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Play Date!

September 21st 2007 9:25 am
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We're havin' a play date today! We're havin' a play date today! I can't wait! Yankee and Rider, my neighborhood beagle buddies, are comin' over after lunch. (Wait. I don't get anything called 'lunch.' Mom gets lunch. This isn't right. I'll have to speak to her about this.)
Anyway, the beagles have never visited our yard so I'm pretty excited. We've just seen them on our walks and Mom knows their Mom. Yankee is about Lexie's age, and acts all aloof like Lexie. Rider is about my age and acts all puppy and playful like me! Oh, I just can't wait!
More news to come - get out the camera thingey, Mom!


JLC and another boring day

September 21st 2007 8:30 am
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Mom just left the house to get her hair cut. She was carrying with her a photo of Jamie Lee Curtis, whoever that is. I think she wants to look like Jamie Lee Curtis. I don't want my Mom to look like Jamie Lee Curtis. Well, maybe that is okay, but at least she shouldn't smell like Jamie Lee Curtis. I like the way my Mom smells.
I wonder what this Jamie Lee Curtis smells like. Maybe I wouldn't mind if Mom smelled like Jamie Lee Curtis. I guess after all, I really don't care. Just come home soon, Mom!


I'm not sure that was a nice thing to say

September 18th 2007 9:20 pm
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We were out on our evening walk tonight and met one of the little old neighbor ladies walking her big black lab. I wanted to play and so did she, but we only had time for a brief sniff. Lexie was all bristly and uncooperative, as usual. The lady chatted a bit with Mom and said cute things about us. Then she said that when she was growing up, her uncle had a schnauzer named Tish. She had asked him, "What's with the name Tish?" He told her it was something else when roughly spelled backwards. All the humans laughed. Then Mom said I was full of whatever backwards tish is. I don't get it.
We walked on and I did my duty. Mom said I wasn't full anymore. I think she's having fun at my expense somehow.



September 17th 2007 6:46 pm
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Yeah, yeah. I did it again, but can you blame me? I did not get my morning or evening walk yesterday as Mom was gone on a canoe trip and most of the other humans around here don't think I need a walk, or don't want to do it (the short ones). Humph! As it was, Mom found it and picked it up, as usual, so it didn't teach anyone a lesson about my need for a walk. Mom already knew how important that is for my delicate bowels.
I'm sorry, Mom. I know I gotta learn to do it when I'm outside playin' and all, but I get so distracted! Please remember to walk me at least once a day, okay?
I don't know how Lexie does it. Well, actually I do. She just does it. She goes out the back door, into the yard, squats down and does it. She doesn't even need a walk. I think she does need a walk, to be honest. She's getting a little thick around the middle, if you ask me. Mom says Lexie just looks that way when she stands next to me because I am longer and still pretty lean - a long, lean scamper machine!

Time to remind Mom of my walk!


A Visit to Oscar's House

September 14th 2007 8:50 pm
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Today my Mom and I went to check on Oscar while his mom was at work. He's still kinda young and stays in his crate during the day. We got to romp in his yard and tussle a bit, but he was still a little tired from playing so hard with me yesterday and then having more doggy guests later that night. I'm so glad I have Oscar as a friend. Mom has figured out - like, FINALLY - that I need friends who will romp and play with me, unlike my sister, who would rather be left alone by dogs. She loves her Mom, though, and often hides under her feet when I'm trying to engage her in play.
Sigh. Life would be so perfect if only everyone played with me all the time!


The Best Day of My Life Thus Far

September 13th 2007 8:29 pm
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Or at least the best day since moving up here to Milwaukee and living with this big, nutty family. Oscar came over to play. (see his profile at Oscar is a four-month old rottweiler pup and he and I love to wrestle. We get along fantastically and always have so much fun chasing each other and rolling on the ground, fake biting and growling. I LOVED it! This is what the Buddster was made for! This is what my sister hates! This is why I don't have fun with my sister, btw. She hid under the picnic table while we rolled and frolicked for nearly half an hour. It was such a thrill. Mom took scads of pictures and will have to post at least one of them. Oscar is bigger than I am now, and very solid, but he always plays so nicely with me and never hurts me (intentionally). I did run into the glider swing during one ambush attempt. Everyone heard my little grey skull hit the wood, but I just kept on my mission of attacking Oscar. I didn't even notice that I had just pulled yet another Mr. Magoo.
Mom has agreed to be on call to go to Oscar's house and let him out when his mom can't get home on her lunch break to do it. I get to go over there and play with him in his yard when she does, including tomorrow - I can't wait! Oh, I am one happy (and tired) doggy!



