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Kaiser Day 5

July 29th 2011 3:17 pm
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Kaiser is still here an still tryin to be top dog, literally. I am gettin good at gettin out from under him, literally.

It is also still hot an sunny. Had storms a couple days ago, but not today. Mom still workin' hard on the kitchen 'puter, doin somethin' called research. Appawrently she din search so good the first time.

I'm tired nights after playin wif and fightin off Kaiser all day. Best week of the summer so far.


Domestic Violets!

July 27th 2011 6:18 am
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I know 'bout domestic violets cuz we saw some on our street yesterday. Two people, a brofur an a sisfur, were yellin' at each other an things got nasty. The police showed up wif a party wagon. Lexie tol me what that was.

So I was surprised when we had some domestic violets right here in our own kitchen! It was stormin outside, so not a good day for domestic violets. It was all 'bout Kaiser's food. Lexie got too near it.

Nuff said. She's a pig, but Kaiser din know that so he got all up in her grill. I jumped into the action, a course. Mom yelled really loud! Then she had to dive in an rescue little Lexie. It was crazy!


Kaiser is here!

July 25th 2011 8:23 pm
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My pal Kaiser is here today an he's stayin for a whole week! Woohoo! We have already completely tuckered ourselves out playin an doin' other things that Mom says I should not write 'bout in my diary cuz they are not fit fur younger peoples to read. I dunno. The word I'm thinkin of starts wif hum and ends wif ping. How bad can that be?

Well, appawrently kinda bad cuz Kaiser likes to come at me frontal-like an that is not the way I like to go 'bout things. I have to teach him better hum ping manners. Sheesh.

But that part aside, we have lots of fun. This week is gonna be great!


I'm Hot, But You Already Knew That

July 18th 2011 11:14 pm
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That one was for Gretta - I crack me up! BOL!

It really is too hot here lately. I don even like to go outside much in this heat. Lexie is crabby an' Mom is havin' heat headaches an eatin' fudgysickles on a stick an not sharin'.

Somethin's gonna blow, I can jus feel it. I hope it don make a big noise when it does, cuz I hate big noises. I better go up in my special closet spot, jus in case.



July 16th 2011 9:27 pm
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Third Child brought home red licorice in a bag. She left it on the table. I am not sayin' how it got down offa the table an onto the floor in the livin room right in front of me, but Lexie an I each had a taste.

Mom found out an she was hoppin mad!

My girlpup Gretta tried to help her Mom wif spinnin wool, but she hadda taste some of the work. I am so proud of her! We schnauzers are always helpful like that.


Lexie is a Trouble-maker

July 16th 2011 9:27 am
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Mom was really fed up wif Lexie already this mornin. We went out to go potty an she would not come back in. She went deep into the jungle an Mom could not get near here wifout gettin scratched up. Plus it is very dark at 3:30 in the mornin.

Mom said her head hurt so she took some pills before we all went back to bed. I think Sabrina's mom would jus stay up at that hour, but not our Mom. She is not the bird who gets the worm. I don fancy worms neither, so I get that.

Then it was suddenly real mornin, the kind where you can see your prey in the yard. Mom's head still hurt so she took more pills. Said it had something to do wif humanity, the moisture in the air. Suddenly the AC is on 'gain. I don mind that. It was feelin' damp in here.

This time when Lexie went out, Mom saw what Lexie was after - all the raspberries that hang near the ground! Like candy at the checkout. I heard her say that. I dunno. Mom was not happy all over 'gain cuz Lexie is a pig. She gets fed first an I get a scoop seconds later an' if Mom isn't watchin, she will leave her bowl an come an raid MY bowl! Oink oink sisfur!

I smell coffee so maybe the day will get better soon.


A Job for that Steve guy

July 14th 2011 8:56 am
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Mom has this EyePad thingy that she can take all over an' keep up wif her mail an' her peeps an even her shoppin'. I wonder if that Steve guy could start a new Job an make me a PawPad™? I wanna be mobile all over the place an still be able to p-mail my most specialest ever girlpup, Gretta.

