007 6:49 am
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It is Sunday. Mom got into this really neato fabric thing called a skirt. It swished all over and every time she walked by, I just couldn't help but grab it in my teeth. Since it was elastic around her waist, my tugging would cause it to suddenly come down. Mom did not like this. She did not like my mouth on her new skirt, either. I thought it was a fabulous new thing to chew on. NOT! Mom made it clear that I am not to do that. I went and found the smallest child's shoe instead. NOT! cried the smallest child. Not my heelies!

What is a dog to chew on around here?


Got Ears?

September 1st 2007 8:02 am
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I know my sister, the original schnauzer in this house, has cropped ears, so maybe my natural ears are just too tempting to play with, but the family seems to think it's funny to turn my ears inside-out. Do any of you guys have that problem? I mean, I know they're much bigger than Lexie's ears, and of course they are much more handsome and soft than Lexie's ears (no bias there), but their length makes them easy to invert and OMD - they stick that way! I have figured out how to shake my head and undo them, but come on people! Can I at least get a treat every time I let you do this to me? (Uh-oh. Mom just read this entry and she's getting out the camera. More embarrassment to follow in the photo gallery . . . )


I'm Scared!

August 31st 2007 5:01 pm
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Mom took Lexie and I on an errand this morning in the van. Then we took a walk in a new neighborhood, which smelled very interesting. When we got home, Lexie jumped right down out of the van and ran into the back yard. I demurred. Basically, I sat my hiney back down on the seat and stared as Mom and one of the kids tried to coax me out of the van. I've never been good at jumping "down" from things. I'm still sort of clutsy going down the stairs, though I am improving. So, even though Mom plied and tempted me with liver treats, I wouldn't budge. (She gave me one anyway, just because I am so very cute.) It was a bit humiliating, but Mom eventually had to come around to my side of the van, slide open the door and carry me out like an infant. She plopped me down in the yard and sighed. It's just so high up in the van! Mom wanted me to do it in two stages - seat to floor, then floor to ground, but I just sort of freaked out and resisted. Lexie flies out of the van and down from places like that, but I just can't get myself to do it. I hope I learn how to be graceful and brave like my sister.



August 29th 2007 10:25 pm
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It rained yet again today. Mom says the Midwest is getting pelted with rain. There's so much rain lately that Mom went on the Internet and bought us raincoats today. Of course, this means it will not rain again for a long time. Whenever we bring the umbrella along, it doesn't rain. We've been forgetting to bring the umbrellas, so it is raining lots. I hope I don't look like a drip in my raincoat.

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