September 12th 2007 11:42 am
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I am so happy today! Mom remembered to return to the dog food store to get our chow because they were closed yesterday - thanks, Mom! My mouth is healing up nicely, the sun is shining, we had our walk this morning and saw lots of squirrels, kids going to school, the corner crossing guard, and more squirrels. Mom was gone babysitting all morning, but when she came back with that big bag of food, I got all excited and she could hear my aaarrroooo from a long way off outside the house! I just love being a schnauzer! I just love my family! I even love my sister!


Take With Food

September 11th 2007 6:10 am
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Remember my antibiotic instructions, take with food? Well, I am getting pretty smart. This morning Mom put my medicine into a chunk of cinnamon-raisin bread, but I spit out the pill. Then she gave me another chunk of cinnamon-raisin bread, and I spit out the pill again. Then I got a third serving of cinnamon-raisin bread, this time with peanut butter on it. Yum! I had a hard time separating the pill from the sticky peanut butter so I ended up swallowing the whole thing. But hey, it worked twice and I got THREE treats out of it. I'll have to remember this trick for tonight's meds. Hehehe. Lexie couldn't believe my good fortune.



September 10th 2007 9:43 pm
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I held it all day long today. Dad let us out in the middle of the night, then the rains came and I refused to go outside until Mom forced me into my new raincoat after dinner and dragged Lexie and I outside. I was sooooo good. I waited until we hit our first really good tree and then I let loose for a loooong pee. That felt so wonderful! My new coat kept me nice and dry, except for my head because I couldn't stand the hood over my ears. My ears deserve to be uncovered. They are extremely handsome and extremely tall. The left one flops over with such charm as you've never seen. It drives all the ladies wild. Or at least most of them. Lexie's hasn't admitted it yet, but I know she's jealous of my uncropped ears. Mom likes to turn them inside-out. Then everyone laughs as I try to move them around and I look a little silly, but I just shake my head and they pop back open, like pup tents. What is a pup tent, anyway? I think it's a portable dog house, but I'm not sure. It's probably very handsome and sweet, like me.



September 7th 2007 8:31 am
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When Mom walked out the door with me and not Lexie this morning, my sister looked really put out. Hah! I get an extra walk all by myself with Mom! Turns out we walked down to the vet. Oh, well. Ya know, that guy really isn't all that bad. He did pry my mouth open and peel my lips way back to look at my teeth and gums. I have some redness and irritation on my gumline right where the gooey discharge has been showing up, so now I have to take medicine twice a day WITH FOOD for ten days - yahoooo! I love that 'with food' part.
Bad thing was Mom ratted on me about the rabbit raisin snacks I've been sneaking under Rex's hutch in the yard. Mom went out to check on the status of the bunny poop pile this morning, just because she thinks I may have been tasting a few of them. The pile was basically gone - MY BAD! No wonder my breath doesn't smell so good. The vet recommended a complete teeth cleaning, too. He said they're having a "special" on teeth cleanings in October so I better get in line. I hope I have to have a teeth cleaning "with food" as well. Then it should be fun. Mom says I'll be asleep, but that can't be right. How could I clean my teeth, with food, and not be awake to enjoy it?
We walked home under a very threatening sky, Mom hurrying me along so we wouldn't get caught in the coming rain. I got a piece of leftover pancake when we got home, with my new medicine tucked inside. Lexie got a smaller, unmedicated piece, just so she wouldn't feel left out. Yeah, she went to the groomer yesterday and was really strutting her stuff, but just wait. I get to get my teeth cleaned - how cool is that?

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