An if it's not a Job for Steve, maybe I'll hafta do it myselfs.


All da News!

July 13th 2011 7:20 pm
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Well, first off, Maddie Schnoodle went out her door this mornin an caught a possum! Woof! Way to go, Maddie. We all stand in awe of your skill an prowessnessity.

It coolded off today an Mom turned off the air in the house. We did okay breathin wifout it.

This afternoon after work Mom got out the groomin table an had at me. I hate that! I was not so good 'bout lettin her get near my ears or face, but she tol me to be good an she wood not hurt me. I don belief her, but after a while I let her do little bits more. She said my ears are still not up to snuff.

Duh. No one does the snuffin wif their ears! That's jus ridickalus.

Now I gotta go tell Gretta all 'bout it. She'll wanna know, cuz we are tight like that.


My Birfday!

July 2nd 2011 11:21 am
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I had a great birfday. I'm glad Dogster reminds Mom 'bout these things, cuz she don remember stuff so good.

Today is hot. Yesterday was hot, but it was breezy. Today is hot, sunny an' you get that wet feelin' on your fur. I don like it so much, but I keep askin' to go out every few minutes anyway. I can't help it.

Mom let us out early this mornin' an' then she let us back in'. Insteada feedin' us in the early mornin', she closed her bedroom door an' went back to sleep. We were not on the Mom side of the door. What's up wif that?

Oh, well. We sat outside her door an' waited like forever an' ever. I got bored, but there was a nice chewy next to me, so I deconstructured it. That was fun. I made art all over the carpet!

Mom was really happy when she saw my art cuz now she has to go buy a new pair of flippy floppies. I am good like that. I knew she would like to go shoe shoppin'. It's her favorite thing, jus like eatin' Meatz™, playin' wif stuff, chasin' stuff, an' barkin' are my favorite things!


It's Wet, but It's Gretta's Birthday!

June 22nd 2011 11:29 am
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It is my girlpup Gretta's Birthday today! Frosty Paws all around! (right, Mom?)

She is the best. She caught her very own birdie last week. Oh mighty hunter Gretta warrior princess! I am so prouda her. She is pawsome.

Now for the wet part. It is wet here. Mom is collectin' water when it falls outta the sky. That is totally crazy. Who would want that awful stuff? 'Cept in my water dish. But that's not enough to bath a dog in. I don like no stinkin' bath.

We had two nasty thunnerstorms yesterday. I had my thunnershirt on both times. I like my thunnershirt, but I wish I din need to use it. Meanin' I wish it would not rain an' storm no more. Ever. Lexie said that would be bad cuz the cows would die an' there would be no more Meatz™, not to mention no more Mom. Phooey. Rain has us right where he wants us - up against the wall. An' usually the baffroom wall, cuz that's where I go when the thunner happens. It's a good room for shakin' in my thunnershirt.

It did stop rainin' last night way late an' Mom made me go outside an' tiptoe across all that wet grass. She kept sayin', "Go potty!" like it was this big urgent thing or somethin'. I din go potty. Mom's smile was upside-down. We went to bed.

Mom got up at 4am cuz she couldn't sleep an' she made me go outside 'gain! I tiptoed across the wet grass 'gain an' din go potty. Mom sighed real big. We went back to bed.

This mornin' at the normal hour I bopped outta bed an' went outside an' did my business right away. I'm good like that. Then we had breakfast an' there's no rain right now. There IS a nasty vermin squirrel who is takin' big hunks outta the pet food bag on the patio. It is an empty pet food bag, meanin' empty of pet food (shoot) an' fulla logs for the fire pit. Lexie says that nasty squirrel is makin' a nest for to have new baby vermin squirrels. That jus ain't right so I am on extra squirrel patrol now.

I hope I can catch a squirrel for Gretta's birthday, only don tell her, k?

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