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Radar Gets Gormay Meals!

November 4th 2011 8:28 pm
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Our house guest Radar is refusin to eat. Mom finally went an got him summa those moist meaty meals that you only get if you have a birfday or you are gonna die or somethin. Oh, sure - he ate that right up and all the kibble from this morning that Mom had buried underneath it. Who wouldn't? But who wouldn't eat perfectly good kibble in the first place? I dunno. Radar, I guess.

He din get no insulation shot this mornin cuz he din eat, but he got his shot tonight. Mom said that was good. Radar din seem to mind at all.

Radar's pretty nice. He is really mellow. Sort of an un-Buddy. Mom says he is a "dahling". Lexie says he is an amazin food artist. She is takin notes on how he is gettin Mom to give him chicken, cheese sprinkles on his kibble, and now deluxe gormay meals from little cans. If she figures out how he does it, I'll ask her to tell me an then I'll tell you, k?


Diary Pick!

October 24th 2011 7:27 am
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Yay! I gots a nother diary pick today! Thank you Keighty and furmily for my latest cool picture. You guys are really good at the pictures. You pups could work in Holly Wood as agents or somethin.

Today the sky is clear an the grass is wet. But no more storms. Mom is cleanin her beddin, which is bout time cuz it was gettin little muddy patches. I don mind so bad, but Mom sure gets her blanket dirty easy. Next time I come in from outside an jump up on her bed, I will hafta remind her not to go in her bed wif her shoes on. That must be how mud gets up there.

Anyway, at least the bed will not have mud on it tonight. In the mean times the yard is really wet an all the dirt is gettin soupy out there. What fun! I am gonna have so much to sniff out there. I'm gonna walk over every inch of that yard an smell it all then curl up on the big bed for a nap.

Why is Mom mumblin bout a baff? Oh, no!


Busy Weekend

October 23rd 2011 10:49 pm
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Mom had a friend over for the weekend, the kind she called a really old friend. Funny, cuz she din seem any older than Mom. Lexie said she heard that Mom and this friend met when they were jus puppies in the Kinder Garten. I am German so I should know what that means. I dunno what that means.

Friend was nice to me an petted me an said I was cute an playful. She has good opinions! She smelled good too. I sniffed her up an I sniffed her down.

The weekend was great, cept for a small thunderstorm tonight. I din like that at all, but it is over now so I can come outta the closet . . . again.


Schnauzer Lover Comin'!

October 22nd 2011 7:40 am
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Mom said we are havin' a visitor who used to have a schnauzie an' who loves 'em an can handle our kinda behavers! How cool is that? I wonder if this means she will jump all over me an play wif me an rub my belly an steal my toys an food . . . hey, wait!

No, I asked an Mom said she won eat my food an take my toys. She will jus play wif me an "put up wif me." I think that means she will sleep wif me. I prefer Mom, but I'm open to change. Maybe. I dunno.

This is an old friend of Mom's so maybe she will walk funny like Oma. Not sure. I will be careful when I jump all over her so I don knock her down. Mom said I can't do that to old peoples cuz they are fragible.

Lexie jus said the company is the same old as Mom is. That's only half old, not Oma old. Now I can jump all over her like I jump all over Mom! Yay!


Credit Card?

October 20th 2011 6:11 am
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I dunno. Lexie said Mom left the puter on today an that we can go shoppin on it if I can find somethin called credit cards. She said they are small plastic flat wrecked tangles. Wif nummers on it.

She's really gettin pushy bout me findin it. I don get what is the big deal bout it.

Oh. She said it would make cookies show up at our door! OMD!

I gotta go help find this thing!!! OMD!


Lions and Tigers and Bears near my sweet Gretta - Oh My!

October 19th 2011 12:53 pm
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I jus heard on the radio news that wild aminals are wanderin' through the streets of eastern oHIo where my sweet Gretta lives! Lexie says it's not where she lives, but she lives in the oHIo so how far can that be?

She is gettin a fence put up at her house. I hope that fence is up already an I hope it is 20 feet tall! OMD! I gotta go pmail her an warn her!



October 16th 2011 9:24 am
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During our bedtime play-in-the-yard-while-mom-repeats-the-word-potty-for-some-r eason time yesterday, I suddenly smelled possum! I did run across the yard right to where the possum was an I looked him in the eye an' said, "HELLO. YOU ARE IN MY YARD. GET OUTTA MY YARD. DO YOU TASTE GOOD?"

He appawrently took offense an started to hiss out personal remarks, not nice ones neither! No one talks 'bout my Mom like that!

That's when I started to yell at him, tellin him to leave my Mom outta it cuz she is not beyond eatin wild game for dinner! He started yellin stuff back at me, but Mom showed up at that point an said I hadda come in for bed. Phooey.


Thanks Mateys!

September 20th 2011 8:48 pm
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Thanks for all the pirate flags pals! My page looks really cool now, although Lexie is talkin' bout me walkin some planky thing.

What's up wif that?


Our neighbor Koko crossed Rainbow Bridge

September 17th 2011 6:25 pm
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Koko was a little white terrier who lived next door to us furever. Mom moved in here 18 years ago an' Koko was 18 years old when he died this week. So Mom knew Koko his whole life! That's a long life for a little white terrier. I know cuz Lexie tol me.

Koko is not a Dogster pal, but he was a real pal - right through the fence. We used to sniff each other an' I would always bark at him lots. I know, right? Can you 'magine?! BOL!

But he was gettin' so old an havin' hard times an' this week he had two seizures. It was time so his Mom helped him out an' there was a barbecue waitin' for him when he arrived at the Bridge. How cool is that?

I'm gonna miss barkin' at ya through that fence Koko. You have fun up there, k?


Rocking' the Diary!

September 16th 2011 10:48 am
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I think the Dogster peeples had a pity on me after reading' bout how Mom left me in the van yesterday cuz they put my diary up on the Community page today. How cool is that? I gotta go ask Lacey 'n Shakey if they knows that there is a very own Community page here on the Dogster. Then they can tell their Mom cuz she is in love with Community. I think Mom is too, which will make her happy cuz I am on it today. I dunno.

Mom is talkin' bout baffs lately an even dentals. October is comin' an October is the doggy dental discount month at my dogter. I hope Mom is too poor to do it this time round. She is allus talkin' bout bein too poor for this or for that, but I keep gettin' my kibble, so I'm nervous. She might find some hidden money an she's got so many shoes in her closet that she might have to spend it on my teef. That is so not good. Maybe she will drive me to the dogter an then forget I am in the car like yesterday an she will scratch her head an say to herselfs, "Why am I here?" and she will go home. I will hide out in the van an not make any noise until it is too late to go back.

I gotta figure out how to get out of the van later, though. Harley D. said I should make the van bark real loud by pushin' on the middle of the steerin' circle, but I am not one to like big noise like that unless it is comin' outta me, so I don know if I can do that. I better think this through some more.

Okay, I am done. I will risk gettin' stuck in the van for a while if I don hafta get no dental done. That's all there is to it. Unless of course Mom brings treats. I might have to go along wif it if there is treats involved. I dunno.

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